Unscientific Beast Taming - Chapter 680 - Shi Yu vs Fox God (3)

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Chapter 680: Shi Yu vs Fox God (3)

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[Level of Growth]: Monarch Level

Energy Points: 1,660,000

When Shi Yu saw the other party, he instantly determined her identity. He and Buggy had investigated many memories and recognized her at a glance as the eldest daughter of Moon City. She was also the only Beast Tamer in Moon City who had reached level six under the age of 30.

It was a little weak. Not to mention comparing it to the Beast Tamers in the top 100 of the Dong Huang Sequence, even compared to those guys in the National League, this girl wasn’t strong.

According to the information gathered by Shi Yu, the elite Beast Tamers of the Heavenly Fox Nation basically only cultivated spatial strength and environment. They didn’t go bigger in scale. They only contracted one fox in their lives and didn’t contract a second pet. From a certain perspective, they were also dedicated.

However, this was also normal. The fox race was supreme in the Heavenly Fox Nation. How could they let their poop pickers serve other foxes at the same time?

“Jiejiejiejie, since you’ve discovered us, stay…”

Shi Yu’s hoarse voice sounded. Under the other party’s panicked expression, a gray mist appeared above them!!

In the gray mist, dark blue eyes lit up. Accompanied by a terrifying deterrence, a huge tiger spirit that emitted an evil aura appeared.

Overlord-level, Ice-Eyed Tiger Spirit.

At this moment, the gem cat couldn’t help but complain beside the alternate space. F*ck, this guy was even addicted to cosplaying now? What was with that laugh?! Seeing this evil Necromancer cosplay, it decided to give full marks!

“Don’t kill them. Their social status isn’t low. Search their souls first and see if there’s any valuable information.” Shi Yu gave Chi Tong an order in his heart. The Tiger Spirit was controlled by the bone sword, the bone sword was controlled by Chi Tong, and Chi Tong was controlled by him. This layer of nesting dolls made Shi Yu feel that it was quite troublesome.

Chi Tong: …

Wasn’t this just searching their memories? What did this guy mean when he changed it to the “searching of souls”… With the director experience of filming a few movies, Chi Tong also gave Shi Yu full marks. The next time Legend Mu Huiyin started filming, it would invite Shi Yu to be the villain.

The person who came was only a weak chicken. Shi Yu and the gem cat didn’t mind, but this little genius of Moon City and the Star Moon Fox were extremely frightened.

Overlord-level undead!

Legend level Spirit Medium!!

They were in trouble!

Moon City… Moon Master Holy Land… An invader had appeared!!!

Unfortunately, it was too late. Under the perfect deterrence of the overlord level, the human and fox’s consciousness were already on the verge of fainting. A huge crisis lingered on their bodies.

However, just as Yue’e and the Star Moon Fox thought that they were about to die, suddenly, in the center of Moon City, a huge fox statue suddenly lit up and similarly erupted with a huge might!!


This power directly acted on Yue’e and the Star Moon Fox. The powerful force was even stronger than the Ice-Eyed Tiger Spirit. In an instant, it sent the Ice-Eyed Tiger Spirit flying.

At this moment, Shi Yu and the hidden gem cat’s expressions suddenly changed. They felt an overlord-level power. This power was even stronger than the Ice-Eyed White Tiger and even the Mountain Tortoise when they were alive!!

As for the Star Moon Fox and Yue’e, who had been saved by the mysterious power, their faces were pale and they were drenched in sweat.

“Wu ~ ~ ~ ~” Her Star Moon Fox let out a miserable cry.

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