Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2979 - Displaying Prowess!  

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Chapter 2979: Displaying Prowess!

“What! Someone came to mountain challenge our Dragon City Tribe?”

“How long has it been since anyone has dared to mountain challenge our Dragon City Tribe?”

“Heh, Scarletplume and Da Yi, two fellows, are both existences at the top of the Mountain Challenger List. Who dares to come?”

“Go! Go take a look! I’m curious who’s so impressive!”

… …

With someone coming to challenge the mountain, it immediately caused a great sensation in the Dragon City Tribe.

Mountain challenging was a tradition in the entire Voidshrine Illuminating Heaven.

Wanting to enter the holy land, this was the shortcut.

Hence, between the various major tribes, they would frequently send youngsters out everywhere to go on expeditions.

The competition of this younger generation naturally had to determine who was superior, and the Mountain Challenger List was born.

The East Billow Region was extremely vast. The experts were naturally plentiful as clouds too.

Mountain challengers who could enter the top 500 were all very strong.

Dragon City Tribe’s Scarletplume and Da Yi, two people, were both top 100 powerhouses, their strengths being very strong.

However, a measly little Ye Yuan, Scarletplume and Da Yi would not take the field at all.

Dragon City Tribe was a large tribe. There were not just two mountain challengers.

“It’s actually a bloodline warrior! Kid, I urge you to go back where you came from. Don’t make a spectacle of yourself here!”

“Hahaha, a bloodline warrior wants to enter Heavenly Dragon Island too! Kid, you’re thinking too much!”

“A middle Emperor Cloud Heaven also dares to come to our Dragon City Tribe to challenge. This kid is crazy, right?”

… …

A series of mocking voices came from all around.

Bloodline warriors had always been looked down upon by the true spirit race.

However, they would also frequently hand out some low quality bloodline to humans, creating bloodline warriors, exchanging for their loyalty with this.

That guard from before was like this.

In the course of time, the status of bloodline warriors became lower.

“Heh, human brat, to dare come to Dragon City Tribe to challenge the mountain, your courage is commendable!” The one talking was called An Shan. He was also an expert on the Mountain Challenger List, ranked 400 plus, a grand completion Emperor Cloud Heaven powerhouse.

Ranked 400 plus was not weak anymore.

One could say that among the top 500 powerhouses, the gap was all very small.

Their bloodline, cultivation realms, strength, they were all very close.

And Ye Yuan was simply a rookie who had just made his world debut. He was not even on the Mountain Challenger List.

Just having bloodline power was not enough.

Ye Yuan glanced at the large snake in front of him and shook his head, and then he said, “You won’t do, too weak! Doesn’t Dragon City Tribe have any stronger ones?”

The moment An Shan heard, he was immediately greatly enraged and said, “Kid, you’ll be beaten to death the way that you’re mountain challenging, got it?”

Ye Yuan was still indifferent and said coolly, “You’re so weak. You’ll be beaten to death too!”

Everyone was shocked. Where did this guy pop out from, to be so arrogant?

When other people challenging mountains, they all started challenging the weak tribes first, then slowly looked for powerful tribes.

This hothead was good. The moment he came, he picked the powerful Dragon City Tribe to get started with.

One had to know that Dragon City Tribe’s top 500 Mountain Challenger List experts reached as many as seven people!

An Shan’s expression turned cold, and he said in a solemn voice, “Start! I already can’t wait to blow you up!”

Ye Yuan was not long-winded either, dragon race bloodline vibrating, firing out a dragon-shaped mark.

An Shan also fired out a mark like what he did.

The two people each accepted the other party’s mark, and the ritual was considered completed.

Mountain challenging was not allowed to be rejected.

If a tribe stabbed the mountain challenger in the back, they would suffer the boycotting of all tribes.

And this ritual represented the battle outcome.

The victor accepted the other party’s mark, and their own mark would dissipate.

Once the ritual was completed, An Shan roared and swam over to Ye Yuan.

“Heaven Swallowing!”

An Shan’s large snake body suddenly grew rapidly, opening his gaping maws suddenly.

A powerful suction force directly swallowed Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan did not even have time to react.

Inside the body of a Heaven Swallowing Python formed its own independent space. It could devour myriad lives. This was their innate divine ability.

Within this space, even the air was something corrosive.

Before long, the prey would turn into nothingness, virtually without the possibility of escaping.

“Hahaha, I was even wondering how capable this kid was. Didn’t expect that he couldn’t even block one move!”

“Really too weak! I thought that he could at least struggle a little.”

“Made such a big disturbance, it ended like this? How boring!”

“There was nothing to look forward to in the first place. How strong can a bloodline warrior be? Scatter, all scatter!”

… …

This kind of battle appeared too boring.

Being swallowed by the Heaven Swallowing Python, this was something that everyone was fearful of.

But Ye Yuan did not even have the strength to fight back and actually dared to come and challenge the mountain. This was a joke to begin with.

An Shan had a disdainful look and said, “Just this bit of strength, and you also want to beat me to death? What’s this punk’s brain made … hurk … hurk …”

An Shan was currently posturing when he suddenly started to retch violently as if experiencing extreme discomfort caused by indigestion.

With this, everyone was shocked.

Heaven Swallowing Python, known as being able to even swallow heaven, would have indigestion?

You got to be kidding!

What was going on with Lord An Shan?

Could it be … that punk?

How was this possible!

The Heaven Swallowing Python’s talent was extremely strong. Among the entire dragon race progenies’ bloodlines, it belonged to the top existence level too.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to give birth to heaven qian grade bloodline powerhouses too.

Because of their devouring divine ability, once swallowed, the opponent was basically declared dead.

This talent could even let them jump realms to challenge.

But now, what was going on here?

“Urgh … Hurrk …”

An Shan retch wildly without ceasing. His enormous body fell to the ground with a loud bang, rolling around on the ground.

“Come out! Kid, freaking come out! I was wrong! I was wrong! Hurk … hurk …”

Everyone was stared wide-eyed and tongue-tied. Even a moron could also tell that An Shan’s internal space was already in mayhem.

And the culprit was precise Ye Yuan.

Now, it was not a problem with whether or not to swallow. However, that An Shan desperately wanted to vomit Ye Yuan out, but Ye Yuan was not coming out!

This … was awkward!

But, after entering the space within the body, could one still be so impressive?

An Shan rolled around on the ground. People clearly saw tears flowing heavily from his eyes. How did he look like an expert?

He wailed desperately, asking Ye Yuan to come out, but Ye Yuan refused to come out.

No idea how long he was in agony for. Then a boom was heard. An Shan’s back directly had a large hole that was blasted open.

A figure jumped out. Who could it be if not Ye Yuan?

An Shan stopped shouting, the colossal body falling to the ground with a loud bang, his life and death being unknown.

The whole place was dead silent. Everyone used eyes like looking at a monster to look at Ye Yuan.

“This … This guy punched through Lord An Shan’s internal space? Is … Is he still human?’

“He stayed in the internal space for so long, and he’s actually completely fine?”

“If everyone is like him, wouldn’t our innate divine ability become a joke?”

… …

The Heaven Swallowing Python Clan’s powerhouses only felt a chill.

Seeing the large hole on An Shan’s back, they were somewhat psychologically traumatized by devouring.

If the opponent that they swallowed was like Ye Yuan, what to do?

“I already said he’s too weak. Is there anyone that’s stronger?” Ye Yuan said lightly.

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