Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 3082 - Blood Race Attacks!   

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Chapter 3082: Blood Race Attacks!


“I say, you guys, has Ancestor gone crazy? He made Zhou Xianchen bring all the sect’s elites away!”

“Zhoutian Emperor Palace is considered thoroughly finished! From now on, there are only three forces left in our Abyss Pass Origin Grotto Heaven!”

“Sigh, we all don’t even have the qualifications to be brought away. Speaking of which, it’s really heartbreaking!”

“Heh heh, you want to go to Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven? That kind of low-level plane, what can you do after you go?”

… . .

Not a single soul around, the present Zhoutian Emperor Palace seemed somewhat withered.

Although there were still half the people, these people could be said to all have been abandoned.

They gathered together in twos and threes and were chatting about the Zhoutian Emperor Palace’s rise and fall.

Three years had passed, and the Zhoutian Emperor Palace’s decline was visible to the naked eye.

If not for the fact that there were still Supreme Hegemons holding down the fort in the sect, the Zhoutian Emperor Palace would have long dispersed.


Regarding Ancestor Endless’ decision, they all felt that it was very absurd.

But at this time, someone laughed coldly. “A bunch of idiots!”

Everyone’s expressions changed, and someone scolded angrily, “Zhou Ming, although you’re of the Zhou Family’s bloodline, you’re a good-for-nothing. You can’t even break through to Emperor Sakra Heaven in this lifetime. What qualifications do you have to mock us here?”

The Zhou Family was the most illustrious in the Zhoutian Emperor Palace. However, the family clan was too big. There were always some people who were in a melancholic state of mind.

Resources were always grasped in the hands of the minority.

This Zhou Ming was also of the Zhou Family’s bloodline. But unfortunately, his aptitude was too poor. He had already been stuck at peak Emperor Vast Heaven for many years.

He exhausted all kinds of methods and could not break through to Emperor Sakra Heaven too.

Being scolded a good-for-nothing, Zhou Ming was indifferent and said with a sneer, “You all still don’t know yet, right? That Ye Yuan can let everyone comprehend the Heaven volume. Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven has already given birth to a number of Hegemon Realm powerhouses! Zhou Xianyu, Lin Cheng, and more than ten people have all already stepped into Hegemon Realm! News came over from there. In these three years, the Hegemon Realms that broke through in Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven have reached 200! Now, some of the Hegemon Realms remaining in the Zhoutian Emperor Palace can’t sit still anymore!”

The moment these words came out, it directly stunned everyone.

Zhou Ming was of the Zhou Family’s bloodline. His information channels were much more than them.

They thought that half of the emperor palace’s elites all went to the Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven to court death.

Who knew that such a shocking reversal actually happened.

In a short three years, a plane actually gave birth to 200 Hegemon Realm powerhouses!

This number was too terrifying!

But after the shock, there was endless mockery because they did not believe it at all.

“What?! Those two martial uncles have been stuck in origin realm for ten thousand years! They just went for three years and broke through?”

“Hur hur, Zhou Ming, do you take us all to be fools? You’re using this sort of words to scare us?”


“Yeah! Zhou Ming, come up with a draft before boasting! 200 Hegemon Realm experts? Do you think that they are cabbages?”

… . .

Zhou Ming said disdainfully, “Although I’m a good-for-nothing, I’m more well-informed than you guys! Do you all know what the Heaven volume is? 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings, that’s something that even the three great supremacies are moved by! Ancestor also returned with serious injuries because of it! With this sharp tool, what does helping some powerhouses who are stuck in origin realm to break through the fetters count as? It’s just that these 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings didn’t unleash such a terrifying effect in Ancestor Heavenless’ hands too! This Ye Yuan is really remarkable!”

Seeing Zhou Ming saying it with certainty, everyone believed it a little more.

Someone asked, “Is what you said true?”

Zhou Ming smiled coldly and said, “This matter isn’t some secret! The true spirit race’s great migration is also for this priceless treasure! The news naturally can’t be hidden! I even heard that the four symbols true spirit clans gave birth to dozens of Hegemon Realms in these three years! Furthermore, several ancestor level powerhouses are already almost breaking through to Great Beyond Realm! You all think that the Zhoutian Emperor Palace is hopeless? You all think that those people went to court death? Hur hur, they are the true winners!”

With this, everyone was stupefied.

They knew about the great migration, but their information was indeed not well-informed enough.

Previously, they still found it odd. Was the true spirit race all morons? To actually migrate to Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven!

But now, they finally understood it!

Turns out that it was actually because of this!

“In that case … our Zhoutian Emperor Palace actually made the right bet?”

Zhou Ming shook his head and said, “This is hard to say! If they can withstand the blood race progenitor’s wrath, our Zhoutian Emperor Palace will be humanity’s number two powerful sect in the future! Ancestor’s decision is indeed not what the likes of us can see through!”

Before this, everyone had endless criticisms of Ancestor Endless’ decision.

But no one dared to question it.

But, hearing this news, everyone was shocked.

Hegemon Realms were too important to a faction!

In reality, Ancestor Endless himself was also very shocked.

He did not expect that Ye Yuan actually came up with a Chaos Origin Formation and could let everyone comprehend the Heaven volume!

Furthermore, Ye Yuan did not pay special regard to the Zhoutian Emperor Palace too.

Regarding the elites that he sent, they entered the Extreme Light Pavilion after going through a screening.

And these people all broke through!

This was simply a huge pleasant surprise.

When Zhou Ming got this news, it was also intentionally leaked by the upper levels.

It was for the sake of boosting confidence!

Everyone was currently digesting this news when suddenly, the color of the sky changed!

A blood-red light instantly shrouded the sky, blazing like the resplendent sunset.

This blood-redness gave everyone an extremely foreboding feeling.

“Mn? What’s going on? Why did the sky suddenly turn red?”

“I seem to smell a thick, bloody scent!”

Zhou Ming suddenly thought of something, his expression changing drastically as he said, “Not good! It’s the blood race! The blood race is here to attack our Zhoutian Emperor Palace!”

Before his voice faded, it was only to see countless figures in the horizon currently flying towards the Zhoutian Emperor Palace.

That thick bloody energy surrounded the blood race army, covering the sky and blotting out the sun.

Before they approached, everyone felt an apocalyptic-like fear.

Zhoutian Emperor Palace’s powerhouses clearly felt the powerful auras, flying out of the emperor palace one by one, and looked at the arriving enemies.

Ancestor Endless’ son, Zhoutian Emperor Palace’s master, Zhou Tianyu, appeared in front of everyone very soon.

Only when everyone saw him did they calm down slightly.

Zhoutian Emperor Palace’s disciples all knew that this was the number one person under Great Beyond, a powerhouse with half a foot stepped into Great Beyond!

It was just that. There was unprecedented solemness on Zhou Tianyu’s face.

Very soon, an elderly figure appeared beside Zhou Tianyu.

Zhou Tianyu said in a solemn voice, “Isn’t the blood race’s progenitor going to attack Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven? Why would they come to attack our Zhoutian Emperor Palace?”

Ancestor Endless was silent for a long time before sighing heavily and said, “Most likely they are not just here to attack our Zhoutian Emperor Palace! The blood race is probably going to start a war with all the heavens at the same time! I didn’t expect it. I really didn’t expect it! The blood race is actually already powerful to such an extent! The present blood race is likely even 100 times stronger than the Labyrinth Divine Palace back then! Looks like everyone has underestimated the blood race progenitor!”

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