Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2904 - Chaos Bloodstone Makes a Move! Peak Showdown!

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Chapter 2904 Chaos Bloodstone Makes a Move! Peak Showdown!

Lord Wang Zuo exploded once more!

His roar spread throughout the entire Blood God Temple’s space.

“Ye Yuan” two words seemed particularly grating on the ears.

Everyone was silent like cicadas in winter.

Giant Net City was leveled to the ground. This was really a slap to the blood race’s face.

For thousands of years, when had the blood race suffered such a miserable defeat before?

What was even more damning was that Ye Yuan relied on the origin of blood to suppress the Light of Blood Eye. That was how he attained an unprecedented great victory.

This was really a joke!

The mother stone acknowledged Ye Yuan and bestowed Ye Yuan the origin of blood.

Then Ye Yuan used the origin of blood and ravaged the blood race, eliminating Hegemon You Jin.

This victory was simply a huge irony!

Wang Zuo’s face burned fiery hot.

He hated it!

He never dreamed that Ye Yuan actually really dared to lead the Heaven One army to raid Giant Net City.

But what could I do?

Can I go and tell the mother stone: You idiot, you picked the wrong person!/ please keep reading on Myb0xn0vel(d0t)c0m.

Isn’t this courting death?

But now, it was out of the question if he did not go. Ye Yuan’s existence was a huge latent danger. He had to tell the mother stone that it was wrong!

After calming down, Wang Zuo held fidgety emotions as he stepped into the void.

The beating of the heart was still going strong

Wang Zuo took a deep breath, a faintly discernible undulation transmitted out of his body. This was Wang Zuo’s communication method with the mother stone.

Suddenly, that powerful beating suddenly stopped.

The entire void space was actually going to collapse.

At the same time, the entire Blood God Temple started trembling.

“What is going on? I-Is the sky going to fall?” In the Blood God Temple many people did not know the inner reason and started panicking.

And those blood race core powerhouses, each and every one had solemn expressions.

They knew that the mother stone was enraged.

Wang Zuo knelt down before the Chaos Bloodstone, breaking out into a cold sweat.

The pressure that the Chaos Bloodstone gave him was too great!

He knew that this was the consequence.

The paramount mother stone was actually blind!

How humiliating was this!

Even Lord Wang Zuo trembled with fear in front of the Chaos Bloodstone. That puny little Saint Sovereign Heaven actually cheated it of its origin of blood!

To the Chaos Bloodstone, this was unprecedented humiliation!

That ant-like little fellow?

Too weak!

It could turn him to ashes with a thought.

But it was such an ant that actually conned him of a trace of blood origin.

No idea how long had passed either, the Chaos Bloodstone finally quietened down.

The originally crumbling void actually started to be repaired.

An intangible undulation transmitted out of the Chaos Bloodstone.

Wang Zuo groveled, another series of fluctuations transmitting out, recounting the entire matter of Ye Yuan.

The Chaos Bloodstone fell into silence.

Clearly, this little fellow surprised him greatly.

However, no matter how formidable, he was also just a little fellow.

In front of absolute power, any schemes were all futile.

Suddenly, a drop of blood essence floated out of the Chaos Bloodstone. It was precisely that drop of blood essence from Ye Yuan’s body.

When Wang Zuo saw it, he could not help being overjoyed.

Ye Yuan was dead for sure!

A series of blood-colored light halos transmitted out of the Chaos Bloodstone, entering that drop of blood essence.

Wang Zuo had an excited look. Killing Ye Yuan had practically already become his top priority.

Once the mother stone made a move, that punk absolutely could not escape.

This drop of blood essence was the hostage!

What was laughable was that Ye Yuan actually dared to hand his blood essence over to the mother stone.

Using this drop of blood essence, the mother stone would be able to deal a backlash to the original body, directly killing the other party.

But, one breath, ten breaths, a hundred breaths passed.

The Chaos Bloodstone did not have any activities.

What the hell?

Did killing a True Sovereign Heaven need so long?


That drop of blood essence exploded, instantly turning into nothingness.

The Chaos Mother Stone that had already calmed down became enraged again.

Wang Zuo had a stunned face.

What was going on?

The mother stone could not kill Ye Yuan?

An undulation spread out, and Wang Zuo instantly understood.

This drop of blood essence was not Ye Yuan’s!

Wang Zuo could not help drawing a breath of cold air.

This … was too inconceivable!

Ye Yuan used other people’s blood essence to pass himself off?

Furthermore, it actually even worked!

What kind of existence was the Chaos Bloodstone? He knew all too well!

A powerful existence capable of creating a race was absolutely an existence that saw through all life penetratingly.

But it was actually deceived by a little fellow who did not even reach the Emperor Realm!

Of course, if he knew that the wisp of Dao sword that Ye Yuan left behind was currently lying dormant in the Chaos Bloodstone quietly, he would definitely be even more shocked.

Another ripple of undulation spread out. Wang Zuo roused himself again.

There was still the origin of blood!

The blood essence was not Ye Yuan’s, but the origin of blood was given to Ye Yuan!

Clearly, the Chaos Bloodstone was truly enraged.

A powerful origin power came off from it, directly passing through the void and reaching into the distance.

Far-reaching, unrestrained, but with boundless power!

“It’s here!”

Ye Yuan’s entire body trembled, directly spewing out a mouthful of blood mist.

That force had not arrived yet, and he already felt a boundless pressure.

The expressions of the Hegemons instantly changed.

Too strong!

“Is … Is this the power of the Chaos Bloodstone? There’s actually still such a terrifying existence hidden in the blood race! Too scary!” Divine Lord’s hair stood on end, feeling enormous pressure.

“So strong! How can there be such a terrifying existence in this world?”

“What an evil power! Once this thing is born, I’m afraid that the entire 33 Heavens will be plunged into despair.”

This power of origin was tyrannical to the extreme.

The Chaos Bloodstone stopped concealing itself. It also had no need to hide anymore.

The origin of blood was already bestowed on Ye Yuan. The Heaven One’s various races naturally knew about his existence too.

Within Ye Yuan’s body, that wisp of blood origin was already eager to cause trouble, virtually breaking out of his body.

Once it emerged, it would definitely blow his entire body up.

On Ye Yuan’s body, his skin started splitting apart, blood mist spurting out like it was free.

“What are you still in a stupor for? Still not making a move, Ye Yuan is going to die!” Hegemon Cloudmount roared, a boundlessly powerful origin power flooding out crazily, directly injecting into Ye Yuan’s body

The others also abruptly startled awake, one powerful origin power after another directly firing into Ye Yuan’s body.

Ye Yuan only felt that there were countless powerful gases within his body that were currently circling around crazily.

These powerful gases were like one bomb after another that could blow him into smithereens at any time.

One power of origin after another suppressed the origin of blood.

At this time, the insides of Ye Yuan’s body had already become a battlefield.

The battlefield for the group of Hegemons and the Chaos Bloodstone to wrestle with strength!

This was completely dancing on the edge of a knife. A single misstep and Ye Yuan would die until not even dregs remained.

This was a soundless battlefield. It would not shock the heavens and make the earth quake.

But it was absolutely dangerous to the extreme.

Very soon, the Chaos Bloodstone’s power of origin suddenly descended.

That feeling was like a giant battleship had covered the sky and blotted out the sun as it descended!

It was as if the end of the world had come!

Ye Yuan’s two eyes went dark, almost fainting away.

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