Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 662 - One Against Two, the Power of the Almighty Avatar

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Chapter 662: One Against Two, the Power of the Almighty Avatar

Inside the void.

Chu Kuangren was facing two veteran Emperors in battle alone.

Both of his opponents were Expert Emperors respectively. On the other hand, Chu Kuangren was only a Rank Two Initial Emperor and was considered a Novice in the Initial Emperor Realm.

With two against one, his chances of winning were slim.

“I’ll have you know, Brother Chu, we’re different than that guy from the Scaled Tribe, who’s only a Rank Four Initial Emperor. Both of us are at Rank Six!”

“The difference in strength in two ranks is beyond what you can imagine.”

Great Emperor Xiong Huang grunted as an overpowering surge of Emperor’s Aura erupted from his body, and strands of Emperor qi swirled around him.

He was the first to attack by unleashing a punch so powerful that it tore through spatial turbulence within the void. As a result, violent waves of qi spread across the land.

With that, Chu Kuangren raised his sword and slashed forth.

His sword qi instantly ripped the punch apart. Following that, he channeled his Invincible Technique and swung his sword out once more, conjuring a catastrophic scene.

Great Emperor Xiong Huang let out a low cry as several strands of Emperor qi and Daoist patterns started intertwining around him. Soon, an apparition of a gigantic golden bear manifested in the void.


Along with the roar, the gigantic golden bear apparition slammed its paw against the incoming sword ray.

With a loud bang, the gigantic golden bear apparition was forced back several hundred meters while Chu Kuangren’s sword ray shattered into countless pieces of sword qi.

Chu Kuangren’s eyes lit up. “Oh, interesting. It seems like you have the power to block my Invincible Technique. You’re stronger than that Scaled Tribe’s Emperor, without a doubt. Now I wonder, how much stronger are you?!”

Then, he raised his hand and attacked again, unleashing several sword rays at Great Emperor Xiong Huang. The might of his attack was so terrifying that the Great Emperor’s expression shifted.

“This guy’s power has far surpassed those who are in the same cultivation realm as him.”

The gigantic golden bear apparition behind him roared and continuously slammed its paws towards Chu Kuangren, with each attack setting off violent currents within the void.

Boom, boom, boom…

Its huge claws collided with the sword rays, which caused successive explosions.

Great Emperor Xiong Huang was pushed back because of it.

However, Chu Kuangren continued to unleash one sword ray after another. There was no sign of him stopping!

“F*ck this. Hey, you b*st*rd, stop watching and do something!”

Great Emperor Xiong Huang yelled at the elegant-looking Emperor.

“Hmph, serve you right for badmouthing me earlier!!”

The elegant-looking Emperor sneered and then attacked right after.

He knew he would never be able to steal the Sycamore Divine Fruit alone. Hence, he could only join forces with Great Emperor Xiong Huang to do it.

A dense surge of Emperor qi and Daoist patterns erupted from his body and intertwined in the air to form a gigantic green apparition.

It was an apparition with an indistinguishable face as it was covered in a storm surrounded by a domineering surge of windstorm force.

“Heavenly Storm Avatar!”

The elegant-looking Emperor yelled as the windstorm-covered apparition behind him gradually lifted its arms to hit Chu Kuangren.

“Hmm… The power of avatars? Have a taste of mine then.”

“Almighty Avatar!”

Chu Kuangren said.

With that, the power of several Daoist Physiques erupted simultaneously!

A colorful avatar appeared in the void. Its sudden eruption of energy made the veteran Emperors so shocked that they started to shudder!

The Heavenly Storm Avatar was instantly pushed back by the Almighty Avatar’s energy.

“This is impossible!”

“Is this the Daoist Physiques’ power? Why are there so many different avatar auras within it? There’s the Crimson Sun Daoist Physique, Deep Freeze Physique, Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart, Holy Radiant Physique…”

“And even the… Chaos Physique!”

Both the Great Emperor Xiong Huang and the elegant-looking Emperor were stunned with their eyes wide open.

They had witnessed the power of several Daoist Physiques in the past.

