Versatile Mage - Chapter 2926 - The White Ocean Demon Group

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Chapter 2926: The White Ocean Demon Group

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The courtyard was planted with laurels, and the fragrance filled the air. It had been a long time since Tao Jing smelled the flowers. She hung around for a while enjoying the fragrance.

The sweet scent lifted her mood. Tao Jing then walked into the house.

She had grown accustomed to serving him lunch at this hour daily over the past one year. The man gave an impression of being lackadaisical. Who would have thought he was such a hard worker. In today’s hustle and bustle in the city, only a few young people could focus on their cultivation for a long period of time.

Tao Jing placed the tray by the side. She was about to take away the utensils from the day before when she realized that yesterday’s food was untouched.

‘Didn’t Mo Fan take his meal yesterday?’

Mo Fan ate his lunch every day. He did not eat anything else except his lunch. He basically finished all the food he had for his lunch regardless of the type of food served.

Tao Jing personally prepared the dishes. She had to prepare the dishes daily. Mo Fan was her savior. Hence, she prepared his portion with care. She felt happy whenever Mo Fan ate up all the food.

‘He hasn’t even opened the lunchbox cover. Does he not like the food? Or, has he gone off the rails in his cultivation?’ Tao Jing was worried about him.

He had been eating the lunch she served for the past year. However, today was an exception. Something must have happened. ‘What if Mo Fan had died inside?’

Tao Jing pushed open the door and entered the house. She noticed that the isolation formation inside the house was torn apart.

There was not even a bed inside the empty cultivation room. It had very little ventilation for air. It looked so simple, like a rich man’s prison. It was hard to believe one would have the perseverance to cultivate under such adversity in this era.

‘Where is he?’ Tao Jing was shocked.

She did not see Mo Fan. She even wanted to lift the mat on the floor to look for him.

Truth was, Tao Jing had not seen Mo Fan over the past one year. The only way to confirm that he was still alive was through the food he ate. When she didn’t find Mo Fan inside, she felt confused and disappointed.

It was as if the pig she had been feeding for over a year had run out from its pen in the middle of the night.

The seawater in the Magic City receded slowly. There were still many low-lying urban areas soaked underwater. The sewer ponds were connected to the city sewers. As a result, the area became frightening and smelly.

The Magic City underground fortress was built nearby the Rainbow Station. The Ocean Demons at ten kilometers radius from the station had been wiped out. Most of the Ocean Demons gathered at Pudong that was connected to the sea, followed by the two prosperous cities, Xu Hui and Jing An.

A few Mages went in and out of the broken steel door. They had been stationed in the Magic City underground fortress for a very long time. They knew the city’s current state very well.

“No matter what, we have to wipe out the White Ocean Demons in the campus area today,’ said a bearded man.

“Captain, there are only a few of us here. I think it will be a difficult task. How about we join forces with the Bronze Lion Hunter Group? We’ll agree to their 4-6 split. It’s much better than being wiped out,” said a potbellied Mage.

“Fatso, they want sixty percent from the reward, don’t you get it?!”

“Darn it! Why are they so greedy?! We have fought the White Ocean Demons for several months. The Lan Spider White Ocean Demon is the only one left that we can’t handle by ourselves. Do they have to demand such an exorbitant rate?!” the pot-bellied Mage cried out furiously.

“We won’t let them despise us even if it means losing our lives! After we take down the Ocean Demons in the campus area, we won’t let them ride on our coattails even if they wish to!”

“That’s right! The top management promised to promote the team, that can wipe out the Ocean Demons in the campus area, to generals. After we become generals, even people like the Bronze Lion Hunter Group will have to drop their money and their respect at our doorstep!” said the bearded man.

“Let’s depart now!”

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