Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 663 - Killing Great Emperor Xiong Huang, Studying the Godly Phoenix Physique

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Chapter 663: Killing Great Emperor Xiong Huang, Studying the Godly Phoenix Physique

“Although he was a Rank Six Emperor, he possessed only an Ordinary Dao and a Low-grade Emperor’s Core. Besides, he had never cultivated an Esoteric Art, so his combat strength was just subpar.”

“Alright, it’s your turn now.”

Chu Kuangren looked at Great Emperor Xiong Huang.

The Great Emperor, who hailed from the wild beast tribes, gulped as fear filled his eyes. He had already lost the will to fight long ago.

As such, he opened a rift through the void and escaped.

Chu Kuangren grinned upon seeing that. “Where does he think he’s going?”

His figure disappeared in a flash and returned to the real world.

‘Quick! I have to escape!’

That was the only thought Great Emperor Xiong Huang had at this point.

In fact, he was greatly puzzled. ‘How can a mere Rank Two Emperor possess such terrifying combat strength?!’

Even a Rank Six Emperor like him could not fight back!

“Going somewhere?”

Just as the Great Emperor Xiong Huang was escaping, a clear voice suddenly rang out.

Following that, his pupils shrank as an instinctive fear kicked in. By then, a young woman in red was already in front of her.

The girl had long black hair that reached her waist, a slim figure, bright red lips, and a kind of noble aura between her brows. She had the looks of a high and mighty woman.

“You’re… the Godly Phoenix!”

“That Godly Phoenix who has just affirmed its Dao and become an Emperor!”

Great Emperor Xiong Huang’s expression changed. Acting cautiously this time, he summoned all of his strength and unleashed a punch at the Godly Phoenix.

“Let me introduce myself. I’m Chu Hong from the Black Heaven Sect!”

Chu Hong, the Godly Phoenix, said.

After that, she raised her hand gently and used her thin arm to receive Great Emperor Xiong Huang’s incoming punch attack.

A gust of wind blew as a blast exploded.

Chu Hong stood still with her bright red dress fluttering in the air. Her golden-colored eyes were cold.

“You are very brave, little bear. How dare you come and cause trouble in the Black Heaven Sect?”

With a soft snort, a huge golden flame sparked from Chu Hong’s jade-white palm and enveloped Great Emperor Xiong Huang’s entire arm.

As her Emperor qi and Daoist patterns intertwined in the flames, Great Emperor Xiong Huang’s arm burned into ashes in an instant.


Great Emperor Xiong Huang screamed when he saw the flames spreading towards the rest of his body. Hence, he immediately took drastic action by channeling Emperor qi to blow up his own arm!

He quickly leaped backward while looking at Chu Hong fearfully. Meanwhile, Chu Hong tossed away the arm that had turned to ashes and grinned. That’s all you’ve got for a Rank Six Emperor? You’re kidding.”

Great Emperor Xiong Huang was speechless when he heard that.


Chu Hong had only stepped into the Emperor Realm recently, yet she could already crush a Rank Six Emperor like him.

By the looks of it, a Rank Six Emperor like him was no challenge to her at all.

Then again, was it her fault?

One could only say that the Godly Phoenix was too favored by the heavens.

To say she obtained a Prominent-quality Dao and a Superb-grade Emperor’s Core the moment she entered the Emperor Realm! Coupled with having the Phoenix’s Flames that could burn all things in the world, the combat strength she had was no surprise.

“Chu Kuangren is already abnormally strong. With this Godly Phoenix as well… D*mn it, I’m too careless.”

Great Emperor Xiong Huang was extremely annoyed at himself.

If he had known earlier, he would not have arrived even if he was forced to!

“Godly Phoenix, seeing that we’re both beasts, please let me go. I shall repay you greatly in the future,” Great Emperor Xiong Huang said.

“Those who intrude upon my Black Heaven Sect shall face death!”

Chu Hong was merciless.

She raised her hand and unleashed her Phoenix’s Flames once more. Within her flames, the Daoist patterns formed by her Prominent-quality Dao released frightening fluctuations into the void.

“D*mn it. If that’s the case, I’m taking you down with me!”

Great Emperor Xiong Huang roared in rage.

Following that, he reverted into his true form.

