Zhan Long - Chapter 1278- Dragonhorse Strike

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Chapter 1278- Dragonhorse Strike

Emperor Tomb, underground third floor.

The cold wind blew over. The third floor was as usual. From afar, rows of chariots were made into terracotta warriors and they lined up the tunnel. Each one had two horses and one stableman. Two soldiers held halberds and another two held copper swords. In the middle were two archers.

Qin people were good at riding and shooting so naturally, they had people shooting arrows on the chariot.


“This time one chariot is one battle unit, each one has 7 people and it is best if we kill them one by one, too many and we wouldn’t be able to handle it.”

I held Butterfly and judged the situation calmly. If I messed up and didn’t hold onto aggro, Dancing Forest and Darling Duck would easily get killed by 3-4 of them at once. Level was really important to them so they can’t lose levels.

Lin Wan Er held Dragontooth Blade and Broken Rainbow, “Piggy go attract the monsters. Dancing Forest use Seven Star Shot to stun the stableman so the chariot losses control so it would be safer for us.”

She nodded.

I charged and used Bladespin from afar. Ganjiang pieced into the chest of a stableman and a swordsman. The outer shell shattered and showed a vicious expression. The horses neighed and their bodies were covered in death energy. The carriage rolled over towards us at high speed!


Dancing Forest shot and stunned the stableman. Instantly the horses lost control and moved away from us. The carriage smacked into a stone pillar. Good chance, I used Seven Star Fragment Slash. Along with Lin Wan Er’s Crescent Moon Storm+City Shaking Dance, the seven people were stunned. Dancing Forest used Meteor Arrow to pierce through the crowd and then she used Heavy Shot. When Dong Cheng Yue’s Lightning Finger swept the monsters, the 7 ancient Qin soldiers fell to the ground.

Experience jumped and three pieces of equipment were dropped. I tossed them into my bag, the worst one could just be turned into a god army card.

I continued forwards. At first we were killing carriages and then we noticed that we could draw 2-3 of them at once without pressure. It was faster but I was under more pressure. I had to use Star Shield to block more attacks so that my health didn’t fall below 40%.

The process was boring but we were all used to it. The joy of seeing experience grow was really nice. In three hours, after three floors, I leveled to level 242.

The final point of the third floor, the place that the Boss was guarding.

This time it was another familiar person. A bunch of Qin terracotta warriors held their blades and shields and stood at the end. There were 120 of them and behind them was a general riding a horse. He held a blade and he was wrapped in mud. But we could see his expression.

“As expected we met Wang Jian.” Lin Wan Er smiled, “Luckily we didn’t bring Wang Jian or he might not be able to kill him…”

I nodded, “En, Wang Jian and Baiqi are Qin Country generals and we might meet them all here. Li Mu and Lian Po are from Zhao Country so we can bring them two. But I am afraid we can’t find the emperor’s tomb so I didn’t call them over…”

Dong Cheng Yue teased, “Why aren’t you afraid that we get disappointed?”

I laughed, “THat is okay, you are all girls, even if we failed you can enjoy the scenery. Okay, prepare to attack the Boss. I will go first. Darling Duck use Hundred Battles to raise my defence. I will use Wind Carrying Slash, Thundering Heavens and Dragon Totem. Don’t hold back, we have to kill the 120 soliders within 10 seconds. If not, we might even get wiped.

“En!” The girls nodded. Hundred Battles landed on my body. A thick feeling spread through my armor and my defence greatly increased!

I charged with Star Shield. The moment I got close, the shell of the 120 Qin terracottas started to peel off. They charged over with their swords and shields. From afar, Dancing Forest used Scattered Shot and their shields actually repelled damage. Dancing Forest was down to low health and her face turned green. She said loudly, “Darling Duck, don’t heal me, I need to maintain 14% health to attack the Boss!”

Seemed like Dancing Forest was going to risk her life!

