Walker Of The Worlds - Chapter 1260 A Way Out From Exile

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Chapter 1260 A Way Out From Exile

  It had now been four days since Lin Mu had started interrogating Huyun Chuan. The man had been promptly answering everything thus Lin Mu had no reason to ‘encourage’ him with some pain either.

But just as Lin Mu was about to ask the nth question, he heard a voice.

”Noble Lin Mu, here’s some food for you.” A Haima tribe member came to hand some baskets of Stone Flesh Mushrooms.


Lin Mu waved his hand and let the Haima member come into the barrier. 

”We already cooked them as you liked. Elder Niji said that you will be here for a while, so he suggested sending them to you directly instead of calling you down to eat.” The young Haima member stated.

”Thank you. Elder Niji’s right.” Lin Mu nodded his head.

Once the Haima member left, Huyun Chuan spoke up. “What are they?” 

”I thought I told you before. They are the people of the Haima tribe.” Lin Mu replied while cracking a Stone Flesh mushroom in his hand.

”The Haima tribe? Did a tribe like that exist?” Huyun Chuan furrowed his brows.

Lin Mu looked at the consensus on the man’s words and decided to ask him more.

”You don’t know about the Haima tribe?” Lin Mu questioned.

”No… there is no tribe like that in any of the eight kingdoms.” Huyun Chuan answered. “Even considering the other continents where subhumans live, I don’t think a tribe like them exists.” He added.

Lin Mu had heard about the Subhumans already before. They were basically other races that had humanoid forms but weren’t actually humans. This included a few beastman races as well as some miscellaneous ones.

This would be Lin Mu’s first time seeing any of them, after all. Though there weren’t any such settlement of subhumans present in the Eight alliance Kingdoms, as most of them were used as slaves and servants here.

The identity of Subhumans was low in the Eight Kingdom alliance and their oppression was quite harsh. 

’It is a little surprising considering that the subhumans that Huyun Chuan talked about are usually stronger than humans. If they are suppressed like this, then it means that they probably came to this world later or something else happened that lead to them being in this situation.’ Lin Mu reckoned.

He had read about the Subhumans in the memoirs of the Lost immortal before. They were actually called by many names, such as Demihumans, humanoids, beastlings, beastkins, Demonkin ands lot more.

But the Rust Sky world simply chose to call them as Subhumans.

”You’ve never heard people like them before? That’s strange. They’ve been living in the Land of Exile for over a hundred thousand years now.” Lin Mu said, much to the man’s shock.

”What?!” Huyun Chuan couldn’t believe it. “How can someone survive that long in the Land of exile?” 

”Well, they have. With enough strategy and skill anyone can do it.” Lin Mu replied. “Though what I find confusing is that there is no records of them?” 

”No… at least I don’t know. There might be some records, after millions upon millions have been sent to the Land of exile in all the years.” Huyun Chuan replied.

”Mmm… I see. Then is there any place that might have records about all those that have been exiled?” Lin Mu questioned.

”I think each kingdom should have its own set of records.” Huyun Chuan answered. “Though there are also sometimes when the inhabitants of the islands send their prisoners here. I do not know if those are documented or not.” He added.

”There are other inhabitants?” Lin Mu was surprised, since the man hadn’t spoken about this at all.

”Yes, there are a few. Most of them are just rogue cultivators or clan that want to stay independent. They can’t do that in the kingdoms or empires, so they chose the wild option of staying on the islands of the Sea of Muxuan.” Huyun Chuan replied.

”How far is the nearest inhabited island from here?” Lin Mu asked, feeling like he might have just found a new solution for their escape.

”I don’t know about the independent islands, but there is a supply island of the Ring Mist Kingdom three days away from here.” Huyun Chuan stated.

”Three days away, huh…” Lin Mu remembered that.

Hundun Chuan looked at the calculative expression on Lin Mu’s face and wondered if he was planning what he was thinking about.

”You aren’t planning to escape the land of exile, are you?” Huyun Chuan asked.

”I am.” Lin Mu honestly answered. “Does that matter to you?”

”You should give up. There is no one who has gotten out of here before.” Huyun Chuan stated.

”Huh? Didn’t you say your people were going to come get you from here? Doesn’t that mean there is a way?” Lin Mu said with intrigue.

”That… is different. I’m not a permanent exile. I am just here because there was no option. Once the situation in my land cools down, my people will come fetch me.” Huyun Chuan revealed.

”And how will they do that exactly? You just said there is now way.” Lin Mu interrogated.

Huyun Chuan could feel a sharp gaze on him and knew that Lin Mu was really serious about this.

”The array… the teleportation array. While the long distance array only works one way, if you are on the island itself, you can use its short distance array. It only functions to send one across the Rust Hail Mountains.

They are going to use that to get me.” Huyun Chuan revealed.

”Interesting… Seems like you will get to live after all.” Lin Mu now knew he had the key to getting out of here.


Huyun Chuan couldn’t help but swallow his saliva in fear.

”Tell me more about the people that are coming to get you. As well as why you were sent here. I want all the details.” Lin Mu demanded.

After all, if he was going to use Huyun Chuan as his the bait, he needed to know what he was catching first.

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