Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets - Chapter 251 - The Little Caterpillar’s Insect Rage Fire Lotus!

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Chapter 251 The Little Caterpillar’s Insect Rage Fire Lotus!

The Titan Beast was stunned again.

This Green Worm could transform?

In its vision, as the scorching light that shot into the sky shrank rapidly, the little caterpillar’s body also began to change violently.

Fire-like patterns began to appear on its body, and its entire body was wrapped in wisps of scarlet-green flames. Its aura became stronger again.

The originally cold air quickly began to fill with a scorching aura.

The little caterpillar that had entered the Flame Awakening state roared again.

A scorching airflow even scattered the dark clouds.

Floating in the air, its entire body was burning with a fire phantom. Coupled with its current True Dragon form, it instantly completed a special change!


It was like a super evolution.

In this state, the fire soul skills unleashed by the little caterpillar would reach an extremely terrifying level!

At the same time, the other soul skills would also be affected by the Flame Awakening and undergo considerable changes.

Especially the flames formed by the fire soul essence, they were like a thousand-year lamp that was difficult to extinguish.

The little caterpillar floated in the air and spat out a huge net.

The Insect Web burned with flames!


The Titan Beast was not afraid of the flaming Insect Web. It raised its hand and tore the huge net into pieces.

Although the toughness of the Insect Web was very strong, it was still not enough to withstand the sharp blades of the Titan Beast.

However, the countless flames attached to the Insect Web dripped down like a rain of fire with the broken Insect Web.

Every wisp of flames landed on the Titan Beast’s body and instantly pierced through the Ice Armor on its body!

The Titan Beast felt as if its entire body was being roasted by needles and flames. It was very painful!

Although it controlled frost, it was not afraid of flames.

As the overlord of the land, it had no obvious weaknesses.

However, this flame did not seem to be ordinary.

Not only was it impossible to extinguish on its body, but even using frost to cover it did not work. Moreover, the burning power made it feel a certain amount of pain.

‘What kind of flame is this? How can it be so powerful?’

The Titan Beast felt something amiss.

At this moment, another Insect Web was launched.

This time, the Titan Beast did not dare to slash with its claws. Its huge body actually dodged agilely and attacked the little caterpillar.

The little caterpillar did not panic at all. The patterns of flames flickered slightly, and a scorching breeze spread from its body.

Its figure followed the breeze and disappeared. The Titan Beast was very uncomfortable with this scorching breeze, because it made the flames on its body burn even stronger. This little Green Worm was simply too slippery.

The Titan Beast’s mental strength was also very strong. It immediately caught the little caterpillar.

However, the Titan Beast that had just caught the little caterpillar was greeted by scorching fireballs that exploded around its body.

The Titan Beast was shocked. What soul skill was this? Why was its casting speed so fast?

However, since the casting speed was so fast, the power should not be strong, right?

The next moment, it knew that it was wrong.

The destructive Spiral Flame Ball exploded around the Titan Beast. Every time it exploded, the space shook slightly.

The Titan Beast was too big. To the little caterpillar, it was a huge target.

No matter how agile it was, it could not withstand the advancement of the Spiral Flame Ball. It could release several at once.

The powerful impact of the Spiral Flame Ball’s explosion directly made the Titan Beast retreat.

The flames on its body burned crazily as the Frost Armor on its body was broken.

The Titan Beast was furious.

It waved its claws and frost began to spread from its entire body to extinguish the flames on its body.

However, the flames were very difficult to extinguish and could only reduce its pain.

At the same time, it leaped high and left the center of the explosion.

Like a falling comet, it attacked the green caterpillar at an unbelievable speed.

It was so huge and could still be so agile. As expected of a powerful soul beast from the ancient era. ‘If the Spiral Flame Ball had not advanced and the little caterpillar had not used the Object Control Technique, no matter how many there were, they would not have been able to hit this big guy.’ Wang Che thought.

Seeing the Titan Beast attack, the little caterpillar did not panic.

It immediately entered the dark blue mode. Under the Flame Awakening state, the Martial Soul Armament still maintained its proper


The fire patterns on the little caterpillar’s body did not disappear, but the other parts turned blue.

It moved faster and controlled the wind that was changed by the fire soul essence to agilely dodge the Titan Beast’s Beast Strike.

“Hey, Green Worm! Why are you running?”

The Titan Beast’s eyes flashed as it locked onto the little caterpillar.

At the same time, its claws grabbed at the surrounding space. In an instant, the surroundings seemed to have changed. A terrifying pressure pressed down on the little caterpillar from all directions.

It froze in place.

“Let’s see how you can run now.” The Titan Beast snorted.

“It’s a mental soul skill, Void Lock, and a spatial soul skill, Spatial Suppression!”

Wang Che’s eyes paused.

