Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband - Chapter 1433: Can Not Let Her Know

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Chapter 1433: Can Not Let Her Know

Lu Lijun went to the office inside the home as Noah followed him.

Jiang Yuyan only looked at the two as worry painted her face.

"Don't worry. It's not the first time he would work till late," Lu Feng assured.

"It's not that," she replied.


"He received a message on his mobile and his expressions changed," she said.

"Did it?" Jiang Yang asked while Lu Feng didn't comment on it.

She nodded, "Not his face but his eyes. He tries to hide it but I know there is something going on that he doesn't want to tell me. That look in his eyes was not the usual one. I had seen it once and I know what it is...."

"Once? When?" Jiang Yang asked.

"It was ten years back before going to England. It was the incident in his school when he beat his schoolmates just because they said something inappropriate. He didn't look regretful about it but looked like he would have rather killed them. He was so young at that time still he was so fierce and now he is grown up....he worries me sometimes."

Lu Feng could not deny it as he knew his brother well just like Jiang Yuyan.

"Yuyan, I am sure he just doesn't want you to worry. You should trust him and let him handle whatever it is," Lu Feng assured her.

She nodded, "I will." But the worry still lay in her mind.


Lu Lijun and Noah sat in the office.

"Did you read both files?" Lu Lijun asked.

"Hmm, I know you would be busy so I did," Noah said with a meaningful gaze.

Lu Lijun ignored his comment and opened the tablet to read the current file that Xiao Min had sent to them before leaving for China to handle the work in absence of Jiang Yuyan.

"As far as I can see, there is no relationship between those three culprits and that man Victor Magnus. The boy who died is a son of one of the known business families and these other two are just nobodies to influence such a man like Victor Magnus who is a wealthy businessman as well as has ties in the underworld."

"Are you sure there is no connection?"

"From whatever information we got, it shows there is none but then I wonder why he tried to harm Preisende Lu or your brother. Was there any other enmity between president Lu and Victor Magnus or Your brother and him? But that day that jerk clearly said your brother died because of president Lu. Was there someone else involved as well that we don't know?"

Lu Lijun tried to think about it while Noah said again, "Also, to avenge your brother President Lu had taken someone's help to get that person down but I am sure she doesn't know either why Victor Magnus tried to harm her."

"Hmm, she doesn't know. Xiao Min and San Zemin had hidden it from her under the instructions of brother Lu Feng."

"Really? Then why don't you directly ask your brother?"

"I will but they just know my brother was harmed because of Yuyan's past they still don't know why. So there is no use in asking. Even Xiao Min doesn't know what kind of relations Victor Magnus had with that past incident. Also, before that, we need to study this Victor Magnus first."

Just then Noah thought about something, "How did you know brother Feng had ordered them. Did you know about it from the start?"

When Noah asked about it, Lu Lijun remembered something and nodded, "I only know that the incident from her past life has caused my brother's death. But they can not let her know that it happened because of her. If she knew about it, we can not imagine what she would do."

"So you don't want her to know it?" Noah asked.

Lu Lijun nodded, "I just want to take measures if they plan to do something in future. From what those assholes talked about that day, it looks like they might target her again."

"Didn't president Lu try to dig for information about Victor Magnus?" Noah asked.

"Of course she did but her sources told her what was needed. With the help of that third person who helped to harm Victor Magnus, they managed to show it was simply out of enmity in business. There was proof to show how my brother didn't let them spread their business in Asia and so on. Moreover, they made her believe the main culprit was Xi Cheng the son of the Xi family which was somewhat true."

"That businessman who committed suicide?" Noah asked.

"Hmm, he always had conflicts with my brother and there was a strong history of enmity so it was easy to hide the things about Victor Magnus behind him. There must be a reason why Yuyan trusted that Xi Cheng was the one. I am sure his deeds were the reason to make her believe it strongly."

Noah agreed. "Hmm, I have studied the reasons and actions. There was nothing to not believe in them."

"Now what do you plan to do?" Noah asked.

"To make Victor Magnus pay for my brother's and his child's life and all the suffering he had caused her."

"Are you sure?" Noah asked.

"Hmm, I am sure they are already trying something," Lu Lijun spoke.

"The business in China?" Noah asked.

"After ten years, his son is trying to get into China and I am sure it was not any coincident and he is targeting our businesses in western countries."

"You already studied it? All those sleepless nights for the past four months and smoking like crazy was not for nothing," Noah commented.

"I don't waste my time," Lu Lijun said and he resumed his work.

"By the way, Victor Magnus passed away last year after spending almost nine years in bed," Noah said.

"I know, but his death can not stop him to pay for it. Also, his death must be a reason for his son to hold grudges against us and for the entire year he seems to have been preparing for it.

"Seems like it," Noah agreed, "But still there is this puzzle to solve and we don't have answers to it. What kind of grudge that Victor Magnus held against your brother and President Lu. If it's because of President Lu's past, then exactly which past. Was there any other incident? The way those two assholes knew about your brother being harmed, we can be sure it was related to that particular incident but how? A man like Victor Magnus is not free to go after anyone without a strong reason."

"We need to find out the relationship between both families. Magus and that dead guy's family. I am sure if we get something useful in hand, we can use it against them," Lu Lijun instructed.

"True. If we can't find anything easily, that means the things were being hidden intentionally. we just have to dig in the right direction. I am sure something useful will come out of it. Might be something that could not be open to known by the world."

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