Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2992 - This Seat Will Let You Know!  

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Chapter 2992: This Seat Will Let You Know!


The Divine Dragon Envoy directly crushed an Emperor Sakra Heavenly Emperor’s head and threw the dead body to one side.

This move intimidated everyone.

The Divine Dragon Envoy was not some flower vase. He was a mighty origin realm expert.

Moreover, he even had many Emperor Sakra Heaven Realm powerhouses by his side!

The rioting army’s powerhouses started to despair.

The opponent was too strong. He did not give them a chance at all!

The Divine Dragon Envoy’s gaze swept over everyone’s faces and said coolly, “A bunch of ant-like fellows! Just based on you people, you also want to escape Blood Dragon Island? Forget about you all. Even Hegemon Realms can forget about leaving too!”

Everyone had fearful looks on their faces, all remaining silent and not speaking.

They gave up. There was no hope of escaping at all!

The dragon envoy said, “Go and put them back in handcuffs and escort them back! Whoever dares to resist, kill without amnesty!”

Hence, his subordinates carried one sealing handcuff after another and came over.

Even so, there were still hot-blooded people.

“Either way, it’s also dying. I’ll fight it out with you all!”

“I don’t want to go back and live a life worse than pigs and dogs again!”

“Killing one breaks even. Killing two is making a profit! Go to hell!”

… …

Several hundred people directly rushed out, attacking the Blood Dragon Island’s powerhouses.

The Divine Dragon Envoy had a disdainful look, directly throwing a palm out. Several hundred bursts of force tore through the air.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before those people had time to attack, they were directly blasted into dregs.

This disparity in power levels could not be compensated for at all.

Furthermore, these people were detained for a long time. Either the blood essence in their body was drained, or they were test subjects, their combat strength not very strong.

Those who truly had combat strength were all still being locked in cages.

The Divine Dragon Envoy swept another glance and said coolly, “Who else wants to jump out?”

Everyone was silent like cicadas in winter. No one dared to speak anymore.

Those who dared to jump were already all dead.

The Divine Dragon Envoy waved his hands grandly, and his subordinates took action opening move, re-cuffing these people with sealing handcuffs again.

The Divine Dragon Envoy ordered, “Where’s Ye Yuan? Bring him over!”

The subordinate said, “Replying to Your Excellency, Ye Yuan isn’t among these people!”

When the Divine Dragon Envoy heard, he smiled coldly and said, “You bunch of fools, you were made use of by people and didn’t even know it yourselves! But it doesn’t matter. There are still many people outside. They can’t escape! Hur hur, this seat regards this boy very highly. He indeed didn’t let this seat down as well! But this time, this seat is very angry! After capturing him back, this seat will make him become obedient!”

He had methods to deal with this kind of disobedient people.

The geniuses that came here, which one was not proud to the extreme?

In the end, they all became obedient babies.


Truly a bunch of ignorant and laughable fellows!

Blood Dragon Island had been built for so many years. How could they have not considered this point?

In this water prison, putting aside the layers of restrictions, there was an all-encompassing net laid down outside too.

Forget about a measly little Emperor Cloud Heaven; even an Emperor Sakra Heaven could forget about escaping too!

A prisoner said weakly, “Y-Your Excellency, Ye Yuan he didn’t run away.”

“Mn? Didn’t run away? That’s even better. Take me to him. This seat wants to see whether or not he has three heads and six arms!” The Divine Dragon Envoy said disdainfully.

Although he was disdainful, having such a big disturbance take place this time, he was still very enraged.

It had been so many years. He never made any mistakes.

Today, it actually played out like this because of a little fellow. The Divine Dragon Envoy could not help feeling very angry.

“H-He’s releasing Zhao Yue,” that person said again weakly.

“What’s the use of releasing Zhao Yue … what did you say? He … He wants to release Zhao Yue?”

In the beginning, the Divine Dragon Envoy did not react to who Zhao Yue was.

When he wrapped his mind around it, that sentence was virtually distorting his mind.

At the thought of Zhao Yue breaking free, he was frightened until his soul left his body.

Zhao Yue was too dangerous!

This guy was only suppressed by requesting Lord Dragonsand to personally take action the last time!

Lord Dragonsand was a Supreme Hegemon!

If this guy got out, the entire Blood Dragon Island would be torn up by him!

However, at the thought of how there weren’t any happenings yet, his heart calmed down again.

If Zhao Yue really broke free, he would have long charged over.

“Hurry, go and inform Lord Bloodless and Lord Dragonwild! You go in front to take a look at the situation. If you discover Ye Yuan, immediately capture him and bring him over for me!” The Divine Dragon Envoy’s reaction was extremely fast too, immediately giving the order.

The Emperor Sakra Heaven, who was called, had a myriad of profanities galloping across in his heart.

Why don’t you freaking go?

If that monster really ran out, Your Father would be directly torn to shreds by him!

But, toward the Divine Dragon Envoy’s order, he had no choice but to obey.

Otherwise, he would have to die right now.

There was no way to go around it. He could only toughen his scalp and go.

“No need. I’m already here.” Right at this time, a voice sounded out at the back of the rioting army.

It was Ye Yuan!

However, his figure was blocked by the army and could not be seen.

But the Divine Dragon Envoy’s heart settled down.

If that monster was released, it would be impossible to be so quiet.

That monster did not recognize its closest relatives at all.

In one exchange, more than half of the people here would probably die.

Hence, he laughed coldly and said, “Huhu, you, brat, know that you’re at the end of your rope. Now, you’re here to admit your mistake? Too late! This seat will let you know that there’s a price to pay for doing some things! Come, men! Detain him!”

“No need. I’ll come over myself!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

There was suddenly a commotion at the back.

The crowd automatically opened up a path.

Everyone’s faces revealed looks of fear.

The place that Ye Yuan passed through, everyone would immediately hide far away.

The Divine Dragon Envoy was somewhat curious. What was wrong with these guys? Each and every one of them seemed like they had seen a ghost.

Is this Ye Yuan so scary?

I’ve seen him before, a pretty good-looking young man.

Very soon, the crowd completely parted, and the Divine Dragon Envoy saw Ye Yuan.

Just one look, and he was frightened until his legs turned soft, and he almost knelt on the ground.

Only to see a monster that resembled neither human nor ghost behind Ye Yuan. Who could it be if not Zhao Yue?

A large group of monsters was even following behind Zhao Yue!

These monsters were all failed defects!

But now, they were all following behind Ye Yuan, incomparably docile and obedient!

He rubbed his eyes hard, suspecting whether or not he saw wrongly.

The unbelievably irascible Zhao Yue was actually so obedient?


Seeing the Divine Dragon Envoy, Zhao Yue suddenly became feverish, roaring angrily.

It was only to see his two eyes turned blood-red. It was as if he might pounce at any time.

Even if his sanity was almost extinguished, he instinctively hated this guy who turned him into a monster.

The Divine Dragon Envoy was pissing his pants in fear!

He was really pissing in his pants!

He had seen before this monster going crazy. It was too terrifying!

Ye Yuan stroked Zhao Yue’s head, and Zhao Yue quietened down again.

The Divine Dragon Envoy quivered, astonished to the extreme in his heart.

This … How was this possible?

This guy was actually so docile in front of Ye Yuan!

One had to know, even Hegemon Dragonsand could not make this guy behave back then either!

Just what kind of magic did this boy cast?

This monster did not have intelligence at all. He could actually subdue it?

Ye Yuan looked at the Divine Dragon Envoy and said with a sneer, “Just now, you said that some things when done, there will be a price to be paid?”

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