Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2970 - We'll Meet Again if Fated!  

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Chapter 2970: We’ll Meet Again if Fated!

Under the Purple Ripple Umbrella, Mu Lingxue’s soul origin was gathering around little by little.

The sleeping beauty-like Mu Lingxue actually had a trace of life. This made Ye Yuan become even more wildly elated.

“Senior, I … I finally succeeded!”

The current Ye Yuan needed someone to share his joy.

Mi Tian smiled and said, “Heaven rewards the faithful! Kid, congratulations!”

On Ye Yuan, he saw eternal composure.

No matter how great the difficulties he faced, he could keep his cool in the face of a crisis.

However, the current Ye Yuan was agitated like a child. It was still his first time seeing it.

Mi Tian also felt deeply emotional. This boy truly had love as solid as gold!

In the cultivation world, feelings were often very unreliable.

People who betrayed you were often the people closest to you.

Even if it was not betrayal, time would also weaken everything.

But Ye Yuan was different. The longer the time, the deeper his feelings seemed to grow.

A mortal world lover, but Ye Yuan could strive until today for her sake. It was truly not easy.

He felt happy for Ye Yuan too.

“Ugh …”

Suddenly, Mu Lingxue gave an inaudible groan.

Ye Yuan was overjoyed, taking out a heavenly pill, he sent it into Mu Lingxue’s body extremely carefully.

At this time, Mu Lingxue already had some consciousness and was no longer a living corpse. She could naturally cultivate.

Hence, under the help of the heavenly pill, Mu Lingxue’s cultivation realm increased rapidly!

Half a month later, the heavenly pill was fully digested, and Mu Lingxue became a Heavenly Stratum powerhouse.

This was just a matter of lifting a hand to the current Ye Yuan.

Three months passed in a twinkle. On this day, Mu Lingxue’s eyelids quivered slightly, and she actually slowly opened her eyes.

Ye Yuan was agitated until his heart was almost leaping out of his throat.

He hugged Mu Lingxue and said agitatedly, “Lingxue, heaven didn’t let me down! You finally returned!”

“Do you know how long I’ve waited for this day?”

“You’re really silly. You didn’t even want your life anymore for me? Do you know how much my heart ached?”

“So many years, I’ve always spent it in guilt! No matter how strong I became, that guilt in my heart had never disappeared before!”

“However, everything has passed! Everything has passed now!”

“It’s good that you’re back.”

“It’s good that you’re back!”

Ye Yuan had never hugged Mu Lingxue so tightly in this life before.

He was scared. He was scared that this was a dream.

Seeing that Ye Yuan was so emotional, the ten-thousand-year ice face of Cloudneon, who was not far away, actually showed signs of thawing too.

In the boundless 33 Heavens, this scene was truly not often seen.

But the Mu Lingxue, who was being embraced tightly by Ye Yuan, her reaction seemed a little dull.

Time did not leave its mark on her face. That face was still kingdom toppling. It was just that the look in her eyes seemed somewhat vacant.

No idea how long had passed either, she slowly pushed Ye Yuan away, looked at Ye Yuan, and asked with uncertainty, “Who are you?”

Ye Yuan’s entire person turned stiff, and he said with unwillingness, “Lingxue, I’m Ji Qingyun! D-Don’t you recognize me anymore?”

Mu Lingxue frowned slightly, as if striving hard to remember, muttering under her breath, “Ji Qingyun?”

Ye Yuan nodded his head hard and said, “Yes, Ji Qingyun! Qingyun Zi! You think carefully again!”

“Back then, in the Medicine King Hall, you and I drank together under the moon. You stabbed my shoulder with a sword, forcing me to submit!”

“Back then, Heavenly Wind Divine King wanted to make a move against me, so you hunted him down for 100 thousand miles! I paid a visit to give thanks, but you shut the door and refused to meet!”

“… …”

Ye Yuan recounted each event as if enumerating his family’s valuables.

