What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? - Chapter 964: She Has Really Big Guns

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Chapter 964: She Has Really Big Guns

(Elaria POV)

The sound of metal clashing against metal resounded through the air as sister Eris and that ponytailed bitch swung their swords at each other.

The bitch was definitely superior in terms of strength as compared to sister Eris, but she had trained under Onii-sama himself so she was used to having odds stacked against her.

Not to mention the fact that she did not split herself so all four of her personalities are currently working together to fight against that bitch in the same body.

Naturally, I was not idling either.

"Engage pre-ranged fire plan seven! Fire for Effect! Danger close!" I shouted into the communicator while readying the laser machinegun in my hand.

I heard the response over the communicator and gave sister Eris a warning to back off.

She swung her fire clad sword in an arc, blasting the trash away before leaping back from the incoming artillery strike.

Pulling the trigger, I suppressed that little bitch with a hail of condensed energy beams, just in time for several high explosive shells to rain down on where the bitch was, the explosion enough to rearrange the topography of the area.

While that was happening, I activated the eyepiece strapped to my head and locked in her coordinates to be sent to the orbital satellite cannon.

Brendan moved up and covered us with a shield of water right after that, shielding us as the tungsten rod dropped down right on top of where the bitch was.

The resulting shockwave was enough to knock several parts of the mountain loose. A particularly large boulder even flew towards us to crash itself against Brendan's shield, only to break apart into pieces without causing any damage.

Before the dust could settle, I was already speaking into the communicator again.

"Fire mission, switch to incendiary shells! Repeat!"

The orders were echoed back to me with quick precision, giving us just enough time to move further away before the first rounds exploded overhead.

Fragmentation scattered around the impact zone, filling it up with chemicals that quickly ignited into a sea of flames.

"Fire Onii-sama's Hammer!!"

A second orbital satellite pointed its tip towards the target location, gathering energy from the monster energy cells that were used as its ammunition.

A second passed and a giant beam of light fell from the sky, blasting the area where the bitch was in a ray of death.

The beam lasted for a few seconds before it finally dissipated, the attack melting halfway through the mountain before running out of energy.

Naturally, I was not deluded into thinking this was even remotely enough to kill that little sword swinging bitch, I doubt all of that could even kill sister Lian Li right now if she was serious.

But… My only goal was to delay her.

"It's done!" Brendan cried out, lifting up a bottle of black liquid in his hands.

He lowered the shield he had been maintaining and Eris immediately moved in front of us, just in time to parry the slash of the sword swinging bitch before she could hit us.

Not that it would hurt anyway since Onii-sama's protection will simply deflect her attacks away.

Grrr… I know she's strong but seeing that all of the artillery I prepared wasn't even able to put a mark on this bitch has me feeling a little disappointed… Do I really need to use the Ragnarok Cannon just to hurt this bitch?

Sister Eris clad herself in an aura of ice, extending the frost to her sword before slashing her blade towards the bitch.

The attack was blocked effortlessly but the frost slowed her down just by a little. Enough for Brendan to toss the vial of black liquid at her before she could move away.

She tried to leap back to avoid it but a good portion of the black liquid still splashed onto her body, leaving a stain on her clothes.

The effect was instantaneous as she started gagging and choking.

"What… Gahk!! What is this?!! Hack… Cough!"

Brendan had a very sinister smile on his face, a smile that would definitely make Onii-sama question if he had been possessed by an evil spirit if he saw it.

"Heh, heh… That's a mixture of every foul smelling liquid I can find and make combined into one. I also put an anti-divinity enchantment on it so it'll take at least a full day for you to even get rid of it! Best part is… It's attuned purely to your existence so you can't just shut off your sense of smell and it will only affect you!"

So evil… To think the initial idea for this potion was to act as a deterrence against that Sylphy Goddess… And now he combined everything together to make it even more potent just for this girl.

Heh, this Elaria wholeheartedly approves! I wonder if I can synthesise something similar to skunk spray to use too?

I can spray that on that stupid little sister wannabe and she'll leave Onii-sama alone! Heh heh heh…

The trash glared at us, "You think… Hack! This will… Blegh! Stop me from… Cough! Ugh! Ack! It's in my mouth!! Bleugh!!"

This is the first time I've seen brother Brendan actually looking smug. I secretly used the eyepiece to snap some pictures for reference materials.

Sister Eris did not waste time in rushing forward and slashing her sword towards her neck.

To her credit, despite still being under the effects of that stink bomb, the trash managed to raise her sword in the nick of time to block it before she got decapitated.

Unperturbed, sister Eris simply lifted her leg and kicked her in the stomach, blowing the trash away from us.

Even with that kick that would have normally broken a normal human being into two, that sword swinging bitch was still in one piece, looking more hurt from the stench coming from brother Brendan's stink bomb than the kick itself.

"Ugh… Even if you… Bleuuugh… Resort to this trick… Ughh… You still can't defeat me! Bleugh…"

That is true… Perhaps I really need to use the Ragnarok cannon after all… I'll just ask Onii-sama to help me fix this part of the world after it is done, maybe just say something like a weapons test gone wrong or something.

Hey! At least I'm not using the Planet Cracker! Even I know I shouldn't use it here!

… Probably…

Ughhh… Fine! I'll just use like… Twenty percent of the weapon's capacity or something! That should limit the destruction to within this mountain range. I think?

Right as I was initiating the firing protocols of the weapon, a huge blast of energy exploded from the place where my sisters were fighting the stupid flaming mutt.

Oh! Sisters Manami and Kiyomi are ascending! I cannot miss this! I must get their readings so that I can create the formula to make mortals ascend too! Hopefully they'll be open to letting me get some DNA samples too!

Tossing my machinegun into my jury rigged storage ring, I immediately forgot about the other trash and rushed there with all my scanning equipment ready to set up shop.

Wait for me!!! Let me get some samples!!

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