This Titan Beast not only knew mental soul skills.

It could even use a spatial soul skill… Could it have learned it from the Sky God Dragon?

Spatial Suppression: Control the power of space and contract space to form a powerful compression. It can cause extraordinary damage and temporarily stabilize the opponent’s figure.

“Magnetic Sword, go! Use your combination strike!”

Not being able to move did not mean that it could not use a soul skill.

Previously, they were only fighting against the young Sky God Dragon.

This Titan Beast was not a young Titan Beast. Its soul power cultivation was sealed until it was less than two thousand years.

But in all aspects, it was a true Titan Beast!

The Magnetic Sword immediately flew behind the little caterpillar’s tail.

With their current strength, the power of the Spiral Lightning Flame Ball was countless times higher.


The little caterpillar’s tail instantly condensed into blazing fireballs while urging the Magnetic Sword to move faster.

That big guy was not easy to deal with.

The tip of the Magnetic Sword aimed at the fireball of the little caterpillar’s tail. Like a laser, it spun crazily and released red lightning that fused with the red-green fireball of the tail.

In less than a second, a Spiral Lightning Flame Ball was fused and the Magnetic Sword struck out.

At this moment, the Titan Beast had just rushed over when a fireball shimmering with lightning greeted it.

In an instant, a violent explosion attacked again, and the space distorted.

The little caterpillar used this opportunity to escape the Spatial Suppression state as its entire body began to burn with flames.

Like a flame, it rushed towards the Titan Beast in the explosion!

The Titan Beast fell to the ground. The violent explosion caused by the Lightning Flame Ball and the little caterpillar’s Raging Flame Strike knocked it to the ground!

Then, the little caterpillar flew into the air, its dragon whiskers fluttering.

It stared seriously at the Titan Beast below.

Suddenly, the flames on the tail began to condense again! However, this time, it did not condense a fireball.


Wang Che was slightly surprised.

A wisp of flames condensed on the little caterpillar’s tail, drawing flames like a beautiful drawing.

Looking at this proficiency, it was clearly not the first time.

It was very fast!

Before long, a lotus burning with red-green flames formed at the tip of the little caterpillar’s tail.

The next moment, as the Titan Beast stood up, the little caterpillar shouted and swung the fire lotus with its tail!

Insect Rage Fire Lotus!

Wang Che: “…”

The scarlet-green fire lotus did not hit the Titan Beast directly, but exploded in the air.

A terrifying energy wave exploded from the Titan Beast’s head and spread out like a tsunami.

Even from where Wang Che was, he could feel a scorching pain on his skin.

One could imagine how terrifying it was.

Wang Che was slightly shocked.

It created a soul skill?

The little caterpillar actually created a soul skill?

It was created in the dream realm?

“This power is very strong. This fire lotus… Wait, could it have comprehended this from the story of the Worm Breaking Through the Heavens?”

Wang Che thought of something.

This was comprehended in the dream realm.

In order to give the little caterpillar privacy, Wang Che did not pry into the little caterpillar’s cultivation situation in the dream realm. He only formulated a cultivation plan for it.

Therefore, it was possible for the little caterpillar to comprehend its own soul skill in the dream realm.


“You actually learned this move from my story…”

Wang Che was not too surprised.

When he first told the fairy tale, Wang Che wanted the little caterpillar to learn some cultivation techniques from it.

Later on, when he told the story, it was an interesting story to nurture the little caterpillar. That thought faded. After all, its intelligence had increased.

In this case, he had to give it a few more stories in the future. It happened that the Worm Breaking Through the Heavens story was about to end.

Only the name of this book was just like a certain novel. In fact, there was a huge difference in the content.

However, the essence was still the story of a little hot-blooded caterpillar growing through adversity.

Most of the names of the moves in the story were adapted by Wang Che, such as this Insect Rage Fire Lotus…

However, there were also accompanying pictures, so the little caterpillar looked very immersed and could roughly know what this move looked like.

Then, it slowly pondered and comprehended it…

“It seems that listening to stories and drawing every day has some effect.”

Wang Che pondered and said, “This Insect Rage Fire Lotus is similar to the one in my story… It was formed by fusing a special flame produced by the fire soul essence with ordinary flames.”

The flames produced by the fire soul essence were not the Connate True Fire of the cultivation world, but they were similar. It was a very powerful Connate Soul Flame.

It looked very cool and was quite powerful. It was even stronger than the current Multiple Spiral Flame Ball.

The power unleashed was definitely stronger than using an ordinary flame.

Unfortunately, other than the true fire produced by the fire soul essence, the little caterpillar did not have any other special flames.

The Titan Beast, who had suffered this move, was knocked to the ground by the impact of the explosion.

Its entire body was burning with flames.

Even frost could not be formed.

“No more, no more!” The Titan Beast roared.

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