Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1317 - Divine Flame Map, Bidding, Chu Kuangren Surrender?

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Chapter 1317: Divine Flame Map, Bidding, Chu Kuangren Surrender?

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“My Myriad Company’s exploration team acquired this scroll from an ancient ruin. It was said that this scroll is related to the first Fire God Zhurong of the Immortal Hall’s Fire Division.

“We don’t know what it’s for, so the company has not put a price on it. It’ll all depend on the bidder’s taste,” said a white-haired elderly.

Many cultivators at the auction started discussing the ancient scroll. They tried to use their Immortal Consciousness to find out more about it, but none got any useful information.

“It’s the first Fire God Zhurong’s inheritance. I believe it has to be useful somehow.”

“The first Fire God Zhurong is a top-tier Arch Gilded Immortal, and his power almost rivaled an Embodier. If this is really his treasure, this must be priceless!”

“Yeah, I agree. However, we just don’t know what it’s for, which poses a great risk in purchasing. Maybe it’s totally useless after you buy it.”

Many cultivators hesitated whether to bid for it or not.

Back in the room, Chu Kuangren looked at the ancient scroll with a strange gaze. In the meantime, Lil Ai, the Omniscient Spirit, had started analyzing it.

“Divine Flame Map. It’s a map left behind by the Fire God Zhurong, containing the location of all thirty-three kinds of divine flames.”

Unlike others, Chu Kuangren found out about the scroll’s usage with the help of Lil Ai.

The location of all divine flames intrigued him.

The Phoenix Flame he possessed had the property to absorb other divine flames to strengthen itself, so his Flame Dao was strengthened by consuming flames.

If he could find all the divine flames, it would improve his strength a lot.

“However, the Divine Flame Map is locked behind Zhurong’s restriction seals. Only a cultivator who cultivates Zhurong Divine Flame Art can access it. Now, this would be a little troublesome.”

Zhurong Divine Flame Art was the highest level Immortal Scripture of Immortal Hall’s Fire Division.

It had never been taught to an outsider, so other than the Heavenly Champions of the Fire Division, no one else could gain access to it.

“If I want to get all the divine flame, I would have to find a Fire Division Heavenly Champion and absorb his Divine Flame Art.”

Chu Kuangren did not mind doing so, but there were many Heavenly Champions out there. It would entirely depend on his luck to meet one from the Fire Division.

“I guess I’ll get it first. Three million Immortal Crystals.” Chu Kuangren placed his bid.

He did not need to make his bid verbal. He just needed to use his Immortal Core to display the price he wanted to bid.

Everyone else was shocked by his bidding price.

“Who’s this crazy person? To think he’s willing to spend three million Immortal Crystals on this unknown scroll?”

The cultivators looked at the VIP room curiously.

“Maybe he’s just curious? But spending three million Immortal Crystals on the scroll states how wealthy he is,” someone exclaimed.

Those who could be in the VIP rooms at an auction must be sky-prides with a background, so it was not surprising that they possessed wealth that would make one jealous.

“Five million!”

That was when someone else outbid Chu Kuangren’s price.

The bid came from another VIP room.

“Seven million.” Chu Kuangren continued to increase the bidding price.

Only the highest bidder could win the auctioned item.

“Ten million!” The other VIP room increased the bidding price again.

It seemed like the person inside was determined to get the Divine Flame Map.

“Eleven million.”

“Thirteen million.”

“Twenty million.”

Chu Kuangren’s outrageous bidding price sent the crowd into a frenzy.

“Twenty million? That’s enough to buy a top-tier Gilded Immortal Weapon!”

“Who is that?”

“He’s rich!”

Back in the room, the servant who served Chu Kuangren tea was shocked by the bidding price. She had never seen such a huge amount of Immortal Crystals in her entire life.

‘As expected of Master Chu…’

The thought added a hint of seduction to the servant’s eyes when she looked at Chu Kuangren.

If she could get close to him, it would change her life entirely. Even if it might just be a one-night stand, she would still earn big time.

However, Chu Kuangren ignored the servant and concentrated on the bidding war.

The price continued to increase.

After Chu Kuangren’s twenty million bid, the other room stayed silent for a moment before they increased the price again.

“Twenty-five million!”

Before Chu Kuangren could raise the price again, a surge of scorching and domineering energy erupted from the other VIP room.

“The Immortal Hall’s Fire Division is determined to get the Divine Flame Map. I would advise you to surrender it to us.”

The voice sounded youthful, but it had a sense of calm that did not fit the tone.

Every cultivator at the auction was shocked.

Immortal Hall’s Fire Division?

It seemed like a big player had entered the bidding war.

Chu Kuangren was slightly surprised as well.

Just as he was thinking about where to find a Fire Division Heavenly Champion, a Fire Division cultivator showed up and fought him for the Divine Flame Map.

“Maybe I can do this…” Chu Kuangren’s eyes gleamed upon sorting out the plans in his mind. Then, he grinned.

His smile melted the servant’s heart.

She had never seen someone’s smile as handsome as his.

“You’re from Immortal Hall’s Fire Division? Why should I trust you?” Chu Kuangren asked in an altered voice, which sounded rougher than his usual one.

“We’re getting the Divine Flame Map no matter what. Is that not enough to prove who we are?”

Another voice sounded.

The second voice belonged to a lady, but it was more domineering than the previous one. At the same time, a surge of strong yokai qi emerged as well as a reddish gold flame.

“Phoenix Flame?!”

“The Godly Phoenix Tribe?!”

Someone in the crowd recognized the flame and cried in shock.

Chu Kuangren was also surprised. “This energy presence… It’s Huang Yuyi. She’s not dead and… it’s Nirvana? Interesting.”

Just then, an ember flew out from the other VIP room. It emanated an overwhelming presence, on par with the Phoenix Flame.

The ember was colorful, as if it was a combination of different kinds of divine flame.

“That’s the Zhurong Flame!”

“They are really from the Fire Division! And not all Fire Division’s cultivators could cultivate the Zhurong Flame!”

Chu Kuangren’s grin grew wider.

“Now, may I ask you to reconsider?” asked the youthful voice.

Everyone watched nervously, anticipating how things would turn out. Any other common cultivators would have surrendered in the face of the Fire Division and Godly Phoenix Tribe together.

In fact, Chu Kuangren no longer raised the bidding price once he found out it was Huang Yuyi on the other side.

Everyone else thought Chu Kuangren finally surrendered.

“I knew it. Not all have what it takes to offend the Fire Division and Godly Phoenix Tribe together.”

“I believe that person in the first room is someone with a background too, but he might not be that powerful compared to the Fire Division and Godly Phoenix Tribe.”

“Nonsense. The Fire Division is just a division under Kunlun Immortal Hall, which is the strongest faction in the Immortal World. Who would be so stupid to go against them?”

The white-haired elderly, who was also the auctioneer, glanced at Chu Kuangren’s room.

The room might have veiled Chu Kuangren’s identity from the crowd but not the white-haired elderly.

Why would that person surrender?

That would be the biggest joke the elderly had heard in his entire life.

However, he was also curious why that person stopped raising the bidding price.

The elderly had no idea, but he had to continue his duty as the auctioneer.

With Chu Kuangren out of the picture, the others were also afraid of the Immortal Hall and did not have the Immortal Crystals to bid for the Divine Flame Map. Hence, it ended in the possession of Huang Yuyi and Fire Boy.

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