Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2993 - The Samsara of Cause and Effect!  

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Chapter 2993: The Samsara of Cause and Effect!

“I-I said this before? W-Why don’t I remember it? You must have heard wrongly!”

The Divine Dragon Envoy was extremely terrified. Zhao Yue was staring fixedly at him. That ferocious gaze never left him up till now.

A powerhouse at his level of cultivation realm originally should not be like this.

But Zhao Yue’s appearance and primitive, brutal aura indeed made people daunted at the sight of him.

The Divine Dragon Envoy was an origin powerhouse, but in front of Zhao Yue, it was a joke!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “I feel that what you said is very right! As the Divine Dragon Envoy, your hands are stained full of your own people’s blood! You’re not ashamed in the slightest, but take pride in it instead! You indeed have to pay the price for what you’ve done!”

The Divine Dragon Envoy felt Ye Yuan’s killing intent. His expression changed drastically as he said, “Ye Yuan, you understand. I … I was just obeying orders! The real executioner is someone else!”

Ye Yuan smiled coldly and said, “Do you really take me to be a kid who’s still wet behind my ears? For over 100 thousand years, the crimes that you’ve committed are too numerous to be recorded! Today, pay the price for the things that you’ve done!”

The Divine Dragon Envoy’s expression changed wildly, both legs trembling non-stop.

Under Zhao Yue’s tremendous pressure, he did not even have the courage to resist.

But right at this time, a trace of ripple appeared in the air. Hegemon Bloodless and Hegemon Dragonwild emerged.

Two great Hegemons descended at the same time!

Ye Yuan’s expression changed. He did not expect that there was actually still more Hegemon Realm on this Blood Dragon Island!

It looked like the dragon race had some people who attached a lot of importance to this place!

“Alright, the farce ends here!” Bloodless said coolly.

The Divine Dragon Envoy drew a deep breath, feeling akin to being relieved of a heavy burden.

The two great Hegemon Realm powerhouses were here. He finally had the confidence!

His gaze turned cold, and he said with a sneer, “Ye Yuan, are you very surprised? Didn’t expect that there are actually two Hegemon Realms on Blood Dragon Island, right? Do you think that by controlling this monster, everything will go off without a hitch? Hur hur, now, I want to see who’s paying the price!”


Zhao Yue opened his gaping maws and became more and more berserk.

Bloodless was a target that he must kill too!

Ye Yuan looked at Zhao Yue and said, “Let’s avoid them first?”



Zhao Yue’s angry roar became increasingly maniacal.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “Alright, I understand! Since that’s the case, you do as you wish then!”


The Divine Dragon Envoy smiled coldly and said, “Beast-like thing, merely a defective product, that’s all. To also dare call out in front of two great Hegemon Realms!”

With two great Hegemons here, Divine Dragon Envoy’s courage also grew considerably.

Regarding Zhao Yue this kind of monster, he held him in contempt.


Zhao Yue’s figure instantly became blurry. A horrifying to the extreme aura swept over toward the Divine Dragon Envoy.

At the same time, Ye Yuan’s figure also became blurry, fleeing the battlefield.

He sustained serious injuries and had not fully recovered yet.

Bloodless snorted coldly and said, “Ignorant brute, courting death!”

Virtually at the same time, two great Hegemons made a move at the same time, dealing with Zhao Yue.

But the moment they made a move, the two people’s expressions changed!

Zhao Yue’s sharp claws seemed to be able to tear this sky.

A scent of incredible danger hit them head-on.



Bloodless and Dragonwild’s figures left faster than when they arrived!

Zhao Yue repelled two great Hegemons with one move!

His figure continued pouncing over toward the Divine Dragon Envoy, grabbing him in his hand and started tearing.

At the same time, Ye Yuan displayed a spatial secret technique, bringing the majority of the people out of the battlefield.

Those who failed to avoid it in time were directly shocked into meat paste by the aura of the three great Hegemons.

Also, those defective specimens that Zhao Yue brought, their two eyes turned bloodshot too, pouncing over toward the other Emperor Sakra Heaven experts.

At once, the entire dungeon became a hot mess.

There were powerful restrictions inside the dungeon.

Everyone only saw the raging energy flying everywhere like stray bullets; instant death upon contact!

Puu, puu, puu, puu!

Zhao Yue tore the Divine Dragon Envoy to shreds very violently.

However, he did not tear apart his origin divinity. He swallowed it in one mouthful.

He had an instinctive hatred toward the Divine Dragon Envoy and would not let him die so easily.

From start to end, the Divine Dragon Envoy did not have any strength to fight back at all.

The Divine Dragon Envoy probably never even dreamed that he would die at the hands of the ‘monster’ that he created.

Perhaps, this was the samsara of cause and effect!




Zhao Yue roared, seemingly feeling the delight of having taken revenge.

Dragonwild and Bloodless seeing this scene, the two great Hegemons’ expressions were very ugly.

This guy was very troublesome!

Zhao Yue’s strength had somewhat exceeded their expectations.

In reality, it also greatly exceeded Ye Yuan’s expectations.

Zhao Yue’s strength probably did not lose to Peak Hegemons already.

Plus that brutal savage strength and imposing momentum that did not fear death, his combat power probably approached Supreme Hegemon!

Bloodless and Dragonwild were both not weaklings, but they were still repelled by him with one move!


Zhao Yue suddenly turned his head, staring fixedly at Bloodless.

This was the second person that he was going to kill!

After Bloodless became Hegemon Realm, he virtually did not know what fear was.

But now, he felt his hair stand on end!

Zhao Yue was very dangerous!


Zhao Yue turned into an afterimage, pouncing toward Bloodless.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Zhao Yue’s attacks were incomparably fierce, without easing up at all.

Bloodless did not even have the chance to use his ultimate move.

Very primitive, very violent, but very strong!

Dragonwild actually did not dare to join the battle for some time.

This Zhao Yue was too ferocious and brutal!

“Dragonwild, if you still don’t take action, the two of us will have to die here today! His strength is already infinitely close to Supreme Hegemon!” Bloodless roared angrily.

When Dragonwild heard that, he could only clench his teeth and join the fight.

But it was useless!

Zhao Yue fighting one against two completely suppressed them.

The entire dungeon was reduced to fragments by the three people’s battle.

Even the restrictions started shattering!

Finally, with a bang, the top of the dungeon had a large hole being punched out. The stars outside could be seen.

The three people directly fought their way out from underground.

When those prisoners saw this scene, each and every one of their faces turned white.

This kind of battle was too savage and brutal!

They were unable to imagine, if it was not for Ye Yuan subduing Zhao Yue, would they have been torn to pieces or not?

Such an existence made them feel fear from the bottom of their souls.

Many people’s eyes looked toward Ye Yuan.

How did this guy do it?

Such a ferocious existence, they felt their souls quiver just with one glance.

Ye Yuan could actually subdue him.

Furthermore, they could tell that Ye Yuan did not have any contractual relationship with Zhao Yue.

But Zhao Yue, without any intelligence, was actually willing to listen to Ye Yuan’s orders.

This was simply too miraculous!

But no matter what, they were saved!

The feeling of seeing the light of day again was really too wonderful!

The ferocious beasts that Zhao Yue brought out, their strength were all extremely powerful.

Before long, Blood Dragon Island’s elite powerhouses were all brutally killed.

Those prisoners were all extremely thrilled.

Today, this damn place that trapped them for several thousand years was finally going to be torn apart!

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