Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? - Chapter 1626 - You Are My Little Love Song (193)

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Chapter 1626: You Are My Little Love Song (193)

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The door of the operating room had just opened when Qin Siting walked out.

After four and a half hours of surgery, the patient was finally rescued from the gates of hell. However, all of the medical staff participating in the surgery were exhausted.

After Qin Siting came out, he washed his hands and changed his clothes. He had just returned to the consulting room and was about to push open the door when he heard the nurse by the reception desk say, “Doctor Qin, you’ve worked hard. Are you done with the surgery? Earlier, I heard your phone ringing in your office. It rang several times. Someone likely has something urgent to talk to you about. I didn’t dare to go in to pick up your private phone.”

Qin Siting paused. “I understand. Thank you.”

Qin Siting glanced at the diagnosis his colleagues had just sent in after entering the consulting room. It was an important diagnosis from a patient a few days ago. He picked it up and looked at it for a while before turning to glance at his phone by the table. Usually, no one would call him aside from his family, Mo Jingshen, and Li Nanheng. Furthermore, they usually wouldn’t call at this time. They all knew that he was busy.

The caller ID showed that it was an unknown number. They called several times.

The number was from Hai City.

After taking another look, he dialed the number.

Auntie Xiang had just finished washing her clothes and was habitually cleaning the bathroom. She had to clean the house every day. As she was busy, she suddenly heard her phone ring from the bedroom. She quickly got up, washed and wiped her hands, and ran back to the bedroom.

Lele had unknowingly fallen asleep with a doll in her arms. Her phone was placed by the bedside and kept ringing.

“This child. She fell asleep while playing with the phone. It will hurt her eyes.” Auntie Xiang sighed and walked over. She picked up the phone. “Hello?”

The voice on the other end was slightly unfamiliar. It sounded like a middle-aged woman’s voice.

Qin Siting said, “Who called just now? I have four missed calls.”

Auntie Xiang was stunned. “Ah? Call what? I didn’t call anyone.”

Qin Siting’s brows furrowed slightly. He lowered his head to look at the number displayed on his phone. “I dialed back the number from the missed call.”


Auntie Xiang suddenly turned to look at the baby sleeping soundly on the bed. She muttered hesitantly, “This child….”

Hearing the word ‘child,’ Qin Siting, who had lost his patience and was about to hang up, paused.


“That, Sir, I’m sorry. Earlier, my granddaughter was playing with my phone. I think she must have randomly pressed some numbers on the phone and called. The child’s random call disturbed you. I’m very sorry!” Auntie Xiang said sincerely as she walked out of the bedroom to avoid waking the little ancestor sleeping.

“It’s fine.”

“Ai, I’m sorry again. I’ll hang up now.” Auntie Xiang quickly hung up.

Qin Siting put down his phone and continued to look at the diagnosis record. As he sat down and picked up his pen to sign on the diagnosis record, that cute little face suddenly appeared in his mind.

A child would insist on making several random calls, and it was always the same number?

However, he did not expect that the young lady would really call him.

Qin Siting raised his brows, then sighed and shook his head with a smile. He threw his phone back to the table and lowered his head to look at the things by his side seriously.

When Shi Niange returned home from work in the evening, Lele had just woken up from a long nap in the afternoon. She was sitting on the carpet in the living room full of energy, holding a plate of grapes in her arms and eating them.

“Mommy, eat the grapes!” Lele quickly handed her the fruit plate.

“Be good. Mommy is not hungry. You can play by yourself first.” Shi Niange touched her head and turned to look for Auntie Xiang. “I have a business meeting tomorrow night. I should be back very late. If not, I’ll go back to the company to stay. Bring Lele to the amusement park tomorrow. It’ll save her from being bored. It’ll hurt her eyes to watch television for so long at night.”

“All right.” Auntie Xiang walked out and said, “By the way, this afternoon, Lele used my phone to call someone. It was probably a random number. The other party was a man. When I explained the reason to him, his tone was quite polite. He probably knew that a child was stirring up trouble, so there was nothing to fuss about. Fortunately, the call didn’t go through in the beginning. Otherwise, Lele would chat with strangers.”

Shi Niange was surprised. “Lele called a stranger?”

“I think so. Otherwise, how could such a young child know someone’s number? It seems like she only knows your number and mine. She doesn’t know anyone else’s.”

Shi Niange turned to look at Shi Kele, sitting on the carpet and stuffing grapes into her mouth. She whispered, “Why didn’t I know Lele has the hobby of dialing phone numbers….”

“She probably learned it from other children in kindergarten.” Auntie Xiang waved her hand. “It’s fine. It’s not a big deal. When you have the time, tell her not to call anyone else. Today, she met a very easygoing and polite person. If she met someone ill-mannered and scolded the child, Lele would probably be frightened.”

Shi Niange nodded and did not say anything else.

The next day, in the afternoon.

After a meeting at the company, Shi Niange went straight downstairs to the parking lot and got into the business car. After meeting Wen Ke, she handed him the documents she needed and began to read them.

Wen Ke sat in the passenger seat to answer the call.

About ten minutes after the car drove out of the company, Shi Niange raised her head to look at the side and then at the driver. She put down the document in her hand and said, “Is he the company’s new chauffeur? Why does he look so unfamiliar?”

The chauffeur glanced at her through the rearview mirror and smiled politely at her. “Hello, CEO Shi.”

At this moment, Wen Ke hung up the phone and looked at the person in the driver’s seat. “Uncle Qin brought him in. He said he’s his relative. Recently, he lost his job. I’ve seen his resume. He has been driving for thirty years. He should be very reliable and familiar with the road, so I hired him.”

Shi Niange glanced at the chauffeur again and did not speak further. She lowered her head and continued reading the document.

“When we get there, don’t go against those directors too much. You’ve been suppressing your resentment for so many years. There’s no rush. Everyone knows that you’ve been planning to impeach Chairman Xu, but he’s been in the country for so many years. He’s more stable than your parents. It’s not something you can shake just because you want to. Besides, his methods have always been dirty. You have a child by your side. Don’t be too aggressive.”

Shi Niange was silent. She put down the document in her hand and suddenly smelled a strange burning smell in the car.

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