Versatile Mage - Chapter 2925 - She Is Banished

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Chapter 2925: She Is Banished

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The four seasons did not appear in order. Only the ever-changing date on the calendar signaled the passing of time.

There was some greenery inside and outside of Ding City, all thanks to the Plant Element magic students from the Magic Association in Ding City. The icy cold, rocky city became livelier. Even though it was not as prosperous as the Magic City, the citizens gradually got used to it. They found joy in the middle of despair.

They were like sprouts. Even though they might be carried away by the breeze at any time, they endeavored to survive.

The weather slowly turned warm. The sprouts grew faster. Leaves on the trees were sparse. The citizens paid special attention to them, as if they expected they could enjoy peace and tranquility only after it grew into a towering tree.

The main city and plains of Ding City were in the middle of expansion. Originally, most of the citizens had to live inside a simple shed. After the city was expanded, they were given warm and cozy houses. Their standard of living had significantly improved.

The key to Ding City’s development was that it was never short of stones. The city had sufficient architects and labor workers. The city would become prosperous in a short period of time.

Ding City was in development for quite some time. The city grew at a rapid pace. Since many citizens from the Magic City moved to Ding City, the city changed swiftly with new sights appearing every month!

“So, it looks like we’re not as terrible as we thought, right? Since the world’s experts returned from the Extreme South, the weather has turned warmer day after day. I suppose we can go back to the old days soon,” said Zhou Donghao.

He smoked a cigarette while chatting with several Mages from Ding City. Judging from the layers of clothes they wore, one could see that the weather had indeed become warmer.

“I don’t mind staying here, but I miss the Magic City’s prosperity and comfort,” said one of the Mages in a patrol uniform.

“Of course! The Magic City is a haven for food with a myriad of delicacies. I can’t even find a steamboat restaurant in this city when my hunger pangs hit in the middle of the night.”

“I heard that the Magic City’s Fortress Plan is effective. They have cleared out an area that is like that of Jing An. They don’t have to continue hiding in the underground fortress anymore.”

“That’s right. The news reported that the Magic City issued several official announcements to allow Advanced-level citizens to move into the Magic City Fortress. My elder brother is a Mercenary Mage. He and his team members killed a Snow Shark and harvested several Snow Shark cubs. The Snow Shark cubs will grow up to be Commander Level creatures. The creatures can make them rich overnight!” said the Mage in patrol uniform.

“Ocean Demon cubs are valuable!”

“It’s a high risk, high return job. The current Magic City is like a massive treasure trove city filled with powerful Ocean Demons. Aside from the generous rewards given by the country and the Magic Association for killing the Ocean Demons, we can gain many treasures from the exploration. After all, the Magic City is the Ocean Demons’ gathering place. There are many ruler-level Ocean Demons and several emperor-level Ocean Demons.”

“Speaking of the emperor-level Ocean Demons, my superior found a large scale by the Huangpu River. Do you know what it belonged to?”

Everyone turned to the Mage in the patrol uniform. They paid special attention when the Mage talked about matters related to the emperor-level Ocean Demons.

“It belonged to the Lan Dragon Demon’s horn scale. My superior secretly kept it for himself and sold it to a wealthy man. The wealthy man has a way to sell it internationally. According to him, many foreigners fight for it and offer a price that is multiple folds of the market price!”

“I heard that the Black Totem Snake was the one that severely wounded the Lan Demon Dragon, right?” asked Zhou Donghao.

“Right! The Lan Demon Dragon almost died!”

“I wish I could go into the Magic City and collect the carcasses. I am not greedy enough to risk my life for emperor-level creatures’ remains. Ruler-levels would be enough for me.”

“Stop it! I’m also tempted to do it. How about we seek our superiors’ approval to go to the Magic City?”

“Are you crazy? Why do you want to fight for your life in the Magic City when you have a secured job in Ding City?”

They chatted happily after the meal. A man in patrol uniform brought along a woman.

“Mr. Zhou, she wants to talk to you about something.” The Patrol Mage led the woman to Zhou Donghao.

Zhou Donghao was puzzled. He looked at her.

The woman looked haggard, as if she had been through a serious illness and was in the middle of recovery. She gestured for Zhou Donghao to follow her to a corner. Zhou Donghao obliged, despite his friend’s warning look. He wondered what her intention was.

“Do you happen to know Mo Fan?” asked the woman.

“Of course, I do. He’s a hero in the country. Um… Why do you look for him?” Zhou Donghao noticed he had run his mouth off without thinking, so he quickly changed the tone of his speech to appear solemn.

“Someone asked me to convey a message to him. Can you take me to him?” asked the woman.

“You can tell me. I will inform him. He is under cultivation. I believe he has reached a critical moment in his cultivation. If there’s nothing urgent, I think it’s best to not interrupt him,” said Zhou Donghao.

“Um… If that’s the case, I’ll talk to him again after he finishes his cultivation,” said the woman.

“Is the matter very important?” Zhou Donghao noticed the woman’s condition so he could not stop himself from asking.

“Yes, it’s something very important. But there’s no hurry. After all, it can’t be rushed,” said the woman.

Zhou Donghao was curious. He did not know what she was trying to express.

In fact, society was aware of the people who commanded the totem beasts. People tried to get close to Mo Fan and his group through different means. Zhou Donghao acted as a gatekeeper to ensure Mo Fan could focus on his cultivation.

“I plan to stay somewhere nearby. Is there any hotel that offers a quiet environment?” asked the woman.

“There is one behind the street. Miss, I’m very curious. Who are you? Why are you looking for Mo Fan?” asked Zhou Donghao in confusion.

Yan Lan hesitated for a moment. Still, she chose not to reveal her name.

This was something big. The alliance and the people from the Holy City could use their positions and rights to monitor China. So, it was best to get fewer people involved in the matter.

“Never mind. Could you please inform me after Mo Fan finishes his cultivation? I can wait,” said Yan Lan to Zhou Donghao.

“Of course.” Zhou Donghao was still at a loss.

Yan Lan stayed in Ding City. She followed Mu Ningxue’s instructions and did not immediately inform Mo Fan about the Extreme South issue.

Yan Lan understood Mu Ningxue’s intention. The enemy they confronted was not the common Mages but the Holy City and the Five Continents Magic Association Alliance.

Mo Fan needed time to strengthen himself. Likewise, Mu Ningxue also needed time.

The Extreme South Land was a forbidden land. Few people could survive the barbaric ice world. However, it was the perfect refuge for Mu Ningxue.

“I won’t leave the Extreme South Forbidden Land until I break through the Forbidden Curse.”

Yan Lan recalled the determination in Mu Ningxue’s eyes when she had said those words to her. Yan Lan was very impressed with her and respected her greatly.

Mu Ningxue was all alone at the end of the world.

She had been banished…

And awaiting rebirth.

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