Versatile Mage - Chapter 2221 - The Fight Between Lecturers

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Chapter 2221: The Fight Between Lecturers

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“I’m a member of the student union’s main party. In terms of strength, I doubt a lecturer will have an advantage over me!” Herr Casa declared with a long face.

“Ritchie will settle the score with you in the tournament. As a lecturer, I won’t bother wasting my time on a cruel and narrow-minded guy like you. Piss off; I’m here to teach your lecturer Nelson a lesson!” Mo Fan rebuked him.

Herr Casa’s face was as dark as the student from Africa who was sitting beside him!

Everyone knew he was not just an ordinary student. Many of the lecturers of the Aorus Sacred Institute had to treat him with respect. Was this guest lecturer tired of living?!

“Herr Casa, he’s a guest lecturer after all. Don’t provoke him,” the Elemental Chief of the Aorus Sacred Institute warned him.

The man had a brown beard, and only his deep eyes were visible. His long robe covered his skinny figure. He looked like a scarecrow in the middle of a field.

Herr Casa was going to talk back to the Elemental Chief, but decided to withhold his anger instead.

“Interesting! You are going to teach me a lesson?” Nelson was amused by Mo Fan’s words.

Nelson looked around him and discovered the leaders of the school at the front rows had no intention of interfering with their argument. They seemed quite interested instead.

As expected of the Aorus Sacred Institute, the school would not interfere with fights between teachers, even if they were happening in front of the students. They couldn’t care less about the image and discipline of the school. They wanted the guest lecturers to fight one another instead!

“Chief, we are having a public class. The guest lecturer is being disrespectful to the school too,” Yesemia spoke up.

She had long held a grudge against Mo Fan. She did not want to allow him to do anything reckless on a public occasion.

The Elemental Chief ignored Yesemia’s complaint. He resumed his seat and said, “Lecturer Mo Yifan, I believe you must be very interested in the technique Nelson has taught us, so you want to test it out in a duel, right?”

Mo Fan was quite surprised that someone was speaking up on his behalf while he was planning to stir trouble. The man had found a valid excuse for Mo Fan to challenge Nelson to a duel!

“Yeah, I would like to see if the things he taught being useful in a practical fight. Of course, that’s only part of the reason. I’m mainly here because of my student. Either way, Ritchie is just a student. He didn’t do anything unforgivable, yet Nelson there allowed a student to sustain such serious injuries. I find it very disgusting!” Mo Fan replied loudly.

“Lecturer Nelson is a reputable teacher of magic dueling. Are you sure you can take him on as a lecturer of magic theory?” the Elemental Chief asked.

“Of course, do you think I’m here to make a fool out of myself?” Mo Fan replied breezily.

“Very well, Lecturer Nelson is almost done with his class. It’s important to demonstrate the things he has taught to his students. Lecturer Mo Yifan will verify the efficiency of the techniques on behalf of the students. Our students will be able to learn a great deal from the fight! Lecturer Nelson, you don’t mind showing us your skills, do you?” the Elemental Chief laughed hard enough that his beard was shaking.

“I don’t mind at all. I actually prefer to demonstrate the techniques directly in my class, so I’m glad someone is willing to challenge me to a fight!” Nelson was laughing too. He had finally found a valid reason to beat up the guy who had come to mess with him!

“Since the two guest lecturers have agreed to take part in the duel, the cost of the barrier is on me. Feel free to fight one another without worrying about the safety of the students. That being said, you shouldn’t use Super Spells in the duel. I don’t get paid THAT much, despite being a chief in the school,” the Elemental Chief, whose name was Green, encouraged them.

“Chief Green, the lecturers are having a duel in front of the students. The students are the ones benefiting from it. How can I possibly let you cover the cost? Don’t worry, the school will pay the cost for the barrier. As a matter of fact, I’m looking forward to the duel between our reputable guest lecturers too. It will be a great loss if we couldn’t see them fight in person!” a Dean in a white robe chimed in.

The Elemental Chief and the Dean were powerful authorities of the school. The others had no opinions if the two of them allowed the duel to take place.

The students started cheering when they heard the school had agreed to the duel!

A verbal argument was nowhere near as spectacular as a magic duel, not to mention it was a duel between two guest lecturers. They were glad they had enrolled in the public class!


“I’ve met a lot of reckless young Mages like you in America. They always make stupid decisions which benefit me in the end. I’m grateful to them for giving me my current status as a teacher of magic dueling. Therefore, I would like to thank you before the duel. If it weren’t for reckless people like you, my career wouldn’t have been a success,” Nelson said smugly.

He was glad that someone ignorant had come to challenge him to a duel. It would be difficult for him to build his reputation in the Aorus Sacred Institute if he did not use the other guest lecturers as his stepping stones.

“You two may start once the student union is done calculating the sum for the bet,” the Elemental Chief said. He was serving as the witness to the duel.

“There’s a bet for this?” Mo Fan asked.

“Of course, there are bets on the duels between students. We are more than willing to set up bets for duels between teachers too. Lecturer Mo Yifan, please do your best. I’ve bet a thousand gold on you winning the duel,” Chief Green said.

“Why are you betting on me? It’s only our first time meeting one another,” Mo Fan was surprised.

“Why not? I’ve also bet four thousand gold on Nelson,” Green said.

Mo Fan pulled a long face.

“Alright, it’s done, the odds are ten to one, what a large disparity! I can win my money back with a thousand gold even if I lose four thousand of them betting on Nelson. Lecturer Mo Yifan, please do your best!” Green said after looking at the tablet in his hand.


Nelson looked up and checked the odds of the duel on the screen above the stadium. Betting were legal and encouraged in the Aorus Sacred Institute.

“It seems like a tenth of the people are clueless about the outcome,” Nelson smiled.

“Perhaps some of the people think you aren’t worthy enough,” Mo Fan replied, unconcerned.

“You will regret saying that soon!”

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