Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1405 - Full Of Himself, Feng Yu Submits, I Will Ask Him Myself

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Chapter 1405: Full Of Himself, Feng Yu Submits, I Will Ask Him Myself

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“What a handsome man!”

Even Second Young Master Feng was in awe at Chu Kuangren’s looks.

He even felt inferior before him.

The Iceworm Ru Xue and Shi Ying were also beauties themselves.

In fact, Second Young Master Feng even sensed threats from them despite their harmless looks.

‘They are definitely powerful people,’ thought Second Young Master Feng upon seeing them.

However, Feng Yu reacted unnaturally upon hearing Chu Kuangren. “I wonder what you mean by that, Master Chu?”

Master Chu?

Second Young Master Feng immediately realized the situation when his sister addressed Chu Kuangren as master. His pupils’ widened in fear the moment he finally realized who the man was.

Chu Kuangren was not bothered by Second Young Master Feng’s reaction.

Instead, he stared at Feng Yu blankly and said, “The Dragon clan requested the Feng clan to investigate Honghua. Am I right?”


“But it seems they don’t know the Third Dragon Crown Prince is dead, or more precisely, they don’t even know about me. You hid it from them, didn’t you?”

“When you come to Breeze Seeking Inn, you wore a mask, so I assumed you didn’t want to expose yourself and took the liberty to keep it from the Dragon clan.”

“Is that so?” Chu Kuangren chuckled. “I thought you wanted to use me to deal with the Dragon clan and take them down from leading the Eight Golden clans. Didn’t you just talk about it?”

He heard Feng Yu’s words earlier.

Upon hearing Chu Kuangren say that, Feng Yu started trembling, and beads of sweat formed on her forehead.

As Chu Kuangren said, she did think of using him against the Dragon clan.

The Dragon clan placed an investigation request with the Feng clan, but she intentionally hid the Third Dragon Crown Prince’s death and Chu Kuangren’s existence from them just so she could create conflict between him and them.

Otherwise, if the Dragon clan knew Chu Kuangren was coming, they would not start a fight with Shang Honghua, hence weakening the conflict between them.

“Please forgive me, Master Chu. I took the liberty to alter the course of matter and hid your existence from them.”

Feng Yu immediately got down on her knees and kowtowed before Chu Kuangren.

Her body was still shaking, and her face was pale.

It was a pitiful scene to see a beautiful lady kneeling on the ground, so it attracted a lot of attention from the inn.

All the cultivators felt bad for her, and some even assumed Chu Kuangren forced her against her will.

“Hey, punk. What are you doing to this lady?”

A tall man stood up and questioned Chu Kuangren.

“Yeah. She knelt on her knees in front of you. Why are you giving her a hard time?”

“Lady, don’t worry. We’ll defend you. He won’t be able to do anything to you!”

A few more men stood up and voiced up.

The men were rather powerful, or they would not have had the guts to speak.

On top of that, Feng Yu’s voluptuous figure and beautiful looks aroused their deepest desire.

In their minds, they were already picturing the reward for rescuing a damsel in distress.

However, before they could make a move, a strong surge of freezing qi flooded the inn and pressured them. The cold was so biting that they could not help but shudder.

The cultivators who voiced up were shocked when they sensed the freezing qi poking into their bodies like countless tiny needles.

Before they realized it, they were numbed, and all their Immortal’s Cores, bones, and flesh froze. Their vitals faded, and soon, their consciousness.

The others in the inn watched as the cultivators who voiced up rapidly froze and corroded by the freezing qi.

As they crumbled into chunks of ice, only cold, hard ice chunks were left on the ground instead of a puddle of blood.

The others gasped in fear as they traced the freezing qi to its origin — the iceworm behind Chu Kuangren, Ru Xue.

Chu Kuangren glanced at Ru Xue.

“I’m sorry for taking the liberty to silence them. Please forgive me, Master,” Ru Xue said.

“It’s fine.”

Chu Kuangren was not bothered about it at all.

Feng Yu did not even spare a glance at the cultivators who tried to help her. After hearing the brief conversation between Chu Kuangren and Ru Xue, the sweat on her forehead froze as soon as it formed because of Ru Xue’s freezing qi.

Soon, she was covered in ice, which left her in a miserable state, but she dared not wipe them off.

She knew the iceworm was considered a top-notch Prodigy, yet someone as powerful as her called Chu Kuangren master.

Chu Kuangren was much scarier than she thought, yet she was foolish enough to believe she could use him to her advantage.

She must have lost her mind back then!

“I don’t dislike a smart woman, but I do hate a woman who tries to be smart. Do you really think hiding my existence from them is nothing important? You’re wrong. The moment you thought of using me to help you achieve whatever goal you have is already a good reason for me to kill you,” Chu Kuangren said.

Feng Yu lowered her head lower as she was overcome with fear. “I’m sorry to have offended you.”

She dared not argue nor resist.

She knew resistance was futile because Chu Kuangren could kill her with a single thought, and she had no leverage against him.

“Get up.”

Chu Kuangren sat down and watched the fight between Shang Honghua and the Dragon clan.

Feng Yu sighed a breath of relief after escaping death.

“I’m going to deal with the Dragon clan sooner or later because of Honghua. What you did was unnecessary.”

“Yes, I understand. I shall never cross the line again.”

“Once the Dragon clan is gone, I don’t mind helping the Feng clan to lead the Eight Golden clans on the Golden Continent. However, what can the Feng clan provide me?” Chu Kuangren asked.

Feng Yu bowed. “The Feng clan hereby pledge our loyalty to you, and you will have access to our intelligence network.”

“You should be grateful that you’re a smart woman,” Chu Kuangren said to Feng Yu, who chose to submit instead of resisting.

The Feng clan’s intelligence network not only covered the entire Golden Continent, but it could also reach almost every corner of the planet. It would be a great help if he could use that network to his advantage.

It was the reason why he allowed Feng Yu to live.

As for whether the others in Feng clan would agree to the decision, it was not something he should worry about because they had no choice.

If they refused to submit, he would shuffle higher management of the Feng clan after he dealt with the Dragon clan.

“Maser, I have a piece of news that might interest you.”


“We spotted people from the Eastern Sovereign Immortal Hall at the Dragon clan in the past two days. One of them had a missing arm, and he was none other than the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist who lost to you.”

Chu Kuangren was rather intrigued by the news.

“Oh? The folks from Eastern Sovereign Immortal Hall? What are they doing at the Dragon clan?”

“We’re still investigating that.”

“It’s fine. I’ll ask them myself later.”

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