Warrior’s Promise - Chapter 2489 - Backup

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Chapter 2489: Backup

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Months later, Su Mo successfully returned to the Dragon City.

They were many who were watching the Dragon City closely. Not long after Su Mo entered the Sky Dragon Court, he purposefully sent a message to Long Teng, and then the Grand Elder came to take him into the City.

Within the wide open courtyard of the Firmament Archosaur Residence, Su Mo, Long Teng and Chi’er hung out while Si Kongyan stayed in seclusion.

“Chi’er, there are many palaces here. You can simply pick one for yourself!” Su Mo told her.

“Right. Thanks, teacher!” Chi’er bowed to Su Mo before looking around excitedly. She had been released from Su Mo’s spacial device just moments ago, but she guessed they had arrived at the Dragon City of the Dragon Tribe.

“Teacher?” Long Teng said, surprised. He gave Chi’er a once-over and then asked Su Mo in surprise, “Su Mo, you’ve accepted an apprentice?”

Long Teng was quite speechless. Considering the crisis they were facing, Su Mo had actually had the mood to begin an apprenticeship! What a big heart!

“Er… We’ll see how she fares in the future!” Su Mo said, slightly awkward.

“I’m Mei Xinchi, pleased to meet you,” Chi’er bowed to Long Teng and introduced herself with a smile.

“Not bad!” Long Teng nodded, smiling, “Regardless of your talent, once you accept Su Mo as your teacher, you’ll be the best of the best!”

Long Teng quite liked the girl in front of him. She looked simply adorable, probably the simple-minded type.

“Best of the best?” Chi’er said, stunned by the term. She did not quite understand: Why did having Su Mo as a teacher mean that she would be the best of the best?

Long Teng just smiled and did not explain further. He nodded at Su Mo and said, “Su Mo, I have to train in seclusion, so I shall take my leave. You best not dally either.”

His training was still at the Fourth Grade, high rank, similar to Su Mo. He had four years until the next Thousand Selection Fight to achieve Fifth Grade.

At the same time, he could tell Su Mo was at the same level too, so he reminded him not to delay any longer.

“Right!” Su Mo nodded as he watched Long Teng leave. Then he told Chi’er, “I have to train in seclusion too. I don’t have time to teach you. Do whatever you like!”

With that, Su Mo turned around and headed towards one of the palaces.

“T-teacher, how can you bear to leave me behind?” Chi’er said, apparently dumbfounded. Her lips folded into a pout, making her look very aggrieved.

“There’s someone in the palace you should know. He’s your uncle. Look for him when you have nothing to do.” Not looking back, Su Mo pointed to one of the palaces. Si Kongyan happened to reside and train there.

There were many palaces within the Firmament Archosaur Residence. The people there all live separately.

“Alright!” Chi’er nodded helplessly.

After Su Mo had returned to his palace, he went to a secret chamber and began his seclusion training. He had to tamper the Chaotic Power Source and enlighten the Devouring Rules.

Days passed. No one came to interrupt Su Mo. He was completely immersed in his training.

About four years passed. Within the chamber, Su Mo finally opened his eyes.

“It’s almost time!” Su Mo sighed to himself. The day of the Thousand Selection Fight would come soon, yet the time he had taken to train did not seem enough.

At least the enlightenment for the Devouring Rules had reached the late stage of the Fourth Order.

“There’s only so much I can control, I must break through!” Su Mo took in a deep breath. Even if the foundation was not solid enough, even if countless resources were to be wasted, he still needed to break through.


With a wave of his sleeve, light shone onto this person, and numerous Five Element Power Stones appeared before him.


Su Mo released the Devouring Primordial Spirit and began to devour the Stones. Billowing energy entered his body. Su Mo made every effort to hold on to his training as he began to break into the Fifth Grade.


A strong energy source roared like a river as it rocked within his body, making a deafening sound.

Su Mo’s training might have reached the summit of Fourth Grade, High Rank, but the plateau of the realm was as stable as a mountain. It showed no sign of letting him break through his training.

But Su Mo did not care. He desperately absorbed the energy source to break it through the Fifth Grade realm.

Time passed slowly, piles upon piles of Power Stones were consumed. Su Mo’s training seemed to have no end. He kept devouring and absorbing, endlessly assaulting the realm.

Within half a month, the number of Power Stones he had consumed had become immeasurable, the amount of which could allow an average martial artist from the Empty God Realm to become a Seventh or Eighth Grade True God.

Yet, after half a month or so of training, Su Mo’s realm plateau had only shaken a little. The distance from the breakthrough to the Fifth Grade was still a way to go.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

On that day, someone finally knocked on the entrance of the secret chamber.

Su Mo opened his eyes and temporarily ended his training. There was a hint of helplessness in his eyes. It seemed that, despite the Thousand Selection Fight being just around the corner, he still had not made a breakthrough.

He opened the stone door of the chamber to find Long Teng outside.

“Su Mo, you… haven’t had a breakthrough?” Long Teng observed the man. He could see that Su Mo was still training at Fourth Grade, High Rank, and so he could not help but frown.

“Looks like you’re faster than me,” Su Mo sighed. He had not achieved the Fifth Grade, but Long Teng had managed to, which was considered good news.

“I broke through five days ago, mainly because the power of the Archosaur Dragon Blood hadn’t been exhausted. I have also consumed plenty of precious treasures owned by the Dragon Tribe!” Long Teng explained.

“You’ve reached the Fifth Grade, that’s an extra guarantee!” Su Mo muttered. Long Teng’s talent and skills weren’t too far off from his own. With Long Teng’s participation, he could feel relieved.

“Right! I’ll do my best then!” Long Teng nodded, and continued, “Half a month later, we’ll be heading to the Chaotic Holy Court. Then it’ll be thirty days until the Thousand Selection Fight, can you break through before that?”

“Can’t guarantee it!” Su Mo took in a deep breath and shook his head.

Two days later, the Tribe will select ten representatives to fill the quota for the Thousand Selection Fight, I’ll reserve one for you!” Long Teng said.

“But I might not be able to break through,” Su Mo said, apparently sunken. The plateau of his training was like a mountain. It would be almost impossible to go at it at such short notice. Consuming the Sky Treasures would be useless.

“Even so, I’ll reserve one for you!” Long Teng said solemnly. With his status in the Dragon Tribe, he could do that.

In other words, Su Mo was a backup. If he could break through before the Thousand Selection Fight, he would participate; if not, they would get someone else to fill the spot.

“Alright!” Su Mo nodded, then he closed himself off in the secret chamber once more, striving to break into the realm.

They had half a month’s time before they were going to leave, and another month before the Thousand Selection Fight. He still had a chance. He could not let it slip.

This time, Su Mo no longer consumed the Power Stones. Instead, he devoured elixirs.. The elixir’s potency was more refined and, therefore, more effective.

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