Worlds’ Apocalypse Online - Chapter 1560 - Taking action!

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Chapter 1560: Taking action!

As the radiance gradually subsided, rays of dawn gradually shined through the clouds.

Standing in the wind, he lightly lifted the young girl’s hand to signal her to stand up.

“Your name?” he asked.

“I am Wu Xing Wei” the young girl replied.

“The light of stars is eternal, forever shining through the darkness. What do you say I call you little Wei from now on?”

“Yes” the young girl nodded.

“Little Wei, I am Shroud”

“Sir Shroud, greetings”

“Hm, from now on, I will lead you into a battle among billions of——–”


A curt noise cut him off.

The man called Shroud suddenly vanished in front of the girl.

Leaving only a black dog at her feet.

The black dog: “…”

The young girl: “…”

The girl immediately panicked, looked around, and called out loud: “Sir Shroud, did you leave already? Why did you only leave this dog with me?”

The black dog decided to speak up: “About that… little Wei, I am Shroud”

The young girl was startled and hurriedly crouched down: “I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t know that your real form was that of a black dog”

She looked carefully at the black dog in front of her, then couldn’t help herself stroking his head.

“Hm?” the black dog opened his eyes wide: “Mind your manners!”

The girl hurriedly pulled her hand back and said apologetically: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I used to have a black dog at home as well, so I just instinctively…”

“You also have a black dog at home? That means we’re quite destined” the black dog said with an interested tone.

“Yes, in the end, that dog went into heat and ran away without coming back” the girl said, a bit sorrowful.

“…” the black dog.

The atmosphere became a bit awkward.

The black dog then cleared his throat: “In reality, my real self isn’t actually a dog, it’s just that a few things occurred a while ago, so I’m currently stuck in this form for a while before I can return to normal”

The girl seemed to have been enlightened: “So that was the case. Sir Shroud, what should I call you when you’re in your black dog form?”

“Do you know the word ‘Tian’ as in ‘heaven’?” the black dog carefully asked.

“I know” the young girl replied.

“I am the Samsara Tengu” the black dog lifted his head and said.

“Samara Tin Gou[1]?” the girl asked.

“I said ‘Tian’ as in ‘heaven’!” the black dog snapped back.

“Ah, I understand. Tengu sir, what should we do now?” she asked.

The black dog thought briefly and said: “I still have urgent business to attend to…”

“Tengu sir, let me accompany you!” the young girl said.

The black dog smiled and shook his head: “No you can’t. You’re still too weak, and that environment is much too dangerous”

He stood straight and said: “Little Wei, I will first grant you a series of foundational knowledge and skills through Bestowal, take a look at them first. Once you’re done, I’ll come back to pick you up”

“What should I do?” little Wei asked.

The black dog pointed at his forehead and said: “Because I’m currently a dog, quite a few methods can’t be used. Come here and put your forehead up against mine, I’ll transfer the knowledge to you this way”


Little Wei sat down and put her forehead up against the black dog’s.

A few moments later.

The black dog sighed in relief: “Alright, that much knowledge should be enough for you to digest for now. After grasping the foundational techniques I’ve taught you, no one in your world should be able to defeat you”

Little Wei slowly stood up, seemingly a bit dazed.

“Was there something you didn’t understand?” the black dog asked.

“Sir Shroud, your fur is so warm” little Wei sincerely answered.

“Quiet—— Lady Darksea, quickly sent her back to her world, I’ll go find her again later”

[Understood, King of War]

A flash of light.

Little Wei disappeared.

It was only now that the black dog sighed and muttered with an annoyed expression: “The girls of this era are truly undisciplined…”

[King of War sir, would you like me to transport you back?] Lady Darksea asked.

“Hm, it’s been so long, I wonder how things are going on Gu Qing Shan’s side. Send me back” the black dog replied.

[Preparing warp]

[Counting down… 5, 4, 3…]

The black dog silently waited.