However, this was their first time coming across an avatar with the power of so many Daoist Physiques. To them, it was completely unheard

The other Emperors who were watching the battle were dumbfounded as well.

‘How can the power of so many Daoist Physiques be in one person?!’

This was preposterous!

“How… How did he do it?!”

“Unbelievable. This is simply unbelievable…”

“By the heavens, is this guy for real?”

“This is something unheard of even in ancient times!”

Even Great Emperor Hua Xing could not help but gulp. “No wonder the Heavenly Imperials wanted me to keep an eye on him. It seems like this is the reason, but this is just incredible! How did he do it?”

The Emperors were not omnipotent beings.

Hence, they could be shocked too.

At that very moment, Chu Kuangren had shocked every single Emperor watching that battle like never before!

Zi Wuji was observing the battle too.

He could not help but sigh. “Before becoming an Emperor, this guy was already a legend that the younger generation of sky-prides could hardly catch up to. Now that he’s an Emperor, he still creates miracles and wonders like it’s nothing. How can someone like him exist in this world?”

He feared that in this lifetime, he would never catch up to Chu Kuangren.

Inside the void.

Chu Kuangren unleashed his Almighty Avatar, which had gained the power of a few new Daoist Physiques more than last year.

They were Murong Xuan’s Crimson Sun Daoist Physique, Nangong Huang’s Yinyang God-eye, and Shang Qingxue’s Deep Freeze Physique. He even took the time to travel to Emperor Road just to obtain the power of Swordsman Mei’s Dark Descent Physique.

His Almighty Avatar was another level stronger compared to before.

“Alright, let’s see how many moves you can take from my avatar!”

Chu Kuangren uttered.

The avatar behind him immediately let out a punch. That attack was packed with the power of several Daoist Physiques merged together, forming an immensely terrifying Almighty energy!

That energy was just too frightening.

The moment it came into contact with the elegant-looking Emperor’s Heavenly Storm Avatar, his avatar was mercilessly destroyed by the energy of Chu Kuangren’s avatar!

Great Emperor Xiong Huang gulped and was scared out of his wits

‘Too powerful.’

‘He’s just too horrifying.’

A mere Rank Two Emperor had overpowered them, who were both Rank Six Emperors. No, not overpowering, he was crushing them both!

Such combat strength that exceeded the bounds of one’s cultivation realm was simply traumatizing.

“Devastating Might!”

Great Emperor Xiong Huang stepped forth and roared.

Like thunder, the sound waves from his roar traveled far and wide.

Following that, his gigantic golden bear apparition rushed towards Chu Kuangren’s Almighty Avatar. Both of its paws had the power of his Devastating Might!

That attack was so strong that it could crush the planets in space!

However, Chu Kuangren’s Almighty Avatar did not take a single step back.


A punch was directly unleashed!

As the turbulent flow within the void shattered, that punch blast containing the power of several Daoist Physiques immediately destroyed the two incoming punches before landing on the gigantic golden bear apparition!

That single punch brutally decimated the gigantic golden bear apparition!

Both veteran Emperors were sent flying by the shockwaves.

Its tremendous power greatly shocked the surrounding Emperors.

The elegant-looking Emperor and Great Emperor Xiong Huang were even more frightened. Both of them looked at Chu Kuangren as a chill ran down their spine.

“How can such a powerful Emperor exist?!”

“How is he so powerful?!”

Both Emperors were trembling in fear.

Meanwhile, Chu Kuangren took a step forward and released a domineering surge of Emperor’s Aura. The Almighty Avatar behind him followed suit.

It raised its arms and slammed downward!

The gigantic hands of his avatar were locked onto the elegant-looking Emperor.

“Now die!”


The elegant-looking Emperor gave it his all to resist that attack, sending forth surge after surge of windstorm energy towards the Almighty Avatar’s gigantic hands.

Unfortunately, the elegant-looking Emperor’s attacks were ineffective against the Almighty Avatar’s incredible strength. His techniques were nothing before the might of that incoming attack. The moment it landed on him, all the Daoist patterns on him started breaking apart.

With a loud boom, the elegant-looking Emperor blew up into pieces!

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