Versatile Mage - Chapter 2279 - The Kamikaze Orchestra, Part One

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Chapter 2279: The Kamikaze Orchestra, Part One

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

The match was forced to end after Mo Fan’s interruption.

Herr Casa collected his thoughts with lingering fear. He glared at Ritchie and pointed at him.

Even though Herr Casa did not say a single word, Ritchie knew he would never resolve the conflict between them.

Herr Casa was a vengeful person. He would never forgive anyone who tried to mess with him. The Casas were known for being vengeful!

“Sir, I’m sorry for letting you down.” Ritchie was overwhelmed by guilt.

He finally had a chance to participate in a grand tournament, yet he had almost made a huge mistake because of his recklessness.

If he ended up crippling Herr Casa, the Casas would not let it go easily. He might end up bringing trouble to his whole clan!

Zhao Manyan came up to them and asked, “What happened? Ritchie, why did you use your Super Magic?”

“I don’t know, I felt very desperate,” Ritchie lowered his head.

Zhao Manyan wanted to ask more questions, but Mo Fan shook his head at him.

The officials soon declared Ritchie’s punishment to maintain the fairness of the tournament. They requested the Aorus Sacred Institute place Ritchie under inspection.

The inspection meant Ritchie was only a step away from being expelled. If the Casas applied some pressure to the Aorus Sacred Institute, the school would definitely expel Ritchie.

The punishment was only directed at Ritchie.

However, if something had happened to Herr Casa, Ritchie’s clan would have been in deep trouble. The two families were not on the same level. The Casas would not let the chance go, since their actions were justified.

“Something doesn’t feel right,” Mu Bai noticed.

“Yeah, Ritchie has always been calm. He even endured the shame when he was beaten up so badly last time. Why would he do something so reckless in the tournament?” Zhao Manyan agreed.

“I’m not only referring to Ritchie. The participants in the previous two matches, too… how should I say it…” Mu Bai could not find the right word to describe it.

“It’s like they were in a frenzy,” Mo Fan supplied.

“Exactly!” Mu Bai clapped his hands.

The participants were in a frenzy! They had gone to extreme measures in all three matches!

They had no reason to do so; they were only exhibition matches, not duels of life and death.

Everyone wanted to have a good performance in the matches, yet it was not like they had no idea how grave the consequences of their behavior were.

Mo Fan might still think it was a coincidence that the participants had lost control of their emotions if it happened to the others, but the same thing had happened to Ritchie.

Ritchie had been with them for some time, and Mo Fan had taught him many lessons. They all knew what kind of a person he was.

The Ritchie they knew would never break the rule just to take Herr Casa down with him even if he was in a bad spot.

He had a huge sense of responsibility toward his clan. He knew the consequences of messing with Herr Casa.

“Give us back our homes!”

“Give us back our homes!”

The sound of protests was mixed with the heavy rain.

More people had joined the protests outside the arena. Their voices kept coming in like a siren in the city.

Mo Fan lifted his head and stared at the cloudy rain falling from the gloomy sky.


Why did he feel like a black tsunami was on its way, when they were standing on tall mountains where the waves could never reach? They had already carried out every preventive measure to handle the Black Vatican’s Frenzy Rain.

Yesemia came over to Mo Fan and said, “Lecturer Mo Yifan, your team has been disqualified from the match.”

It was the last thing that Mo Fan was worried about.

Yesemia was displeased when she saw Mo Fan ignoring her. “Let’s proceed with the fourth match!” Yesemia called out.

A symphony sounded from the southwest of the arena.

There was a relatively big orchestra in the arena. The glowing tubas and cellos started playing first, followed by heavy drum beats. The heavy notes echoed in the arena like a wave.

Zhao Manyan was quite surprised. He did not notice the live orchestra at first. He thought they were playing music through the speakers.

He purposely took a closer look at the orchestra.

To his surprise, the person who was conducting the orchestra with a silver baton on a little rostrum felt a little familiar to him.

The person was wearing a standard tuxedo. His curly hair was split in the middle. He would stand on his toes and shake his head around at times while waving his baton. He was indulging in the music.

“Holy crap, why is he here!?” Zhao Manyan suddenly screamed.

The orchestra would play before every match. Zhao Manyan did not notice it in the previous matches.

However, the orchestra had caught his attention because of the psychological shadow the last symphony he went to had left him with. He was utterly shocked by what he saw!

The conductor! Didn’t he kill himself after his plan to kidnap Sancha fail?

Sancha had even decided not to complicate matters further.

Yet to Zhao Manyan’s disbelief, the conductor was right here in the arena! He was conducting the orchestra!

Was he a ghost? Or was he not dead in the first place?

The heavy drums suddenly became so loud that everyone’s heart was pounding along with its beats.

The beats were so loud that it felt like something was exploding in their bodies.

“What’s happening?” Mo Fan turned around.

“Something isn’t right about that orchestra!” Zhao Manyan yelled.

Zhao Manyan was just about to call the orchestra out as the beats got louder when he saw a huge sonic wave surging at the officials.

The beats were not just hyping up the crowd’s emotion. They were part of a deadly sonic wave!

A group of students was seated in front of the officials. They were all wearing the new uniforms set by the Andes Federation. They all vomited blood as they were hit by the sonic wave.

The seats were like stairs. The rows of students fell unconscious as the beats reached them.

“It’s an ambush!”

“It’s an ambush!”

A few Mages were on guard close to the officials, but the prelude played by the cellos had hypnotized them and slowed down their reactions. The powerful beats knocked them flying before they could come to their senses.

The officials were the main targets of the deadly wave. The orchestra was blasting the officials like a magic sonic cannon!

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