Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1406 - Leaving A Seed For The Dragon Clan, Find A Way Out Of The Impasse, The

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Chapter 1406: Leaving A Seed For The Dragon Clan, Find A Way Out Of The Impasse, The Bearing of A Clan Leader

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Meanwhile, the battle above the Dragon clan continued most fiercely.

Both sides fought relentlessly, and raging energy overflowed from all the clashes, sprinkling a net of dazzling Immortal Sparks all over the city.

Amid the sky of dazzling Immortal Sparks, a golden dragon and a red dragon rose higher into the atmosphere, carrying boundless draconic might that wreaked havoc in the air. All living things that were caught in its aura trembled in fear.

Countless Dragon clan disciples even felt strong oppression against their bloodline, which prevented them from releasing their full power.

“Damn it! The power of the two dragons is overpowering our disciples!”

“We can’t release our full dragon qi against her!”

The Dragon clan took pride in their dragon qi, but it was rendered useless by Shang Honghua’s double dragon power.

The difference in power was intrinsic because the suppression came directly from the deepest part of their bloodline.

“Use the Dragon Lock Sword!” one of the Dragon clan elders said.

He swung his sleeves forward and released multiple golden daggers into the enchanted boundary.

As soon as the disciples caught the golden daggers, they started to chant incantations. As they channeled their Immortal’s Core energy, the dragon qi in them gushed out, and the golden daggers started to shine brightly.

The energy released was specifically used to counter the dragon qi.


The Dragon clan disciples chanted en masse and hurled the golden daggers forward.

The golden daggers danced and shuttled in the air, forming another dagger formation around Shang Honghua. They locked the two dragon shadows on the spot and prevented them from unleashing their full power.

“Hmph! Is the Dragon clan using the Dragon Lock energy? How ironic,” Shang Honghua scoffed.

While the disciples failed to comment, the Dragon Clan Leader reacted bitterly to Shang Honghua’s words.

No one, including the Dragon clan, would willingly be a subordinate or an appendage for a higher power.

The Dragon Lock Sword was a technique the Dragon clan developed as one of their trump cards.

Should the Dragon Tribe abandon them one day, they could use the Dragon Lock Sword to counter and secure their leverage. However, they did not expect they would be using it on Shang Honghua first.

“Die!” the Dragon Clan Leader shouted.

The disciples channeled the Dragon Lock Sword to the limit and restrained Shang Honghua’s double dragon power.

The dazzling energy spread and scattered over the horizon as though a colorful sea had flooded the sky.

With the Crimson Dragon Lance in hand, a hint of blood-red evil glare flashed in Shang Honghua’s eyes. It was a sign of her turning to the evil side to increase her cultivation level.

It was at that moment that a terrifying aura exploded in the realm. As though the Immortal King had descended, heaven and earth trembled before the intimidating energy.

A massive sword shadow rose from the inn and tore the heaven in half.

Boundless sword aura immediately crushed the enchanted boundary formed by the Dragon clan disciples and mitigated the dazzling energy that flooded the sky.

As a result, the Dragon clan disciples were blasted away, exploding into clouds of blood mist, one after another.

The sword shadow shook even the universe!

Everyone’s pupils shrunk in fear as they traced the sword shadow to its origin.

When the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist, Eastern Sky Divine Daoist, and Great Arbiter Divine Maiden saw the sword shadow and sensed the energy behind it, their expressions sank.

“Damn it! It’s him!”

“We must leave now!”

The Eastern Sky Divine Daoist wished to leave immediately.

“Damn it!”

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist was reluctant, but when he glanced at his broken arm, he bit the bullet and agreed with the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist.

He was no match for Chu Kuangren with a missing arm.

Should he stay any longer and Chu Kuangren discovered him, he would be dead ten times over.

“Let’s go! When I get the Matriarch Ruler’s Undying Elixir and recover to my full strength, I will come back for you, Chu Kuangren!” the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist said with a strong grievance.

The Dragon Clan Leader, on the other hand, was astonished when he saw the astounding sword shadow.

