Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband - Chapter 1416 She Is Not Fine

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Chapter 1416 She Is Not Fine

Lu Lijun didn't know what had happened but he was sure Jiang Yuyan was not fine and those two who had just left must have done or said something to her. For now, he let them go as he had his ways to get anyone later.

Lu Lijun hugged her gently but didn't ask what happened as she looked reluctant to say it.

He patted her head, "Are you okay?"

She hugged him back lightly as she felt calm and nodded.

"Let's go back then. Everyone is waiting."

She nodded and they left. On the way, she heard him, "Don't ever go out of my sight. Make sure I can see you wherever you go."

She didn't know why he said but she simply nodded and continued walking while letting him hold her hand.

Just as they reached where everyone was waiting for them for lunch, everyone noticed Jiang Yuyan looked unusually silent and didn't look good. It was not her nature to show anything on her face but today it did which meant something must have happened.

An Tian, Jiang Yang, Lu Feng and Xiao Min who knew her well, looked at each other as if the same thing was going on in their minds.

While Noah and Jake looked at their friend who looked calm outside but inside it was not the same. They were sure something had happened.

"Yuyan, are you not feeling well?" Lu Lian asked.

"She is fine. Just a little weakness," Lu Lijun replied in her stead.

Before Lu Lian could ask more, Ming Rusheng placed his hand on hers as if to say not to ask anything further. Ming Rusheng didn't know what happened but being a man he could understand the way Lu Lijun acted and knew there must be a reason.

Lu Lijun pulled the chair out for her. Jiang Yuyan sat in it and Lu Lijun sat next to her.

Just then Jessica arrived and sat in the chair that was left for her. She happily informed, "The best chef is on duty today especially for my special guests. I am sure you all will like it."

"Don't know the chef, but I trust your hosting," An Tian said to lighten up the mood.

As everyone enjoyed the food, Jiang Yuyan was the one with no appetite and ate very little.

"What happened, President Lu? You didn't like the food?" Jessica asked.

"No, it's fine. I don't have much appetite," Jiang Yuyan replied.

Lu Lijun, who was sitting next to her, added some food in her dish, "This one you like to eat. Try it."

Jiang Yuyan nodded and ate quietly.

After the lunch when they returned, Lu Lijun took Jiang Yuyan with him, not waiting for others. Lu Feng, An Tian, Xiao Min and Jiang Yang got together as they had things to talk about while the other four had left one car.

Jake looked at Ming Rusheng, "You can take my car. Noah And I have some work here."

Noah looked at him in surprise to know what work but didn't ask anything in front of them.

Ming Rusheng and Lu Lian left while Noah looked at Jake, "What work?

Jake pulled his mobile out from his pants' pocket and passed it to him, "Check Lijun's message."

Noah opened the messenger and saw Lu Lijun's message that he sent to Jake just before he left with Jiang Yuyan.

"He asked us to check security camera footage and get a copy?" Noah concluded.

Jake nodded and walked back inside the hotel. He went to Jessica, "I need to check the security camera footage from an hour before."

It surprised her, "Huh? Did something happen?"

"Please don't ask anything. Just…."

"Fine! Fine!," she agreed and called for the manager, "Take them to the security camera screens rooms and give them what they ask for."

The manager nodded and led their way.

"Thanks, Jessica," Jake said.

She smiled back, "Anything for you, Jake. I am sure you don't want me there so….well, it saved my time."

Jake knew his cousin was really smart and understood things without asking her and thanked her once again before leaving.

Jake and Noah asked for the footage from an hour ago from a particular place in the hotel as Lu Lijun told them where Jiang Yuyan was gone.

They finally found it. They saw Jiang Yuyan just finished her call and two men approached her. They were talking about something and it was not so clear as they were standing a little far. They just got all the footage till Lu Lijun arrived there and left.

In the car, Noah said, "I wonder what they have talked about that she was affected like that? I have never seen her like this in the past year. I always thought nothing can affect her so easily, that means those men had something on her."

"Hmm," Jake agreed. "Once the manager sends us the information, we will know who those two are."

In a while, Jake received an email and he asked Noah to check because he was driving.

"Seems like from the manager," Noah said as he opened the email. There was information about two men who were staying in that hotel.

Noah went through it and read their names and from where they were. Why do these names sound so familiar," Noah said and read those names.

The moment he finished reading those names, both got a little shocked and looked at each other. These were the two names they had read in those files in the morning.

"Ask him to meet outside," Jake said.

"When she is not fine, he won't leave her. Better to go to his home and talk in the office there," Noah suggested.

Jake increased the speed of his car to reach Lu Lijun's home.


In another car, Lu Lian asked, "Why did you stop me from talking? Was there something that I didn't know?"

"Have you seen Yuyan like this in the past ten years?" Ming Rusheng asked.

Lu Lian thought about it and shook her head, "She never shows anything on her face. That means…."

"Something big has happened to shake that strong mountain," Ming Rusheng replied.

Worry painted her face as she said, "Now I am worried. Those two are just together, I don't want anything to happen to create distance between them."

"Don't worry. You should trust your brother."

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