He suddenly thought of something and put his paw against his own head.


The fur is truly soft and warm.

With another flash of light, he disappeared as well.

Inside the grand hall.

Everyone was holding their breaths while silently observing the vision that Reneedol had summoned.

Within the dark tunnel, blood was flowing like a surging river towards the Wraith realm.

A heavy shadow could be seen within the blood.

The giant eyeball!

It was passing by their world.

——-in the Pantheon ruins, all the worlds were hidden behind the walls. Some of them could be seen, like how Gu Qing Shan was able to see some of them when he first arrived here; while others were hidden behind other walls, invisible to the outside.

The Wraith realm itself was hidden deep inside the walls, which was then further reinforced by countless Causality Law obscuring formations, so normal people wouldn’t be able to detect it.

“In one minute, it will arrive at the exterior of our world. If it had not discovered us, it will continue moving forward” Wraith Lord Giant Frame said.

“Let us see if the many Causality Law techniques we’ve put up would be able to elude its senses” Reneedol replied.

Time slowly passed.

The entire Wraith realm was waiting with bated breaths.

Gu Qing Shan turned his gaze to the War God UI.

He selected a certain Title from the [War God Titles] column.

[Title: Shen Wei General]

[Description: This is the highest rank of General within the human unified army]

[By equipping this Title, you obtain the unique skill: Quick Attack (advanced)]

[Quick Attack (advanced): Your attack speed will increase by 20%]

Gu Qing Shan equipped the [Shen Wei General] Title, silently adjusted his breathing, and waited for an opportunity.

In the vision.

Under everyone’s careful gazes, the surging blood slowly went past this part of the tunnel and continued moving forward.

In the sky, the angels continued to keep up their guards.

A few moments later.

Lin faced the vision directly and reported: “Grand Empress, it seems to have left”

Everyone sighed in relief.

Reneedol ordered: “Continue to hold the line and observe for a little while longer”

“Understood” Lin responded.

After another period of time.

Wraith Lord Bai Yuan chuckled and commented: “It seems that although that eyeball is powerful, it is actually quite lacking when it came to obscurement”

“Indeed, we might be able to take advantage of this fact later on to try and ambush it” Wraith Lord Fate Obstruction suggested.

“Hm, indeed” Reneedol lightly nodded.


The sound of a scoff resounded in everyone’s minds.

A resounding voice echoed throughout this world:

「 Ants who hide in their burrows always feel that they’re safe 」

「 This is the laughable point of inferior creatures, the sorrow of their insignificant dust-like lives 」

A gigantic shadow suddenly appeared far above the sky.

Everyone was shocked.

The giant eyeball!

——it had arrived!

Reneedol suddenly stood up and shouted: “Stop it for me!”

The two Deities of Fate appeared by her sides and began chanting an incantation.

After giving her orders, Reneedol also began to chant.

In the vision, the army of angels had all prepared themselves to fight.

—–although this was a meaningless endeavor, they would at least be able to buy a bit of time for the Grand Empress.

At the center of the angels, Lin raised her dual blades, then lowered them.

Throwing the blades away, she took out a pair of gauntlets and equipped them.

Under the current circumstances, running away was impossible, no one would be able to escape.

In that case, I would have to fight in my strongest state!

Rumble rumble rumble rumble——–

The giant eyeball broke through the world barrier almost right away, appearing in the middle of the sky like a shining moon.

Blood continuously flowed out from behind it.

The angels nearest to it were reduced to ash in an instant.

Lin took a deep breath and shouted: “All retreat, I’ll charge first!”

Right at that moment——-

Inside the grand hall.

Gu Qing Shan turned his gaze towards the vision and silently said in his mind: “Lady Darksea”

[Understood!] Lady Darksea replied.

At the same time.

In the sky.

