Versatile Mage - Chapter 2103 - Slaying the Ghost Ruler

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Chapter 2103: Slaying the Ghost Ruler

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The whip engulfed in ghost flames was lashed into the sky, as if a ghastly centipede was rising in the fortress. When the centipede slammed heavily back to the ground, the dark blue flames split in half and spread rapidly.

Mo Fan backed away, his shadow weaving through the flames. The flames were grabbing at him like hands, but after Mo Fan was Possessed by the Elder of the Shadow Tribe, he was able to fly around with the Fleeing Shadow. The centipede whip was leaving sparkles across the air, but it could not hit Mo Fan.

Mo Fan’s moves were based on the Elder of the Shadow Tribe’s capabilities. He felt like the moves were carved into his mind through the connection between him and the Elder of the Shadow Tribe via the Dark Vein. The skills were oddly familiar to him.

“Sandstorm Demon Saber!”

Mo Fan’s Saber had a dark light gathering at its tip. It looked like he had executed a rapid slash with a Saber that was trailing a black substance, but it somehow turned into a black sandstorm made up of shadow blades instead of dust particles.

The black storm of shadow blades appeared after a random slash and instantly devoured over a hundred buildings.

The flames that had established their control over the area were extinguished. The centipede whip also broke into pieces after being hit by the bladestorm.

“What the Hell is that!?” Zu Xiangtian blurted out.

He was forced to withdraw a great distance because of the bladestorm. The Floating Reefs Battleground was only around eight hundred meters long. Even though there was no rule saying that whoever was knocked out of the battleground would lose the duel, the crowd would assume he was losing the duel if they saw him get knocked off the stage.

Zu Xiangtian had never seen anything like the Elder of the Shadow Tribe.

Zu Xiangtian had tried collecting Mo Fan’s information before coming to Fanxue Mountain, and thought he was familiar with Mo Fan’s abilities. He had thought he only had to watch out for Mo Fan’s Lightning Element, which was enhanced by the Blessing of the God’s Seal. He thought Mo Fan would mainly rely on his Lightning Element, since his other Elements were nowhere strong enough to take him on, yet Mo Fan had only been using his Shadow Element since the start of the duel!

When Mo Fan was Possessed by the Elder of the Shadow Tribe, it was similar to Zu Xiangtian’s Body-Borrowing Curse Art. Zu Xiangtian was frustrated, as the Elder of the Shadow Tribe was obviously stronger than his Underworld Ghost Ruler, as was made clear from the previous clash!

“I shall sacrifice you to the Saber!” Mo Fan flew out of the Floating Reefs Battleground. The Demon Saber which the Elder of the Shadow Tribe had turned into left a dark swathe behind in the air!

The crowd only saw a line drawing an arc across the sky, but Zu Xiangtian, whom the Saber was locked onto, was seeing different things. In his eyes, the sky Mo Fan was coming from had darkened with a strong sense of death. The stormy clouds were hanging low above the sea like the calm before a great storm. Between the stormy clouds and the ground devoured by darkness stood a ghastly Saber!

The enormous Saber slashed through the stormy clouds and split the sea in half. It was capable of destroying the Heavens and the Earth in Zu Xiangtian’s eyes!

“Impossible, this isn’t happening!” Zu Xiangtian yelled.

Zu Xiangtian was an experienced Mage. He tried to control the fear in his heart, turning the flames around him into a Wall bearing a ghastly face in order to shield himself.

He knew it was the Soul-Locking effect of Curse Magic when he felt his soul being targeted. An enemy’s attack would enlarge significantly in his heart when his soul was being locked on. Even a normal fireball would seemingly turn into a sea of flames!

Zu Xiangtian was a Curse Mage himself, and was trying his best to break free from the Soul-Locking effects!

When the Demon Saber slashed down, the whole fortress soaking in the seawater trembled. A few pillars of lava rose from the ground when the force of the slash sliced through the shallow water.

The black Saber had turned Zu Xiangtian’s surroundings into a volcanic belt, with lava surging from below. Zu Xiangtian mistook the Saber standing firmly under the clouds as the real threat. The ghastly-faced Wall he had established was completely useless!

The pillars of lava rose to a height of several hundred meters. From afar, it looked like black towering structures were being constructed in the fortress, even taller than the old buildings, pitch-black and covered in restless demonic Auras. The slash had basically formed a magnificent cluster of demonic buildings!

The power that Zu Xiangtian had taken from the Underworld Ghost Ruler was nothing in comparison. The dark blue flames engulfing him dissipated. Even the special Runes he bore were filled with the demonic Aura emitted by the Saber and turned into corroded wounds!

Zu Xiangtian decisively withdrew the Underworld Ghost Ruler when he realized it was at its limit.

Zu Xiangtian climbed out of the Underworld Ghost Ruler’s body miserably, like he had just shed a layer of burned skin. The skin soon turned into an insignificant puff of flame and burned to ashes after Zu Xiangtian discarded it.

Zu Xiangtian glanced at his battle attire, which was now covered in scratches and scars. It didn’t look tailored anymore, but like something he had taken out of a trash bin!

“It seems like the Zu Clan invested a lot in you for the duel!” Mo Fan rested the Demon Blade on his shoulder and mocked Zu Xiangtian’s miserable appearance.

Zu Xiangtian had not sustained any severe injuries, managing to discard the Underworld Ghost Ruler in time. He was also wearing expensive magic Armor.

The Underworld Ghost Ruler was as good as dead. Not only did Zu Xiangtian lose one of his forms, the Armor that had cost several hundred million was broken too!

Zu Xiangtian might not have been injured, but he had suffered great losses!

“They were expandable. It doesn’t concern me,” Zu Xiangtian grinned back nastily.

The Zu Clan was resourceful and rich. He could just subdue another powerful creature after losing the Underworld Ghost Ruler, and buy some new Armor after his old one was destroyed. The Zu Clan was eventually going to be his. The cost was acceptable if it was necessary to establish his status as the strongest young Mage in the country!

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