Versatile Mage - Chapter 2262 - Chief Executioner, Wolf Chief

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Chapter 2262: Chief Executioner, Wolf Chief

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Golden Canary was done for. As a traitor to the Enforcers, she would suffer greater consequences than the members of the Black Vatican.

However, she was a valuable asset, too. She was a high-ranking member in the Black Vatican who had infiltrated the Aorus Sacred Institute! She could stop the other members of the Black Vatican from running away by spreading some rumors.

Mo Fan understood Iron Bee’s intent.

They were currently overseas, so their numbers were limited. These Field Enforcers were all the help Mo Fan could draw on to take out the remnants of the Black Vatican. It was important they did not alert the members of the Black Vatican in other areas when they were exterminating their associates.

“I’ll leave Golden Canary in your hands. You should talk to her,” Mo Fan said.

“Leave it to me!” Iron Bee nodded.

Golden Canary would never make up for her faults by doing good deeds, but Iron Bee still had a chance to make up for his mistake!

Iron Bee would not show her any mercy. Either she cooperated in their plan so she did not have to suffer as much punishment, or she would have to undergo the most brutal punishments of the Enforcement Union!

“Sir, we might face a lot of restrictions since we are in another nation’s territory, especially if we want to use magic in the Andes Federation. I suggest you retain your identity as a lecturer of the Aorus Sacred Institute and ask the Dean for permission to use magic,” Miyamoto Shin proposed.

“Don’t you Field Enforcers have the right to use magic?” Mo Fan asked them.

Miyamoto Shin and Iron Bee put on shamed faces.

“We do, but the local Magic Association will still interrogate us. But if we have permission from the Aorus Sacred Institute…” Miyamoto Shin hinted.

“In the end, the Aorus Sacred Institute’s name is still the most useful, right?”

“It depends. Most of the targets on the list are Deacons and Clergymen. We can handle them ourselves, while you continue to observe the situation behind the scenes to fish out more important clues and members of the Black Vatican,” Miyamoto Shin went on.

Mo Fan immediately understood Miyamoto Shin’s intent.

Miyamoto Shin was hoping he would continue to disguise himself as a lecturer for the Aorus Sacred Institute and pretend like nothing was happening. He would focus on his classes and the competition with the guest lecturers from other countries, preparing for the open tournament.

The Field Enforcers would handle the sweep and update Mo Fan at times.


The Aorus Sacred Institute was long soaked in the heavy rain by the time Mo Fan returned.

Luckily, the rainwater looked clear. The school had not been alerted by the Mounds, meaning that Mu Bai and Zhao Manyan had most likely stopped Blue Bat’s plan.

Miyamoto Shin immediately started taking out the spies of the Black Vatican at the school.

Everything was done behind the scenes. The school was the same as usual, and the students were sticking to their usual routines. Even the villages on the outskirts remained the same, except for certain people who went missing.

The Field Enforcers had no trouble sweeping up the clergymen and disciples of the Black Vatican. They were able to apprehend them easily, like it was just a simple conversation.

After all, Salan had shown her tail too. She would not dare to interfere with the sweep if she did not want high-level Mages coming after her!

Salan decisively abandoned the people on the list!

The remnants of the Black Vatican, who only had a main contact person each, were like a bunch of headless flies after the Chief Extraditor stopped contacting them. They had no chance of escaping from the Field Enforcers’ hunt.

“How strange, why isn’t that guy on the list?” Mo Fan blurted out in surprise.

“Who are you referring to?” Miyamoto Shin said.

“A guy called Hansen who’s always around Sancha. Zhao Manyan has been watching him all the time. We are sure that he’s from the Black Vatican too, but he wasn’t on the list we found.” Mo Fan flipped through the pages to see if he had missed Hansen’s name.

Miyamoto Shin blurted out with glittering eyes, “He might be an Executioner!”

“Why is that?” Mo Fan asked.

“The Chief Extraditor is in charge of the Executioners. The Red Cardinals know their code names and have the power to order them around, but they don’t know their true identities,” Miyamoto Shin told him.

There was no information on any of the Executioners in Salan’s branch. Therefore, the student called Hansen was not on the list either!

If someone was not assigned to a Red Cardinal despite being a member of the Black Vatican, it was very likely they were Executioners!

“Should we go after him?” Mo Fan asked Miyamoto Shin. Miyamoto Shin was a professional. He surely knew better about some things when it came to fighting the Black Vatican.

“Not now, that guy is our biggest catch. Even if he hears about the sweep, he won’t run away because he knows he is not on the list,” Miyamoto Shin advised him.

“Golden Canary’s files kept mentioning the Chief Executioner with the code name Wolf Chief. Do you think it’s him?” Mo Fan asked.

“It’s very likely!” Miyamoto Shin’s heart raced.

They had dug out so much useful information. Even though he was forced to stay undercover in the Aorus Sacred Institute, he had always been waiting for a chance to make worthy contributions to his homeland from the first day he joined the Enforcement Union!

Mo Fan had definitely lived up to his reputation as the Black Vatican’s nemesis. Shin thought he might be able to end his undercover work here earlier than he expected because of Mo Fan’s help.

Normally, Field Enforcers like them were promoted to the Chief Enforcer of an Intermediate Enforcement Union or a Vice Chief of an Advanced Enforcement Union once they were back in their homeland after accomplishing their mission!

The Enforcement Union was classified into local Enforcement Unions, Intermediate Enforcement Unions, Advanced Enforcement Unions, and the Supreme Enforcement Union.

The Lingyin Enforcement Union was only an Advanced Enforcement Union; Miyamoto Shin’s goal was to enter the Supreme Enforcement Union!

If this operation was a success, he might qualify to join the Supreme Enforcement Union by catching a Chief Executioner like Wolf Chief!

A tanned Enforcer came up to them while they were discussing Wolf Chief.

“Sir, your friends have returned to the First Mound safely,” the Enforcer reported.

“Great, I’ll be going. Miyamoto Shin, I’ll let you handle the sweep. I’m going to see what else they found out,” Mo Fan said.

“Got it!” Miyamoto Shin seemed very motivated.

To someone like Miyamoto Shin, arresting Deacons alone did not mean much. He had already had his eyes on a few Deacons.

He had left the Deacons alone in order to catch a bigger fish!

Unfortunately, the big fish never showed up, so he had no choice but to wait so he would not alert the enemy.

“Blue Bat…” Miyamoto Shin murmured as he watched Mo Fan leave in a hurry.

Blue Bat was one of Salan’s disciples, and took orders directly from Salan.

Miyamoto Shin felt a little helpless. They were Enforcers, professionals when it came to handling the Black Vatican.

However, Mo Fan, Mu Bai, and Zhao Manyan had managed to dig deeper than them!

It had to be the difference between treating it as a job, and treating it as an act of revenge…

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