Unscientific Beast Taming - Chapter 681 - Shi Yu vs Fox God (4)

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Chapter 681: Shi Yu vs Fox God (4)

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At the same time, the Fox God clone had already locked onto the invader through Yue’e and the Star Moon Fox. It stared at the evil-looking gray-robed old man in the sky.

The size and length of its nine tails suddenly multiplied. Each of them turned into a huge tail dozens of meters long that reached the sky, spreading white light as it slapped at the Ice-Eyed Tiger Spirit!!


The sound of air being torn was strong. The power of the super skill, Nine Tail Dance, was destructive.

“Lord Fox God…”

“Wu ~” At this moment, Yue’e and the Star Moon Fox’s hearts completely relaxed. They felt that they had survived.

At the same time, the power of faith towards the Fox God became stronger.

In their opinion, if the Fox God attacked, this evil Beast Tamer who had invaded the Moon Lord Holy Land would definitely be helpless!


“Little Fox, if you want to defeat me with your clone, cultivate for another hundred years!”

As soon as he finished speaking, gray mist condensed.

Another Green Scaled Dragon Spirit with an even greater aura as well as the Mountain Tortoise Spirit appeared beside the Ice-Eyed Tiger Spirit. The three overlord undead roared in unison and attacked together.

The Green Scaled Dragon Spirit swung its dragon claw down, and the mountain on the back of the Mountain Tortoise Spirit materialized and exploded. The Ice-Eyed Tiger Spirit also roared and swept up snow!


In the dust mist of the nine tails and three moves, Yue’e and the Star Moon Fox’s pupils constricted.

Three overlords!!

Who exactly was the other party!

Such strength was top-notch in any totem country.


Iron-eating Beast Legendary Mystic Realm.

The Fox God, the Holy Maiden, and even the overlords of some city-states were still facing these mysterious factions that had come to the Heavenly Fox Nation.

The reason why they started a confrontation was that the other party’s faction was also very strong. A totem came.

This was a dark-element totem that looked like a black goat, emitting an ominous aura.

The spokesperson of this black goat totem was a Beast Tamer in black. His expression was extremely calm as he said, “Honorable Lord Fox God, we came with great sincerity.”

“This ruin is undoubtedly a sealed ruin, and there’s the aura of our Fallen Race inside. We only want to help our clansmen unseal it. That’s all. We’re willing to exchange a level-eight resource for the right to control the ruin.”

The huge fox god was silent. It was only a level-eight resource. Who did they think they were looking down on? This was a legendary ruin. Without two legendary resources, it was definitely impossible for others to explore.

“Fox, don’t refuse our goodwill.” After a day of negotiation, the Black Goat Totem was already extremely irritable. It said, “Don’t think that you can raise the price on the spot just because you have the protection of the Heavenly Wolf Nation.”

“I’ll give you a chance to rely on my master. Otherwise…”

“What are you planning?” The Fox God looked at the black goat with a smile.

The Black Goat Totem also sneered and said, “Of course, we’ll show you a bit of our strength.”

The Fox God chuckled. A mere goat dared to threaten it? Did it really think that the Heavenly Fox Nation relied on the protection of the Heavenly Wolf Nation to survive until now?

The fox god was completely not afraid of the threat of the black goat, but suddenly, it revealed a sullen expression and said, “So, is this your show of strength to us?”


The Fox God’s fierce aura directly erupted, stunning the Black Goat Totem and the others.

“Moon, your city-state has been invaded,” the Fox God said. Its gaze locked onto the invader in front of it fiercely. As soon as it finished speaking, the Moon God Fox behind the Fox God also rose in anger and looked at this group of people.

At the same time, the other overlord foxes and the Beast Tamers led by the Heavenly Fox Saintess gathered here also suddenly emitted killing intent.

Black Goat Totem, Legend Bai Chuan of the Ke Yuan Financial Group: ???


When did they invade Moon City!


A violent energy wave rose from this place.

In the distance, the Butterfly God, Legend Ke, Ji Feng, and the others, who were still hiding, had already tried to transmit the situation here back to Dong Huang!

With the people from the Ke Yuan Financial Group around, they had to keep them here!


They looked at the fluctuations of the totem battle in the distance and fell into deep thought. Why did they start fighting…

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