Worlds’ Apocalypse Online - Chapter 1784 - Steamrolling  

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Chapter 1784: Steamrolling

On a mountaintop.

Gu Qing Shan was standing on top of a boulder as he silently looked at the void of space in front of himself.

A total of 12 magic mirrors were floating in the air, each displaying a different location from the world.

Whether they were a good person or not, everyone born into this world must undergo a so-called ‘baptism’, through which they would join the Corruption Sequence.

At birth and at death, they must follow the teachings and instructions of the Corruption Codex.

Everyone followed the will of Corruption without exception.

As soon as anyone went against the arrangements of the Church, they would automatically be labelled a heretic; not only would they have to face the jeers and ridicule of society as a whole, but they would also earn a ticket heading straight towards the gallows.

After observing for a long while, Gu Qing Shan couldn’t help but shake his head.

It’s very simple to destroy this world, but the majority of living beings in this world are actually innocent.

Their only fault is being born into a society that indoctrinates them from the very moment that they’re born, gradually and subconsciously altering their sense of value until it’s unrecognizable.

Is there a way to change all this?

Gu Qing Shan fell into deep thought.

After a long while.

He silently chanted an incantation.

He vanished from the mountaintop and reappeared several miles away, inside the Sanctuary of the Church of Corruption.

No one could see him.

He walked straight into the great library of the Sanctuary, trying several incantations before he finally gained access.

He then began to study the secret magical tomes that were stored here.

The day went by, followed by night.

A total of three whole days.

Gu Qing Shan finally finished reading all the magical tomes within the library.

From these magical tomes, he managed to discern the highest level of power in this world.

——-it could only be considered ‘acceptable’ at most.

“Corruption bestows living beings a certain level of aid in exchange for their religious worship, but… it doesn’t dare to allow this civilization to develop without limits…”

Gu Qing Shan muttered to himself.

If this civilization was allowed to develop without limits, the standard level of knowledge and understanding will gradually be raised, which could even reflect on their grasp of knowledge, resulting in an inevitable outcome——

They will begin to study the Laws of Reality, gradually gaining a more profound understanding of the essence of this world.

In that case, they would start to have increasingly more independent thoughts, wishing to experiment with various different paths.

Gu Qing Shan closed the book he was reading and paced around the room for a little while.

“Please send me back to the basic Magic-type world”

He said.

The world sensed his request right away.

Gu Qing Shan immediately vanished from the world he was in and returned to the basic Magic-type world.

“Do you really intend to rebuild the Church?” the White Mountain king asked.

“Indeed, I will rebuild the Church and spread the essence of magic across this entire world, helping each country in its development from every aspect”

He then took out a small bowl filled with liquid and placed it in front of the White Mountain king.

“What is this?” the White Mountain king asked.

“A body-conditioning elixir, it will help promote your majesty’s longevity” Gu Qing Shan replied.

——-it was only because of the overwhelming mental strength and analysis capabilities he obtained from rapid evolution that he managed to develop Magic to the point that a longevity elixir was possible.

The White Mountain king picked up the small bowl, still a bit unconvinced.

“You can give it a try, I’m willing to stay here and wait” Gu Qing Shan smiled and said.

“If this is true, then our White Mountain kingdom will surely support the reconstruction of the Church as much as we can” the White Mountain king answered.

“Then I thank you in advance. I will first rebuild the Sanctuary before inviting the countries of this world to give us the aid we were promised” Gu Qing Shan replied.

After saying that, he vanished from in front of the White Mountain king.

Where the Sanctuary originally stood.

The land was still charred and ruined.

Standing in the air, Gu Qing Shan muses: “First, a roof…”

With a wave of his hand, rock and minerals hidden deep underground began to break through the surface, rapidly being refined into metal by magic.

Gu Qing Shan manipulated the metal, melting it before forging it into well-designed buildings.

He waved his hand again.

All the buildings fell back to the ground, and then became connected with the rocks that were still underground to form a sturdy and solid foundation.

The buildings were neatly lined up next to one another to form a magnificent array of structures.

These structures appeared holy and divine, almost as if the will of the world was imbued into them, supporting Gu Qing Shan in doing what he was doing.

Furthermore, as all the buildings were made from pure refined metal, it was practically a miracle.

Gu Qing Shan picked out another group of various metals and began to engrave knowledge onto them, describing the essence and nature of magic.

After a few days, he promoted all types of magic to an advanced degree.

“It’s probably still a bit lacking at this level”

Gu Qing Shan thought about it for a while and decided to continue researching magic.

As time went by, he understood how to achieve a body molded by the Laws of Reality using magic, and finally the way to achieve Godhood.

Gods, to be frank, are still living beings, albeit their positions were very high on the world’s natural order, being capable of directly commanding the Elements and utilizing the Laws of Reality to their benefit.

At this point, all the ambassadors of the world’s Kingdoms and Empires had arrived at the Sanctuary.

Gu Qing Shan temporarily stopped his research to go meet them.

“Everyone, let us be quick——”

Gu Qing Shan then chanted an incantation under his breath.

Immediately, frozen spikes began to manifest far above the sky where he was standing.