Lines of glowing text appeared in front of Lin’s eyes:

[Attention, the founder of Order already had Worlds Apocalypse Online: Human Regiment reinforce you since a while ago]

[The Regiment UI has been activated]

[Following his excellency Gu Qing Shan’s orders, you will be transported away from this world in the form of ‘Order Reinforcement’ towards another world to temporarily take care of a newborn carrier of Order, nicknamed ‘Mortal World Angel’]

[Preparing teleportation, please wait for five seconds]





Lin read these lines of text in surprise, the frosty expression on her face also melted away like snow.

She glanced at the vision and mouthed the words: “You… must survive”

A flash of light.

She vanished.

“No! The 12-winged seraph had disappeared!” Wraith Lord Fate Obstruction exclaimed.

The other two Wraith Lords were also shaken.

Even Reneedol’s expression had changed.

——on the current battlefield, the 12-winged seraph was the strongest fighting force they had, if she disappeared, then there wouldn’t be anyone capable of stopping that monster!

In that instant——-

Extreme pain was suddenly inflicted on all three Wraith Lords’ bodies at once.

The three Wraith Lords were still shaken from what they saw and were now suddenly struck by immense pain, so their minds couldn’t react in time.

Is it attacking me?

This same thought appeared in all three Wraith Lords’ minds.

This was also the last thought that they ever had.

At the same time he activated the Demon Dragon’s Bloodkin ability, Gu Qing Shan had also brandished the Six Paths Great Mountain sword.

In a fraction of a second!

A blinding flash of a blue sword phantom filled the grand hall like moonlight that only lasted as long as a bolt of lightning.

The color of blood was reflected on top of the blue moonlight before both disappeared.


Reneedol shouted.

Deity of Fate Clotho stopped chanting and pointed her hand towards Gu Qing Shan.

“Fate——” she shouted.

Gu Qing Shan suddenly turned his gaze towards her.

—–Huang Quan Divine Skill, Iris Sword Technique, [Forgetting River Severance]!

Clang clang clang clang!

Clotho was struck by numerous sword phantoms through the roof of the grand hall disappearing without a trace.

Three dull noises were then heard.

The three Wraith Lords’ bodies collapsed on the ground.

Their bodies were still enveloped in countless layers of shining defensive techniques.

But all of them were useless.

———their gazes were attracted by the abrupt change in situation, their bodies were eroded by the Demon Dragon Bloodkin ability, their minds were shaken by the giant eyeball’s attack, they were completely unable to predict that the real Death God was silently standing next to them.

With a slash of [Law Breaker], their death was set in stone.

Three heads rolled on the ground and swiftly vanished into the void.

「 Offering… 」

A hoarse female voice whispered.

The desolate sound of drumming resounded.

Gu Qing Shan brandished a sword clad in frigid sword qi and turned to Reneedol.

“You are not Cang Wu Zhang, I’m definitely going to kill you today!” Reneedol shouted.

Gu Qing Shan shrugged and held the Samsara Wicked Mask up against his face, replying to her: “I was originally no match for you”

He pointed at the sky and continued: “But it’s coming for you now——– shouldn’t you be running away?”

Countless desperate screams resounded in the sky.

The angels were being reduced to dust and ash one after another, completely erased from this world.

Reneedol had also calmed back down and scoffed: “I’ll still have plenty of time to flee after killing you”

The Deity of Fate Clotho reappeared next to her, staring straight at Gu Qing Shan together with Atropos.

Boundless starlight gathered in Reneedol’s hand into a scepter.

Heavy darkness converged around her body to form a dress armor.

“Who exactly are you? What… grudge do you hold against me?” she questioned.

Gu Qing Shan stood still, but his swords manifested one by one behind his back while his killing intent gradually gathered to form a terrifying presence.

“The debt of the Age of Immemorial will be settled right here and now” he softly spoke.

Reneedol was surprised, then realized: “Rhode, so it was you…”

[1] it’s the same Tian Gou joke, but the ‘tian’ used here is “甜”, meaning sweet, so I changed it a bit

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