I walked forwards and found a chance to use Wind Carrying Slash. “Pu pu pu” the sound of swords slashing through shields could be heard. 50 copper swordsmen were killed right away and the remaining 60+ people pounced over. Death energy appeared on the blade. I couldn’t let them activate their skills or I would die.

At that moment, Lin Wan Er descended from above in God Form. She stepped on a demon lotus image and used Crescent Moon Storm and then City Shaking Dance. Over 50 soldiers couldn’t move. I raised my arms and lightning surged. I used my god divinities’s skills and now Thundering Heavens was mixed with lightning, ice and fire. The damage was increased to the maximum. Lightning wrapped icicles and flames swept the ground. Before that finished, Dragon Totem rose up and numerous dragon shadows circled the area to deal holy damage. Without Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest attacking, just Wan Er and I alone killed most of the 120 soldiers!

Dancing Forest was using her shooting movement to avoid two soldiers. Dong Cheng Yue used God Form and killed a few others. Next was Wang Jian.

5v1 so there wouldn’t be any problems. No matter how strong Wang Jian was, he was going to die here.


I walked forwards. When I was 20 yards away, Wang Jian’s body shook and the outer shell of the terracotta skin started to peel off. He shook his arms and a bright blade flashed in front of us. It was the 35 year old Wang Jian who was at his best age. He shouted, “You dare to invade the emperor’s tomb, you are asking for death!”

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Dong Cheng Yue read the Boss’s stats and shared it with the party--

Wucheng Marquis Wang Jian (7 star god boss)

Level: 255

Attack: 110000-142000

Defence: 70000

Health: 600 million

Skill: ???

Introduction: Wang Jian, warring kingdoms Qin General, the biggest contributor to the first emperor wiping out the six countries. He is intelligent and valiant and was filled with desire and the will to kill. The emperor saw him as his teacher and that showed how amazing he was. After death his soul wasn’t wiped out and he was willing to defend here by the emperor’s side.


“Be careful, seven star god boss.” I looked at Wang Jian and said, “In terms of looks, he isn’t as handsome as ours but in terms of strength, he is definitely much stronger. 140 thousand Attack is so scary, be careful. Let me draw him over!”

Truth was I didn’t need to draw him as he charged with his horse and shouted, “Dragonhorse Strike!”


Cold blade energy surged from his blade and Wan Er and I were hit. Two terrifying notifications appeared in the party chat--

Battle Notification: Wucheng Marquis Wang Jian activated skill Dragonhrose Strike, dealt 27542 x10 damage to player Xiao Yao Zi Zai!

Battle Notification: Wucheng Marquis Wang Jian activated skill Dragonhrose Strike, dealt 65172 x10 damage to player Cang Tong!


All of a sudden, Wan Er was down to low health, the strength gap was huge!

I activated Star Shield to block Wang Jian’s strike and said loudly, “Be careful, don’t get hit by it again or he will insta kill you!”

Wan Er had both strength and agility but even her lost so much health to one blade. Moreover, her health limit was shared with the silver dragon and it was over a million. If not, if Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng, Darling Duck were hit, they would get insta killed!

Wang Jian’s strength was 30 thousand more than mine and was really terrifying. Dragonhorse Strike’s effect was based on strength differential x10. If we really tossed him into a crowd of players, that alone would wipe out many.

Leather armored players feared this skill. Moreover, this skill was the mortal enemy of monks and cavalries. Your defence was high but the strength difference was the main problem!


I fought while observing Wang Jian’s skill. The second use was 30 seconds later which meant that there was a 30 second CD. That was easy. Lin Wan Er grasped CD very well and she just had to avoid this timing. Dancing Forest maintained her 20% health to continue to damage. Wang Jian continued to lose health. Under such a situation, as long as he couldn’t insta kill me then he had to die.

20 minutes later, Wang Jian’s health was lower than 10% and he attacked once more. He used Dragonhorse Strike once every five seconds.

There was nothing to say about that. I used God Domain and recovered 10% health every second which was enough to face his strikes.

Finally, a few seconds later, Wang Jian cried out. The first seven star boss fell to our swords just like that.

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