Walker Of The Worlds - Chapter 1261 Huyun Chuan's Situation

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Chapter 1261 Huyun Chuan’s Situation

  Lin Mu was quite interested in how Huyun Chuan had ended up in the Land of Exile. From his demeanor and actions, he was clearly a noble and had even said that he was. But then him being send to this place didn’t make sense.

Especially the fact that he was actually going to return to his kingdom and that people would be coming to fetch him.

’From what Elder Niji has said, nothing of that sort has ever happened in the past. Could it be that he is simply being lied to?’ Lin Mu wondered to himself.

Huyun Chuan thought to himself for a few seconds before speaking. He knew just speaking without considering his own situation correctly might land him in trouble. 

”As I’ve stated before, I’m the lord of the Huyun County of the Purple Sparrow kingdom. It is one of the counties that is located three thousand kilometers from the Great Wave kingdom border.” Huyun Chuan started.

Lin Mu nodded his head as the information was matching what the man had explained about the kingdoms before.

There were two kingdoms next to the Purple Sparrow kingdom. On it right was the Giant Wave kingdom which was also the third largest kingdom in the alliance. Then on its left was the Cloud Fall kingdom.

”The Huyun County is actually one of the many counties that is owned by my Huyun Clan. Though it is the very first county that our clan was bestowed a long item ago, thus it was named after the clan.

But due to being small, it didn’t bring as many profits thus fell in value for the clan. In all the counties that my clan owns, this one is ranked at the bottom and is not as important. I was made its lord several decades ago according to the lineage order of my clan.

I am from the second main branch of the Huyun Clan, but number twenty fifth among the heirs. With my ranking, there should have been no way for me to become a lord like this, but due to the other heirs in the line being busy with other tasks, I ended up getting this position.

I had been working as a lord with the help of the officials and didn’t have any issues at all in this time. And neither was there any disadvantage to my clan or kingdom in this time. 

But then last year something happened…” Huyun Chuan explained, his expressions getting sadder by the minute.

”What happened?” Lin Mu asked, with great interest.

”A Female noble from the Great Wave kingdom had been called to the capital of the Purple Sparrow kingdom for the marriage ceremony of the fifth princess. But when she was passing through my county, she was attacked.

It was completely unexpected and nothing like that had happened before. Due to the regular patrols and actions of our kingdom guards, bandits never dared to attack. After all, it was quite close to the border, thus any issue would be met with the full offense of the border guard.

But… it still happened. 

The death of a foreign noble in the kingdom is always a complex matter and led to a diplomatic incident. The noble family that the woman belonged to demanded answers. But upon hearing that this was caused some unknown bandits they exploded.

What was even more troubling was that their family actually had an elder at the Sixth Tribulation stage of the Immortal realm. Someone like that can easily lead and entire province and would be a great minister or general in the kingdom.

Compared to me, his status was very high. 

Even if our Purple Sparrow kingdom is a little stronger, they still wouldn’t offend a sixth tribulation stage Immortal realm expert just for me. My uncle thus came up with a potential way to save me.

With the help of his connections in the royal court, I was given the punishment of exile. Upon hearing that I was going to be sent to the Land of exile, the Great Wave kingdom’s nobles were satisfied.

My uncle assured me that they would only send me to the Land of exile temporary. After all, they couldn’t really monitor the situation inside the land of exile so wouldn’t know if I died or lived.” Huyun Chuan continued to explained.

Upon hearing all this, Lin Mu felt like it didn’t seem right. ‘All this seems a little too suspicion…’ 

”And how are they intending to get you?” Lin Mu questioned.

”Well, my uncle said that after sending me in here they will have to wait for a while. It might be a few months but they will send immortals to fetch me here. They simply told me to hide until that happened.” Huyun Chuan answered.

’Yeah… seems like he was fooled.’ Lin Mu thought, but didn’t say.

”I get that they will enter the Land of Exile, but how will they get back out along with you? As far as I know, the Rust Hail Mountains are dangerous even for immortals.” Lin Mu asked.

”It is actually possible to get out using special teleportation talismans. They would have given me one directly, if it weren’t for the fact that the people of the Great Wave kingdom were monitoring my sentence.

They ensured that all rules were followed, and I had no weapons or other aids with me when I was sent here. As that is the protocol. But with my clans’ influence, it wouldn’t be an issue to smuggle some things in here with immortals.

Once they are here, they will find me and use the talismans to return outside. After that, it is simply a matter of getting a ride on one of the ships.” Huyun Chuan explained.

Lin Mu pondered on all this for a bit and couldn’t help but feel that Huyun Chuan might really have been fooled.

’Did he clan simply make use of him as a scapegoat?’ Lin Mu wondered.

After all, from his earlier words it did seem like he didn’t have that high of a status among his clan.

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