“Who dares go against the Dragon clan?”

“That’s my question. How dare a mere Dragon clan go against me?”

An ice-cold voice sounded.

A figure in white slowly emerged from the inn. He had an ancient sword and some scrolls hanging around his waist. Surrounded by Immortal Sparks, he bore the demeanor of an otherworldly deity.

He traversed across the air, carrying a distinctive aura. It felt like he was the center of the planet, and everyone who saw him was captivated by his transcendental aura.

“It’s him!”

Those who recognized him gasped in fear.

Chu Kuangren walked over to Shang Honghua and peered down at the Dragon clan with a condescending gaze. “Hand over Jing Hui, and I’ll allow the Dragon clan to keep its seed.”

His words caused an uproar among the disciples.

He did not use words like ‘spare’ or ‘show mercy’ but ‘allow Dragon Clan to keep its seed’ instead.

In other words, Chu Kuangren was to destroy most of the Dragon clan except one or two people so that they could continue the clan’s legacy as tiny seeds that would sprout in the future.

He sounded unreasonable, and it sparked anger among the disciples.

“Who is this person? How dare he use such words against us?”

“You don’t know who he is? He’s Chu Kuangren, the one who has been gathering attention lately!”

“It’s him?”

“Damn! Seeing him in person is better than hearing rumors about him. He’s really bold with his words, isn’t he? I guess only he, among the younger generation, dares to say he’d destroy the Dragon clan.”

His words sparked heated discussions.

The moment the Dragon Clan Leader saw Chu Kuangren, it amplified the bad feeling in his heart.

Shang Honghua possessing the power of the two dragons, the Third Dragon Crown Prince not reporting back after so long, and now Chu Kuangren appearing before the Dragon Clan, everything pointed toward the worst possible outcome.

As he connected the dots, he soon came to a horrifying realization.

“What have you done with the Third Dragon Crown Prince?” the Dragon Clan Leader asked in a trembling voice.

“I accidentally killed him,” Chu Kuangren answered.

The Dragon Clan Leader’s face turned pale when he got the answer to the question in his heart. “I knew it!”

He did not even doubt Chu Kuangren for a second.

There was no reason for Chu Kuangren to lie, and based on the rumors, he was more than capable of killing the Third Dragon Crown Prince.

The Dragon Clan Leader was deeply discouraged after confirming the Third Dragon Crown Prince’s death.

After all, the Third Dragon Crown Prince was the Prodigy from the Dragon Palace.

Even though it was Chu Kuangren who killed him, the Dragon clan was responsible for protecting their master. If the Dragon Palace were to punish them for the negligence of duty, the whole Dragon clan would have to die ten times over.

The thought made the Dragon Clan Leader’s face turn pale.

“The only thing we can do right now is to kill Chu Kuangren and compensate for the mistake! That’s the only way to keep the Dragon clan safe!”

The Dragon Clan Leader finally came up with the decision.

On top of that, Chu Kuangren came bearing ill intentions. He must have been serious when he said he would destroy the Dragon clan.

Therefore, even if the Dragon Clan Leader willingly hand over Jing Hui, they would still suffer wrath from both sides.

The only way for them to escape that impasse was to fight back.

“Chu Kuangren, you killed the Third Dragon Crown Prince, and as the subordinates of the Dragon Tribe, the Dragon clan hereby label you as our enemy!” the Dragon Clan Leader shouted.

Then, he looked at the Dragon clan disciples. “Everyone, today will be the day you wield the fate of the Dragon clan. Kill Chu Kuangren, and you will be rewarded with a hundred Dragon Blood Pills!”

The Dragon Blood Pill was a rare medicinal pill developed by the Dragon clan, and only the core disciples of the Dragon clan were qualified to take it. Even then, they were only allowed one pill at a time.

Now that the Dragon Clan Leader was offering a hundred of them as a reward, the massive temptation boosted the disciples’ morale to a new high.

Everyone was eager to take down Chu Kuangren.

“Hmph! You dare not attack me because of the karmic repercussion, yet you send the younger ones to die. What a clan leader you are!”

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