He was a gigantic golden bear the size of a small hill. His fur gleamed like Iron, making it seem indestructible.

As soon as the Phoenix’s Flame struck him, his fur was scorched black. However, the flames did not reach his flesh.

“The members of my Berserk Bear Tribe possess strong physical bodies, and our furs are as tough as an Emperor Weapon. Although your Phoenix’s Flame is terrifying and hard to block in my human form, it won’t be that easy to harm me in my true form.”

Great Emperor Xiong Huang roared. Despite having one arm left, he rushed towards Chu Hong, his aura still extremely terrifying.

He clawed out and tore several rifts open in space.

Just as Chu Hong was about to fight back, a sword ray suddenly appeared and struck the Great Emperor Xiong Huang, sending him flying.

Right after that, a gigantic colorful hand descended from the skies. Although he was the size of a small hill, Great Emperor Xiong Huang was grabbed by that hand in mid-air, rendering him immobile.

It was Chu Kuangren’s Almighty Avatar!

“Let me go. Let me go this instant!”

Great Emperor Xiong Huang continued to roar.

Unfortunately, despite reverting back to his true form, he was still powerless before the strength of Chu Kuangren’s Almighty Avatar, which contained the power of several Daoist Physiques.

“Just die.”

Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

The Almighty Avatar suddenly tightened its grip as a burst of terrifying energy erupted. A series of consecutive explosions, akin to green peas popping, echoed.

The Daoist pattern on Great Emperor Xiong Huang’s body, as well as his flesh and bones, were crushed into a bloody mess.

After that, Chu Kuangren threw what remained of Great Emperor Xiong Huang’s corpse into the nearby mountains.

At that moment, the beasts living in the Black Heaven Sect’s territory immediately ran towards and devoured that Emperor’s corpse.

As such, many of those beasts broke through their cultivation realms and increased their strengths.

An Emperor’s Corpse was tantamount to a priceless Supreme Elixir to them.

“Congratulations on becoming an Emperor, Lil Red.”

Chu Kuangren looked at Chu Hong and chuckled.

“You’re so awesome, brother! This little bear’s body was so tough that even my Phoenix’s Flame couldn’t easily kill him. Yet, your avatar just went and crushed him into a pulp.”

Chu Hong looked at the Almighty Avatar behind Chu Kuangren in amazement.

Chu Kuangren dispersed his Almighty Avatar and looked at Chu Hong. Suddenly, he got an idea. If his Tome of Physiques could analyze and evaluate the mysteries of every physique in this world, could he use it to obtain the Godly Phoenix’s physique?

When that idea popped up in his mind, the Tome of Physiques within the depths of his soul trembled a little.

Then, he saw a red bundle of flame appearing on Chu Hong’s body in his vision. Countless Daoist patterns were contained within it.

That was the true source of the Godly Phoenix’s physique!

Once he refined that bundle of the true source, he would obtain the power of the Godly Phoenix’s physique.

“It works!”

Chu Kuangren’s eyes lit up with delight.

That was when he understood something.

His Tome of Physiques could be used to analyze every physique in this world, including the physiques unique to each species and tribe. Those physiques, too, were within the bounds of analysis and refinement for the Tome of Physiques.

Besides the Daoist Physiques possessed by humans, the physiques of the other species and tribes could also be evaluated.

For instance, the types of archaic ancient wild beasts, and more.

“Looks like I have more to research on in the future.”

Chu Kuangren murmured.

Following that, both Chu Kuangren and Chu Hong waited until the Sycamore Divine Fruit ripened. During this time, he began to research the Godly Phoenix’s physique too.

Chu Hong was very cooperative during that process.

Without a doubt, the divine beast’s physique could not be compared to any mere Daoist Physiques. Even the strongest Supreme Daoist Physique, the Chaos Physique, still paled in comparison to the Godly Phoenix Physique.

After the Sycamore Divine Fruit had ripened, it took Chu Kuangren another ten days for him to analyze only ten percent of the Godly Phoenix Physique.

However, he was not in a hurry since he could continue his research when he returned to the Black Heaven Sect.

Several months later, he managed to fully grasp the mysteries of the Godly Phoenix Physique. This meant he had mastered the ability to control the Phoenix’s Flames too.

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