Versatile Mage - Chapter 2105 - Blazing White Gust

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Chapter 2105: Blazing White Gust

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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Blazing White Gust!”

Zu Xiangtian smiled when he saw Mo Fan had stopped attacking with his Shadow Element, taking it as his turn to take over the duel!

The sea began to roil as strong winds blew, bringing black storm clouds to the battleground.

The water had turned gray, and become waves driven by the wind. The wavelength was about twenty meters, and they were approaching the battlefield majestically, like moving gray sand dunes.

The black clouds were rumbling as they quickly loomed over the fortress. The entirety of Feiniao Headquarters City had gone from sunny to dark and gloomy. Everyone could smell the approaching storm!

Strong winds were blowing in from the sea. They served as a great contrast with the gloomy sea and sky. They were entirely white, like the sand along the coastline.

The winds gathered around Zu Xiangtian like birds and circled him continuously. It was like attaching huge cotton balls to him. The winds grew thicker as time went by.



Zu Xiangtian lifted his hands while holding them like blades.

The Blazing White Gusts wrapped around Zu Xiangtian’s hands. He swung his right hand down and turned the Blazing White Gusts into dangerous shockwaves!

The burning winds blew ahead between the gloomy sky and sea like white sails. Mo Fan was around five hundred meters away, but the slashing winds reached him in the blink of an eye. The winds were so fast that he did not have any time to use his magic to relocate himself!

The piercing white gusts lunged forward, leaving a distinctive line between the Floating Reefs Battleground and the horizon, crossing Mo Fan’s position. A line of blood jetted from Mo Fan’s arm!

Mo Fan did a side flip and landed on the shallow reefs. His blood spread in the water like dye.


Zu Xiangtian swung his left hand mercilessly. He was planning to defeat Mo Fan while he was vulnerable from the injury.

The wind was just too quick. Mo Fan did not even have a chance to use his magic, including Basic Spells.

Mo Fan had noticed Zu Xiangtian was still able to attack with his other hand. As he thought, Zu Xiangtian fired the windblade at where Mo Fan was landing. It was a lot easier to dodge the attack when he knew where it was being aimed!

Mo Fan was using a single hand to support his weight on the reefs after the flip. He used the rebound to launch himself to the side.

He did not fall directly on the ground, using his momentum to bounce and roll further away. As he did, he saw a slicing gust of wind sweeping past him only a distance of a few centimeters away, slicing the waves in half. Even the clouds that were hanging low under the sky were split along a line. The sunlight sprinkled down from the gap and shone on Mo Fan in a narrow wall!

Mo Fan glanced back and saw the huge windblade had disappeared into the distance. He let out a relieved sigh.

Luckily, he had pretended he was falling to the ground to trick Zu Xiangtian into thinking he had an opening. Otherwise, he would not have been able to dodge the attack!

He was chasing Zu Xiangtian around like a stray dog with his demon blade just a moment ago, yet he had recovered fiercely in no time. Zu Xiangtian definitely had some skills up his sleeves!

“It’s my turn to take over the battle!” Zu Xiangtian floated out there, surrounded by Blazing White Gusts. He was able to move freely in the air even without Wind Wings on his back.

Zu Xiangtian was no longer maintaining his distance from Mo Fan, as he knew Mo Fan’s Shadow Magic had ended. He returned to the Floating Reefs Battleground and slowly landed on the ground. The wind was blowing in, revealing the soaked coral reefs.

A burst of flame erupted on Mo Fan’s shoulder and swiped across Mo Fan’s wound . The bleeding stopped immediately, leaving a burned scar behind.

Mo Fan had used the same trick to treat his wounds when he did not have time to apply medication. It was able to stop the bleeding and disinfect the wounds. Most importantly, it made him look cool!

Mo Fan tried moving his injured arm around. The wound had little effect on his strength. He was long used to minor injuries like this. He had also learned not to frown from the pain. He would only curse in his heart, It f**king hurts!

“Mo Fan, show me your Lightning Magic. Did you forget that I was a member of the national team too? Even though we didn’t win the tournament, I also received the Blessing of the God’s Seal. Your Shadow Element might have suppressed my Curse Magic, but you will never win against my Wind Element. Fight me with your Lightning Magic!” Zu Xiangtian stood proudly among the Blazing White Gusts.

Lightning was almost Mo Fan’s symbol. Everyone who knew Mo Fan knew how he had dominated the World College Tournament with his Lightning Element. Even Zorro had lost to Mo Fan because of his Lightning Element!

The Blessing of the God’s Seal was not really a secret. Zu Xiangtian believed Mo Fan’s Lightning Element was the strongest because of its nature and the improvement to its base damage from the Blessing of the God’s Seal.

The Blazing White Gust was one of Zu Xiangtian’s trump cards, too. He had not expected the duel to go on for so long, Mo Fan had turned out to be stronger than he had expected. The duel would eventually come down to a showdown between his Wind Element and Mo Fan’s Lightning Element!

“I have a lot of Elements. Aren’t you going to try them all out?” Mo Fan replied easily.

“It’s meaningless to use them if they aren’t at the Super Level. Only my Curse Element and Wind Element are at the Super Level! I believe yours are the Shadow Element and the Lightning Element!” Zu Xiangtian shouted back.

“Mm, mm, your information is quite accurate…” Mo Fan nodded. He decided not to tell the others his Fire Element had also reached the Super Level so he would not hurt the other Mage’s dignity.

The crowd gasped when they heard Mo Fan already had two Elements at the Super Level.

Those who had achieved the Advanced Level at their age were already brilliant, but the young Advanced Mages were ashamed when they saw Mo Fan and Zu Xiangtian’s Super Elements, let alone the Intermediate Mages. They almost had an urge to reforge themselves in a furnace!

“Since you are so eager to see my Lightning, I shall grant you your wish!” Mo Fan’s eyes shifted as he finished the sentence. Unlike the conservative and cold Shadow Element, the Lightning Element was totally wild and imperious. The stormy clouds had provided his Lightning Element with a huge breeding ground, as lightning had been flashing continuously in them. Hundreds of lightning strikes were occurring simultaneously.

Mo Fan looked up like he was releasing the restless energy of the Lightning Element. He was soon surrounded by a destructive aura of power!

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