Warlock Apprentice - Chapter 73 - Bogula

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Chapter 73: Bogula

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Danae whipped her head and saw Saipan staring at Boko with all the hatred he could muster. Saipan did not say that aloud or use Amplify Voice spell, but since all wizards had their attention on Gravity Forest, they still heard that clearly.

Danae only felt as if she was going to vomit blood in anger. Saipan was always being petty, but pettiness was not something rare for wizards, so she did not care much about it. However, how could the man not know how to read the situation?! He just sold his teammate out!

Danae clenched her teeth. Her expression became as dark as the thunderclouds above.

Saipan somehow sensed the terrible hatred directed at him and turned around to check, only to meet Lady Danae’s furious gaze. He immediately felt his back shivering and realized what he just did.

Lady Danae usually would not mind these people fighting among themselves, but in such a situation, Saipan exposed the issues within Gravity Forest out in the public. Every organization had its own problems and everyone knew it, but that did not mean they were willing to reveal them.

Saipan was scared speechless. Too late, the consequence of his reckless decision to expose Boko for his own pleasure began to show up.

Every wizard was looking at Boko now. Their malevolent attention made Boko wish to cry on the spot.

“‘Dryad’ Boko is it? What a lucky man.”

“So he has the Fragments of Eternity too?”

“Heehee, maybe we should—”

“‘Dryad’ Boko is a Bloodline Wizard who used the blood of plants if I remembered right. He’s not that strong.”

“We are all Level-1 Wizards, so what are we waiting for? Go get him!”

Various speeches came about.

Danae was getting more and more furious. She had some grudges against Boko, but the bastard Saipan replaced all of them.

People’s arguments were getting louder, and Danae did not really have the time to scold Saipan. She sent a message to Boko to order him to step up and deal with the situation. Saipan already sold him out, so there was no point hiding it. They should spill it out. Since Danae was here, the people would not make rash moves. Besides, Danae was curious about how Boko caused so much ruckus as well. In his message earlier, Boko only said he caused a plane fusion by accident. He did not tell any details.

Even the wizards from Gravity Forest wanted to know.

Upon Lady Danae’s order, Boko hesitated a bit before he finally stood out. Before he showed his face, however, he rubbed his own face into a mess. His bark-like face looked even more terrible now. His eyes and mouth were not in their correct places.

Danae frowned. “What’s up with your face?”

Boko whispered while looking side to side, “I need to keep low so Bogula doesn’t take me with him!”

Danae nearly vomited again. Why were her men so stupid? They were either brainless, stingy bastards or greedy, shameless fools. He should get a mirror! Bogula adored beauties, not someone with an ugly tree face!

Danae took a deep breath and swallowed her curse words back down. She managed to nod towards Boko to let him speak.

Boko was still terrified by his own “victim paranoia” and glanced at Bogula who had been putting up a perverted smile.

He trembled, and slowly explained his experience to everyone.

He omitted the reason why he came to Devil’s Water. He only mentioned being called by Mad Bear Sabot, to escort The Redbud. On his way to the ship, he discovered a small island with Glowing Velvet grass growing on it. The grass was a magical plant from another plane and a major material for brewing Glowing Velvet Potion. It was not an expensive material, but there was no record of it being domesticated or transplanted in the wizarding world.

Boko did not know much about potions, but he had plant blood inside his body, so his natural bond with plants helped him grow lots of magical plants and he used them to barter with the other wizards. He was experienced.

Boko did not manage to transplant Glowing Velvet to the wizarding world either. He was much surprised when he found a good number of the grass growing on a random island on Devil’s Water. He did not know if the grass was naturally here or was brought by someone else. He decided to stay on the island right away to observe its growing condition, so he could learn how to transplant Glowing Velvet to his own garden.

He kept watch on the island for over a month and recorded everything he needed including soil conditions, water, wind, humidity. In the end, he decided to begin transplanting the grass. However, his first attempt to dig at the plant’s root caused a disaster in the atmosphere, which stunned him for a while. When he came to, he saw another world in front of him – A world full of green, lush vegetation.

He was looking at a grassland. Shiny Glowing Velvet in the shape of dandelion fluffs covered the entire earth.

He only caught a brief glimpse before the view vanished from his sight. Then, thunderclouds gathered, lightning bolts rained down, and space ruptures appeared…

When he finished talking, it was clear for everyone that the world full of green plants was the plane being fused into the wizarding world.

A grassland covered by Glowing Velvet… People took their wild guesses.

Glowing Velvet was a low-level magic plant. There were stable supply sources. Many wizard organizations resold them across planes for profit. It did not hold much value.

However… An entire grassland covered in Glowing Velvet was something else! Considering the common price in the wizarding world, one Glowing Velvet plant cost 5 magic crystals. A full field of Glowing Velvet would cost a fortune.

Not to mention what Boko saw was only a tiny part of the world. The plane might be a big or small one, but even a small plane could be at least millions of square-kilometers large.

A small sight contained big money… what about the remaining areas? Were there better materials?

People’s imaginations went wild. Getting the Glowing Velvet alone was still a decent income!

Boko completed his explanation and prepared to step back into Gravity Forest’s group.

The Glowing Velvet field attracted all attention, so fewer people were thinking about Fragment of Eternity or Boko himself now. In other words, whether the “first witness” was holding the fragments were no longer the center of the attention.

Just as Boko was about to return to his people, Bogula called out, “Stop!”

Boko halted with a start. He quickly went through all possible reasons why Bogula called him. First, he thought, “Damn. And I still couldn’t hide my beautiful face”. It then quickly became, “Fine! As long as he doesn’t turn me into a puppet, I’ll do whatever he asks, even if I have to, to…”

Boko’s ideas were completely useless as Bogula did not call him for his “beauty”. In fact, Bogula was not even looking at him.

“Sabot asked you to escort The Redbud?” asked Bogula. Since Boko mentioned Sabot’s name, Bogula was speaking in a gentler tone this time, “Sabot is in Devil’s Water too? Why isn’t he here?”

Bogula might be a weirdo, but someone could still deal with him – His mentor Mithra.

Mithra happened to be the mentor of Sabot as well. The two pupils shared completely different standings and starting points, but they were still schoolfellows.

Boko, who was immersed in his own “beauty ideas”, realized Bogula asked him for a completely different reason. Somehow, Boko felt disappointed.

“Sabot is currently escorting a group of talents to the southern region. He can’t leave The Redbud.” Boko did not know the situation on the ship so he took a guess.

“I see. So you failed to join the escort. Did you apologize to Sabot?”

Boko was stumped. Why would he apologize?! Still, Boko quickly nodded, seeing how Bogula was saying “I’ll kill you if you didn’t do it” on his face.

“You did apologize? Okay then.” Bogula did not ask further. He believed it.

The other wizards from Floating Mech City who had been standing behind Bogula rolled their eyes.

According to rumors, Bogula was an extremely twisted figure. However, he easily trusted people as long as it was not something related to his own profit. He would believe a lie like a kid.

That said, if the situation involved his personal gain, he would immediately act as someone cunning and unreasonable. Devil and angel, wickedness and innocence, combined together, and one would get Bogula.

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