Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband - Chapter 1417 Nothing Can Scare Her So Easily

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Chapter 1417 Nothing Can Scare Her So Easily

Jiang Yang Lu Feng, Xiao Min and An Tian were in one car.

"Did you two notice what I did?" An Tian, who was sitting in the back passenger seat, asked.

"Hmm," Lu Feng and Xiao Min replied.

While focused on driving, Lu Feng looked at Jiang Yang who was worried and silent.

"Jiang Yang, what are you thinking about?" Lu Feng asked.

Dazed and worried Jiang Yang finally spoke, "What must have happened that she looked so devastated. It's been a long time since I had seen her scared. She can be sad, hurt, angry and whatnot but scared….? It's not easy to scare her like this. The last time I saw such a look in her eyes was after that incident that happened with her when she was a kid. I still remember those eyes full of fear. Did someone try to….?"

"Do you think it's even possible? If someone had tried something, then there would be news in the hotel of a person dying either by Yuyan's hand or Lu Lijun's. She can deal with anyone and you know it," Lu Feng spoke.

"I agree with what Mr Yang said. Boss was different today and it's something to be worried about," Xiao Min added. Other Than Jiang Yang, he was the one who had spent a lot of time with Jiang Yuyan to know her behaviour or any actions.

"Even Lu Lijun looked different," Jiang Yang spoke.

An Tian and Lu Feng agreed as they could sense Lu Lijun was calm but the anger was hidden under that calmness.

"I know my sister more than anyone when it comes to her behaviour. I am sure something must have happened in the hotel when Yuyan went out to attend the call," Jiang Yang insisted.

"Don't worry, we will know it," An Tian assured and dialled a contact number. "Jessica, can you provide me with security camera footage of President Lu's movements in the hotel? Especially just before we started lunch."

"Brother, you need it?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Jake has gone to the security room and is already searching for something," she replied.

"Understood, Never mind," An Tian hung up the call and informed, "We don't need to do anything. The other three are enough."

"Are they looking into the security footage?" Lu Feng asked.

An Tian nodded, "Seems like Lu Lijun doesn't know what had happened exactly and had other to collect the footage and he went with her to not leave her alone."

"These three can handle it. We don't have to worry," Lu Feng spoke.

"Still she will need me," Jiang Yang added.

"Recently the fourth young master is after those two from the USA who are the culprits of harming the boss in the past," Xiao Min informed.

It surprised the other three. "For what?" Lu Feng asked. "Didn't Lu Qiang spare them at that time?"

"He must have seen the scars on her…." Jiang Yang said.

"And our young guy wants revenge," An Tian added.

"If Yuyan gets to know it, it will only remind her of the past. It was also one reason that Lu Qiang let them go," Lu Feng said.

"Lu Feng, you are forgetting how you acted when someone tried to harm your woman. Your younger brother is no different," An Tian commented.

To this, Lu Feng turned speechless, "Let him do what he wants."

"By the way, weren't they three?" An Tian asked.

Xiao Min replied, "The one boss punished, died a decade back."

"Good, he got what he deserved," Jiang Yang said as the anger was clear on his face.

Lu Feng looked at Xiao Min through the rear view with a mysterious gaze that Xiao Min understood and decided to say no more.


Lu Lijun and Jiang Yuyan reached home. Throughout the journey from the hotel to home, Jiang Yuyan was silent while Lu Lijun was focused on driving as so many things went into his mind.

Once they entered home, Jiang Yuyan quietly walked upstairs while Lu Lijun followed him. "You seem tired, you should rest."

Jiang Yuyan only nodded and entered the room.

"I will get water for you," he said and she just walked towards the bed.

Lu Lijun offered her water as his sight could not unsee how devastated she looked. He had never seen her like this. Even when she was shocked when he confessed to her for the first time and troubled her, she was angry but this time it was something else and looks more hurting.

She accepted the water, had a few sips and lay in bed. Lu Lijun covered her with a quilt as he saw her closing her eyes. It showed she didn't wish to talk anymore.

"I have some work to do. I'll be downstairs," Lu Lijun said and left as he didn't expect any reply from her.


Once he reached downstairs, he dialled Jake's number. As Jake was driving, Noah received the call.

"Did you get it?" Lu Lijun asked.

"Hmm," Noah replied, not knowing how his friend will react once he will know what happened and who the two were who came across Jiang Yuyan in that hotel.

"What is it?" Lu Lijun asked.

"We will be there in a while. Let's talk in person," Noah commented.

Lu Lijun agreed and hung up the call as he saw the other four reaching home.

"Where is Yuyan?" Jiang Yang asked.

"She is resting in the room," Lu Lijun answered.

Not saying anything, Jiang Yang went upstairs to see her.

"You asked for security camera footage from the hotel," Lu Feng asked.

"Hmm," Lu Lijun nodded, "There is something that I need to check.

Just then Xiao Min received an email, "Fourth Young Master, what you had asked for, is here."

"Send it to me," Lu Lijun said.

"What is it?" Lu Feng asked seeing how serious his brother was.

"The information of those two," Xiao Min replied.

"Send it to me as well," Lu Feng informed.

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