But Mu Lingxue did not have the slightest reaction. She just said coolly, “Apologies. What you said just now, I don’t have any impression at all.”

Ye Yuan was akin to being thunderstruck, standing transfixed on the spot.

How could this be?

“Then … Then do you remember who you are?” Ye Yuan asked unwillingly.

Mu Lingxue nodded and said, “Spirit Snow Divine King, Mu Lingxue! This place … doesn’t seem to be the Divine Realm? My cultivation also seems to have greatly surpassed before.”

Ye Yuan was stupefied again. She remembered everything and only forgotten about him?

Or was he the eternal pain in her heart?

Mi Tian let out a sigh and said, “Looks like her soul origin wasn’t fully condensed!”

Ye Yuan roused himself and said, “Then I’ll cast the soul gathering technique again and condense her soul origin!”

“It’s no use. A portion of her soul origin has already entered samsara. No matter how exceedingly formidable your means, you can’t find it too,” Cloudneon suddenly opened her mouth and said.

Mi Tian felt somewhat sorry for Ye Yuan and said with a sigh, “Mortal divine souls contain three spiritual and seven physical souls. She burned her divine soul, losing the carrier, and the three spiritual and seven physical souls turned into soul origin, drifting between heaven and earth. Once a long time has passed, the three spiritual and seven physical souls will each have their own encounters. Some can even cultivate on their own and attain Dao. But, as long as they didn’t enter samsara, they ultimately can’t escape the Purple Ripple Umbrella’s calling. However …”

He did not finish saying, but the meaning was already very clear.

Even the Purple Ripple Umbrella could not find it. Then it must have entered samsara.

Mu Lingxue was somewhat confused, not knowing what they were talking about.

Ye Yuan had a look of dejection and still said unwillingly, “Even if it entered samsara, it has to be in this 33 Heavens. Can’t it be found?”

Cloudneon said coolly, “The variables involved are too great. After entering samsara, it’s a new life. She won’t have her previous life’s memories any longer, and she won’t have her previous life’s feelings. Even if you really find it, do you feel she’ll want to fuse together with a completely different individual?”

Ye Yuan was silent.

He did not expect that after experiencing many untold hardships, he still did not let Mu Lingxue resurrect perfectly.

What Cloudneon said was right. If right now, he had a previous life standing in front of him, asking him to merge together, would he agree?

That was impossible!

I’m me, the only one in this world!

But was he giving up just like that?

He was still not willing!

If it was not a complete Mu Lingxue, then what was the point of reviving her?

Right at this time, Mu Lingxue moved. She slowly walked outside of the main hall.

Ye Yuan was startled and said, “Lingxue, where are you going?”

Mu Lingxue said coolly, “This place doesn’t seem to be the Divine Realm. It’s a new world. I want to go and take a look.”

Ye Yuan let out a sigh of relief and revealed a smile as he said, “Okay, I’ll bring you.”

Finished saying, he was going to bring Mu Lingxue away.

“Stop!” Mu Lingxue suddenly shouted coldly and said, “I don’t know who you are and what objectives you have. You don’t need to put on a lovesick appearance in front of me either. I, Mu Lingxue, don’t buy this! Now, stay further away from me! I know that you’re very strong, but I, Mu Lingxue, would rather die than be your pet!”

Finished saying, Mu Lingxue turned around and left just like that.

Ye Yuan was stunned, standing there at a loss on what to do.

After experiencing untold hardships, what he exchanged for, was such a scene?

“I’ll go and capture her back!” Cloudneon’s figure moved and was about to make a move.

“Forget it, let her go,” Ye Yuan suddenly said.

Cloudneon’s eyes flashed slightly, and she said, “You’re willing to let her leave just like this?”

Ye Yuan suddenly changed to a relaxed smile and said, “We’ll meet again if it’s fated! Moreover, this is the Mu Lingxue that I know!”

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