Zhan Long - Chapter 1353: World makes one's heart cold

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Chapter 1353: World makes one's heart cold

The Executor’s token was made of metal while Xiao Yao King’s token was of pure gold. Seemed like Lochlan subconsciously felt that I should still hold most troops in Tian Ling City. Since I took over control, we ate at the surrounding cities and also pushed Tian Ling City to the peak. Lochlan’s reliance on me was understandable.


I placed the gold token into my bag and my name was surrounded by a layer of gold. This game’s design style was quite conservative and ancient. Player names were green, red and grey. This golden effect was something that others didn’t have. Just this alone meant that I could walk around Tian Ling City unfazed to charm many girls. But my identity was different, I had a fiancee so I had to be disciplined!

“Master Li!”

Lochlan held the emperor blade and sat on the throne, “How is the north?”

I said solemnly, “Sif opened the path to hell and summoned demons to fight. Pearl and Frost are finding it hard to defend. If Dragonslayer Fortress is lost, Sif will attack Dragon City and that would be bad for us.”

“Oh?” He was shocked, “So what should we do?”

I said, “Your cousin Pearl asked me to send more God Dragon Cannons over. If that is the case, maybe they have a chance of winning. Apart from that, I was planning to ask Your Majesty to allow me to lead Royal Army and Heaven Barrier Army over to assist.”


He looked at the people below the altar and sucked in a deep breath, “Today, the empire decides that Royal Army, Heaven Barrier Army and Guards Army are the three strongest troops. Royal Army is the strongest so if you want to bring two main forces to fight Sif, I am worried…”

I looked at him and smiled, “Lochlan are you worried that I will lose?”

“No, I…”

He was in a situation, “Master Li, it wasn’t easy for the empire to grow to this stage, actually… The north, let’s allow Sister Pearl to fight Sif. If we interfere and cause the balance to be lost, it might not be good for us. What does Master Li think?”

I was shocked and coldness swept my heart. Lochlan was like a true king now. He started to worry about Pearl threatening his rule once he won. Maybe a true king should be like that? But I was actually a little sad, after all, Pearl is his cousin. For power, could he give up on relationships?

But I didn’t say that and only said, “Your worries are needed, but… If Sif wins, it will be bad for us. You saw how strong Azure was. Without frost, Azure would have crushed us. Although Sif is weaker than Azure but she isn’t much weaker. I still think we should assist Pearl to take down the hybrid demons, this is my final fight.”

“Master Li’s final fight…”

His body shook and he lowered his head. His eyes were red, “Four years have passed, Master Li pushed me up to the throne with all your might and you have done so much… Time passes so quickly. Master Li this really shouldn’t be your final battle. If Tian Ling City has any changes, you should help.”

I smiled and slapped his shoulder, “If the empire really needs me, of course, I would? Moreover, I am your Xiao Yao King, I have the responsibility to protect the country.”


Lochlan nodded, “Then… Tian Ling City’s resources and troops will listen to Master Li but you can only move half of the Dragon Crystal Cannons and God Dragon Cannons. Just in case, I recommend sending the new Executor to head out with you. How is that?”

“Okay then… Men, call the Minister of industry over.”


Not long later, the minister walked over. I knew that person, he was a Royal Army Major but he got promoted for developing the God Dragon Cannons. He bowed, “Your Majesty, king, greetings!”

Lochlan nodded, “Sir Liu, how many God Dragon Cannons and Dragon Crystal Cannons does Tian Ling City have?”

The minister said, “2200 Dragon Crystal Cannons. We have sent many people to dig pure dragon crystals from Prohibited Dragon Land and during this month we built 128 more God Dragon Cannons.”

Lochlan said, “Good, send 64 God Dragon Cannons and 1100 Dragon Crystal Cannons with enough cannonballs to Royal Army. Listen to Xiao Yao King, do you understand?”

“I will do so right away!”

I nodded and smiled, “Thank you your majesty!”

I lowered my voice and smiled, “Don’t worry Lochlan, I know the importance. I won’t let either get strong but I won’t let Hybrid Demon Territory threaten Tian Ling City again.”

Lochlan was grateful, “En, I shall leave the north to Master Li!”



I turned around and brought Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Jing Yin, Long Xing, Xia Ye etc generals to outside the hall. In the distance, Yan Zhao Warrior went to greet His Majesty.

“Greetings king!” Jing Yin hugged her sword and smiled.

I smiled, “Why be so polite? Send people to move the cannons, ask for more ammo. Royal Army and Heaven Barrier Army will go all out to Dragonslayer Fortress, we are planning to battle with Sif.”


Xia Ye was careful and walked forwards, “King, you must be careful of scum!”

“How so?”

“His Majesty promoted many people into the Guards Army and he also built an organisation called Iron Cloak Camp. I heard that they are in charge of collecting intel. In truth, all our words are under his control. Even Situ Xin’s men have been sent to the camp.”

“There is such a thing?” I frowned, ‘I didn’t expect Lochlan to be so careful, I really didn’t expect…”

Xia Ye lowered his voice and smiled, “Lochlan isn’t like before. He is the ruler of the land so how will he allow officials to talk to one another? Situ Xin is in charge for so many years and even he who is so loyal is being monitored, much less all of us. We have over 20 of them and they are all in important positions. The highest is even a lieutenant.”


I clenched my fist, “Who cares. Xia Ye, give the secret order, the moment the army enters Dragon City, kill those 20. Burn the bodies and say that we were attacked by hybrid demons and they all died!”

Xia Ye laughed, “The Executor is wise!”

“Why do you still call me that?”

“That is because only you are worthy of that.”

I, “...”


Not long later, Yan Zhao rode his horse out and behind him were three Majors from Changfeng Army.

“Xiao Yao!” He greeted and jumped off his horse. He frowned, “Damn… This is a problem, it is far more problematic.”

“What did Lochlan say?” I asked.

He gritted his teeth, “You guess!”

“Monitor me and once the situation goes wrong you can behead me right?” I smiled and asked.

His face was filled with shock, “You… You can predict the future?”

“Seems like it is real…” My heart felt cold and I felt really bad.

“Actually it is not that serious.”

He held his sword, “He just told me to keep a look and ensure that we don’t lose too many troops. When needed we can retreat. He said that if we lost over 30% and you want to fight, I can use my rank to take over Royal Army from you. Apart from that, Lin Qiong is even worse. The 14 Majors under him are all under the emperor, he doesn’t have much power.”

I rested on a maple tree, “Should I cry or laugh?”

Yan Zhao Warrior clenched his fist and said, “Damn, do you think it is easy to be The Executor? I have many Iron Cloak Camp people and I need to be careful with what I say and do. I think why not we start a coup and kill this emperor. Then we get Pearl back to take over or just make you emperor!”

I glanced at him and smiled, “Uncle you bastard, you actually want to rebel! Scoff scoff, I should tell the emperor and say that someone is evil.”

Yan Zhao Warrior was speechless, “What should I say?”

I waved, “Stop it, anyways I won’t be the emperor. You all should know that I am now a major general and won’t have much time in game. Moreover, players won’t be able to make everyone listen and there will be many problems. Think about it, if you are emperor, will Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword respect you? They want to be emperor too.”

Yan Zhao was shocked, “I didn’t think so much but you make sense, I have nothing to say.”

“Do you know who is behind Iron Cloak Camp?”


“No, someone should be in charge of it but it won’t be him. Lochlan doesn’t have so much energy to run such a camp. Go check who it is, I need to do something big before heading out!”

“What” “Clearing out people besides the ruler.” I laughed coldly.

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