Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? - Chapter 1627 - You Are My Little Love Song (194)

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Chapter 1627: You Are My Little Love Song (194)

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“What’s that smell?” Wen Ke suddenly said. A burning smell was suddenly there.

“I-I’m not sure either.” As the driver drove, his head gradually began to sweat. He appeared to be uncomfortable.

Shi Niange looked up at the driver. Wen Ke frowned as he searched for the source of the smell in the car and looked out. “Stop the car! There are so many cars in front. Stop first!”

“I-I can’t stop.”

“Why can’t you stop?”

“I don’t know….”

Wen Ke turned around and saw that the driver was indeed trying his best to step on the brakes, but the brake system seemed to have malfunctioned.

His eyelids twitched. “Not good.”

Shi Niange looked at him. “What?”

However, the moment she finished speaking, the driver suddenly shouted, “Ah!”

Shi Niange and Wen Ke looked at him at the same time. They saw that the driver’s feet were desperately stepping on the brakes, but it was useless. Even the car’s speed-setting system had been tampered with. Although the driver did not move much, the car was gradually accelerating.

This was the city, and there was a lot of traffic. At any time, they could hit someone or cause a car accident.

Wen Ke quickly raised his hand and tried to open the car door, but the car was moving too fast. The control lock in the car was automatically locked. Unless they slowed down or stopped the car, it was impossible to open.

He said angrily, “What’s wrong with you?” He was questioning the driver.

The sweat on the driver’s head increased, and his breathing became more and more difficult. He vainly continued to step on the brakes as he said, “I don’t know… I’m so uncomfortable…, I can’t see the road clearly now.”

“You!” Wen Ke was anxious. He suddenly reached out to control the steering wheel to prevent the car from hitting the pedestrians passing by. Seeing that the car was driving faster and faster, he quickly pushed the driver aside. “I’ll drive!”

As he approached, he noticed a strange smell on the driver’s body. He asked at the same time, “Did you eat or drink anything?”

“No, I’m fine. I only bought a pack of cigarettes by the roadside. By the way, that pack of cigarettes seems to have been opened by someone. I thought it was just because the wrapping was torn, so I didn’t take it seriously….”

Shi Niange clearly knew that something had happened. She sat in the back and watched as the car quickly passed by. She knew that the speed of the car was increasing. She said calmly, “It seems like there’s a problem with that pack of cigarettes. He clearly seems to have inhaled some hallucinogen or gas that affects his brain and vision.”

At this point, Shi Niange added, “Drive the car to an empty area first. Don’t hit anyone.”

“Right now, even if we don’t want to hit anyone, we don’t know if we can get out of the car alive.” Wen Ke had already pushed the driver into the passenger seat and was driving by himself. At the same time, he said seriously, “The burning smell in the car is getting worse.”

At this moment, Shi Niange recalled the car accident her parents had encountered in the U.S. Her mind was dazed for a moment. She suddenly seemed to know where the problem was. A few days ago, when she went to the police station, she contacted the U.S police. Although the police there did not wish to investigate what had happened back then. They refused because it was a natural car accident.

How could it be a natural accident? It was obvious that the car had been tampered with!

Just as she thought of this, Wen Ke drove the car to an empty road on the other side. The car was indeed accelerating bit by bit.

40, 60, 80… 100…

Driving to a hundred in the city was already a terrifying and crazy speed.

The driver leaned against the passenger seat and tried his best to breathe. He raised his hand to rub his chest as though something was gripping his throat.

Shi Niange picked up her phone and recorded the situation in the car. After recording for more than twenty seconds, the airbag that was supposed to jump out of the car suddenly emitted sparks which were recorded in her phone.

“Nian Nian, sit tight.” Wen Ke usually called her Nian Nian in private.

Shi Niange understood what he meant. If they didn’t stop the car now, there might be spontaneous combustion or an explosion in the car.

However, the way to stop would not be easy. It might be even more dangerous.

She glanced at the open forest behind the park. “Are we going there?”


At the same time, Wen Ke quickly drove the car toward the woods.


A loud noise.

The fire in the car instantly filled the sky. Shi Niange felt her body being thrown forward, blocking the violent impact of the car hitting the tree and blocking the fire in front of her.

She cried out, “Wen Ke—”

The ambulance rushed over. Shi Niange had already dragged the seriously injured Wen Ke and the unconscious driver out of the car.

The people who rushed out of the ambulance saw that the two of them were covered in blood. Shi Niange was also covered in blood as she squatted by the side as though she was performing emergency first aid. When they saw that she was quite skilled in emergency treatment, they were stunned for a second. However, it was only for a second. They quickly rushed forward and carried them into the car.

Shi Niange quickly followed them into the car. She sat by the side and watched as the car’s medical personnel helped them stop the bleeding.

“Miss, you called 120 just now, didn’t you?”


“Do you need to lie down? We’ll check you….”

“No, I’m fine.” Shi Niange took a deep breath and looked at them. “May I ask where the hospital is? Is the nearest available?”

“Yes, the Central Hospital,” the nurse said simply.

Shi Niange nodded. For a moment, she did not realize where the Central Hospital was. All she needed to do was to save them quickly.

The blood on her body was not her own. It was all the driver’s and Wen Ke’s. Earlier, she had been protected by Wen Ke, who suddenly pounced on her. She was not injured at all. At most, she had choked on the thick smoke in the car. Her messy hair looked terrible, but she was really not injured.

The Central Hospital was indeed the closest to this place. After all, it was on the main road in the middle of the city. There were not many traffic jams in front, so the ambulance quickly arrived.

The driver and Wen Ke were carried out of the car by the medical staff. She quickly followed them out.

When she arrived at the hospital entrance, the chauffeur was already carried in. However, she suddenly bumped into Ji Nuan. Ji Nuan looked at her in surprise, clearly startled by the blood on Shi Niange’s body. She asked in concern, “Miss Shi? What happened?”

The medical staff behind them shouted, “Make way, make way. This is a major car accident. There are still injured people behind. Make way for the door!”

Ji Nuan quickly stepped aside and saw that Wen Ke was also quickly pushed in.

Shi Niange did not have the time to explain anything. After glancing at her, she hurriedly followed them into the emergency room.

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