Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1318 - Huang Yuyi Sulking, Fire Boy's Big Loss, Celestial Demon Heart

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Chapter 1318: Huang Yuyi Sulking, Fire Boy’s Big Loss, Celestial Demon Heart

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Fire Boy looked happily at the Divine Flame Map he just got from the auction.

“I finally got my hands on the Divine Flame Map! All we need to do now is to locate the flames, and my Kumadhi Divine Flame and your Phoenix Flame can be strengthened. I might even fix the flaws on my body!”

Anticipation filled his face as he said.

On the other hand, Huang Yuyi was looking at Chu Kuangren’s VIP room on the other side. She scoffed. “Hmph. And I thought that person had nerves, but it seems like he’s a coward.”

“Just let it go. At least he’s not fighting us for the scroll. Let’s stay out of trouble.”

“I don’t need you to remind me.”

After that, the auction continued.

The next auctioned item was a pearl emanating a vast and vigorous flame aura. On its surface, Daoist patterns intertwined, and Immortal Sparks shimmered brightly, attracting many’s attention.

Everyone gasped in awe when the pearl was brought to the stage.

“That’s an Arch Gilded Immortal Weapon!”

“Oh my goodness! The Myriad Company is auctioning an Arch Gilded Immortal Weapon. This is insane!”

“I’m glad I came to the auction.”

Huang Yuyi bolted up in anger when she saw the pearl on the stage, and her expression darkened. She was furious.

The powerful Godly Phoenix’s energy erupted and intimidated everyone present.

Someone in the crowd recognized the pearl.

“Isn’t that Huang Yuyi’s weapon? How did it end up here in the auction?”

The pearl was Huang Yuyi’s Arch Gilded Weapon.

After Chu Kuangren killed her once, he took away her Arch Gilded Weapon.

She thought it was with Chu Kuangren, but here it was at the auction.

For a moment, everyone reacted oddly to the pearl being auctioned.

“There’s a Godly Phoenix in that VIP room, yet a Godly Phoenix Prodigy’s weapon is being auctioned. This is a blatant provocation!”

“The Myriad Company really has the nerves!”

“I guess they don’t know a Godly Phoenix would be here.”

“Myriad Company is only responsible for the auction. They didn’t kill Huang Yuyi. If the Godly Phoenix wants to hold them responsible, it’s the Godly Phoenix who’s narrow-minded.”

“But this pearl should be in Chu Kuangren’s possession. How did it end up here? Is Chu Kuangren here?”

The question evoked fear in everyone’s heart.

They released their Immortal Consciousness to scan the place from top to bottom, except for the VIP rooms. However, no one located Chu Kuangren or any traces of him.

Despite assuming that Chu Kuangren was not around, the crowd dared not be reckless because there might be a chance Chu Kuangren was inside one of the VIP rooms.

“Auctioning an Arch Gilded Weapon? Chu Kuangren is ridiculously rich.”

“The Arch Gilded Weapon is precious even to a Prodigy, yet to Chu Kuangren, it’s not even worthy for him to keep.”

Everyone was awestruck.

Meanwhile, Huang Yuyi wore a grim look on her face.

Watching the Arch Gilded Weapon she held dearly auctioned in public was a terrible feeling.

On top of that, the possibility of Chu Kuangren being at the auction evoked fear in her.

If he found out she was still alive, what would he do?

The rules of the Heavenly Ancient Merchant Planet might not hold him back.

The more Huang Yuyi thought about it, the more possible it became. Suddenly, her rage was replaced by fear, and the flush on her face faded into paleness.

She was stronger after Nirvana, but it was still not enough for her to win against Chu Kuangren.

Fire Boy frowned and offered his consolation.

“Calm down. He might not be here, or he would’ve done something given his personality.”

Huang Yuyi took a deep breath and regained her composure.

Fire Boy sighed. He believed only a monster like Chu Kuangren could terrify a Prodigy to that extent.

With that, the bidding continued.

Huang Yuyi stared at it intently, determined to retrieve her pearl. However, after the battle with Chu Kuangren, she lost everything to him and was penniless at the moment. To retrieve her pearl, she would have to ask Fire Boy for help.

Fire Boy was certain that Huang Yuyi would be stronger with her Arch Gilded Weapon. Since her strength would be useful in the upcoming mission, he agreed to help her.

In the end, Feng Yuyi took back her pearl at the price of two billion Immortal Crystals.

Some interested parties tried to bid for the pearl, but Huang Yuyi deterred them with her identity.

The crowd soon found out that it was Huang Yuyi in the VIP room. She was lucky enough to escape the battle with Chu Kuangren alive and even achieved Nirvana.

“Huang Yuyi was lucky Chu Kuangren did not kill her in that battle.”

“The Godly Phoenix’s Nirvana is a scary ability.”

“Fortunately, it has a low chance of success, or the Godly Phoenix Tribe would be invincible.”

Huang Yuyi was over the moon after taking back her pearl.

However, the next item for auction was a top-tier Gilded Weapon, an Immortal Sword.

Huang Yuyi’s expression turned grim again when she saw the sword.

“Fire Boy, lend me another billion Immortal Crystals.”


Fire Boy frowned. He might be rich, but he was almost out of money after getting the pearl back for Huang Yuyi.

“That sword is mine as well,” Huang Yuyi said while gnashing her teeth.

Chu Kuangren sold her pearl and sword like they were disposable!

Fire Boy took a deep breath. “I don’t have a billion Immortal Crystals. Trade it with other items. I have several Gilded Immortal Weapons I don’t use.”

“Thank you.”

Fire Boy spent almost all his money to help Huang Yuyi retrieve her items.

He looked at the Divine Flame Map in his hand as his wallet bled. “Let’s hope everything goes smoothly, or I’ll lose a lot.”

The auction continued.

The other auctioned items after the Divine Flame Map did not catch Chu Kuangren’s attention.

He looked at Huang Yuyi and Fire Boy’s VIP room with a smile. “Please don’t let me down, you two.”

The servant beside him was infatuated with his handsome smile.

Lan Yu and Chu Hong both knew Chu Kuangren well enough to understand that Huang Yuyi and Fire Boy would soon suffer.

“The next item is a unique one. It is called the Celestial Demon Heart!”

The white-haired elderly opened the box, revealing a heart sealed inside a crystal ball with Daoist patterns.

A surge of strong and boundless energy emanated from the heart.

The Celestial Demon Heart, as its name suggested, was the heart of Chaos Celestial Demon Physique.

The moment the Celestial Demon Heart was revealed, one of the VIP rooms released a surge of powerful Celestial Demon qi. Its terrifying aura filled and pressured the auction hall.

Everyone looked at that VIP room in fear.

“This energy belongs to the Celestial Demon Physique!”

“It’s the Pseudo Celestial Demon Tribe, who has been the hottest topic lately. This is going to be interesting.”

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