“Everyone here should already know the truth about the tree inside the blade”

“Perhaps there are those who aren’t willing to believe my words”

“But that doesn’t matter, as the frozen spikes in the sky that I summoned with my power will now become Heaven’s Punishment”

“Whenever someone touched those devil’s artifacts and become one of them, they would only face a single outcome—-”


“Other than that, I’m honored to inform everyone here of something”

“I’ve grasped the secret to reaching Godhood through magic, and I’m preparing to spread it to the world for all magic wielders to learn”

“Our world as a whole will undergo a great leap of development”

“——Starting now”

Gu Qing Shan twitched his finger.

All the metal pages began to hover by themselves in the air, opening themselves for the ambassadors to observe.

As one of the magic wielders among them studied the page, he appeared almost intoxicated.

“This is—— this is the 8th stage of Wind magic, we’ve never been able to reach this level before!” he exclaimed in his frenzy.

None of the others said a single word.

All the wizards and knights in the room had fallen into enlightenment from staring at the metal pages.

Gu Qing Shan only observed this scene for a short while before he began to ponder the next matter.

Aside from strength, there’s another very important matter.

The world’s living standards, culture, and health are what normal people care about the most.

All of this will take a lot of effort.

Unfortunately, not everyone can use magic, otherwise, there’s no need to go through so much trouble—


Why can’t I just come up with a method to turn everyone into a magic wielder then?

Only those with powerful mental strength would be able to mobilize the Elements, in other words——

As long as there’s a way for everyone’s mental strength to become stronger, everyone would have the potential to become a magic wielder, even if they’re only a 1st stage wizard!

Everyone in the entire world would be a magic wielder!

That’s what a true Magic-type civilization should look like!

With that in mind, Gu Qing Shan couldn’t help but feel a bit excited.

“Let me consider for a bit, how can I improve the mental strength for normal people…”

10 years later.

Gu Qing Shan once again appeared in the intermediate Magic-type world.

There was practically no change in this place, everyone was still immersed in their worship of the Church of Corruption.

Gu Qing Shan pressed his hand on the ground and muttered:

“I need the Five Elemental Roots of this world… if you permit it, I will be taking them with me…”

A few moments after he said that, the Samsara responded to his request.

Clusters of colorful light began to emerge from below the ground, all of which were hovering in front of Gu Qing Shan.

Watching these clusters of light, Gu Qing Shan explained: “If I fuse the Elemental Roots of this world with the basic Magic-type world, the living beings of the basic Magic-type world will become stronger, while the living beings of this world would be unchanged”

“And now I’m confident—— so I intend to have these two worlds fuse with one another”

“Don’t worry, there would be no large-scale conflicts, after all—-”

“The difference in level is already too great”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Elemental Roots fell into his hand and transformed themselves into a colorful thread.

——-the Samsara had permitted his idea.

As Gu Qing Shan caught the colorful thread, lines of notifications popped up in front of his vision:

[You’ve obtained a Thread of Law]

[This is the Thread of Law belonging to an intermediate Magic-type world within the Samsara]

[If you bring it to another world, that world will be pulled by its Thread of Law and gradually fuse with the second world into a new world]

Gu Qing Shan curtly chuckled, then teleported back to the basic Magic-type world.

Standing at the highest point of the Sanctuary, he casually cast the Thread of Law away.

The Thread of Law then melted into the void of space.

The two Magic-type worlds began to fuse together.

On this day.

In the intermediate Magic-type world.

A branch of the Church of Corruption was holding a public notice.

A priest was standing on a platform and reciting with a booming voice: “As your mind and body pledge themselves entirely to God, God will recognize your piety, God has boundless power—-”


A loud explosion suddenly occurred in the sky.

Immediately after that, a golden light descended from the sky and crashed on the empty land in front of the Church.

A huge crater was formed on the ground.

Many powerful bodyguards accompanied the bigshots they were hired to protect and examine the situation.

Only to see a man with a pair of wings whose entire body was glowing with golden light standing at the bottom of the crater.

“Who are you?” one of the bishops shouted.

“Me?” the man appeared apologetic and replied: “My apologies, I just achieved Godhood today, so I made a small mistake while operating the Weave—–”

The bishop immediately interrupted him and sternly scolded: “Insolent! How dare you call yourself God, this is heresy of the highest severity! Men, kill him!”

“Sir, yes sir!”

Everyone attacked at once.

Colorful magic flashed all over the sky.

The man simply stood still without moving, waiting for all the spells to subside.

—–these people are really weak.

The man thought to himself, but still humbly asked: “Excuse me, can I ask which rural village is this?”

Complete silence.

Everyone stared straight at him.

Only to see that they hadn’t even touched even a hair on his body.

The dignified presence of Law continuously radiated from his body, which manifested into supernatural phenomena.

Could he really be God?

Everyone shivered.

Suddenly, the man’s expression shifted a bit.

Several more figures swiftly descended from above the sky.

These figures all radiated a presence superior to that of the golden-winged man.

If that man was God, then what are these people?

“Rex, you moron, why are you still so careless even after becoming a God?” one of the figures asked.

“Ahaha, I remembered one of the formulas wrongly, so I made a mistake” Rex answered.

“Ah, everyone look, there are Huang Quan devil structures here, I remember them being depicted similar to this in our textbooks” another figure commented.



“Sure looks like it, yeah”

Rex looked closely at the Church building and exclaimed happily: “There’s a reward for destroying these devil structures, let me!”

He casually swung his hand.

The entire Church was reduced to ashes.

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