Zhan Long - Chapter 1354: Iron blood wrist

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Chapter 1354: Iron blood wrist

“Iron Cloak Camp…”

Yan Zhao Warrior frowned, “I didn’t go and ask, I just know that he sent some of them to join the various armies to control the high positions. As for who is in charge, I didn’t pay attention. You should know that we players have been busy fighting wars, who will care about such things?”

I stared at him, “What The Executor are you like this, you actually didn’t care about these things.”

He laughed, “You have no heart. I followed Qing Qian and Wei Liang to attend your engagement, who do you think it is for!”

“Forget it, I will find out through other means, when I need your help I will tell you.”



Looking at Yan Zhao’s back view, I was speechless. So who could I trust? Huyan Li, Qu Hu? Not sure. These two might have been bribed by Lochlan. As for Situ Xin, he was loyal to the ruler. If I wanted to do anything to him, we might become enemies. Probably the only one I could trust was Lin Qiong.

Lin Qiong fully respected my strength and leadership. Since he decided to fight alongside me he was fully loyal. He was also monitored by the Iron Cloak Guards sent by the emperor so he should be a point of target.

I got up the horse and rode the God Dragon Horse on the path of Tian Ling City. I flicked my finger towards the sky and a war hawk knight descended and cupped his fists, “General, what do you have to instruct?”

That ‘general’ sounded really good, if he called me king that sounded too lonely and high up.

“Help me confirm where Heaven Barrier Army General Lin Qiong is at.”

“At this time, General Lin will head to the Drunk Celestial at the north street to drink.”

“Who else?”

“No one, him alone.”

“En, I know. Go, send a message to Jing Yin and select 5000 people from the heavy cavalry camp to ambush outside the city. Wait for my order.”


There was a reason why I chose Jing Yin. Han Yuan was rash and he might spoil things. Xiao Lie thought too much and Long Xing was too rash too. Xia Ye was in charge of important Royal Army matters so he shouldn’t leave. Although Jing Yin was a Major but I had high hopes for her, she was publicly a deputy general for me. As a female general, she was detailed and courageous, this meant that she could do big things.


The horse slowly came to the northern region. Drunk Celestial was very famous and it was the only place that sold level 8 wine. Players could purchase from here if they didn’t want to buy from players. The sales were quite decent and the price here was something that most players can accept.

“Ah, this guest…” The waiter came over and when he saw the golden Royal Army emblem, his body shook, “This general… You are here to drink?”

I nodded, “Right, nope. I came to find someone. Did you see another commander-in-chief drinking here, he is called Lin Qiong?”

“Oh, General Lin. He will come here every day at this time and he is on the 7th floor. Sir do you want me to call him?”

“No need.” I waved and said, “We are good friends, I will go find him.”

“Okay… Okay.”

He held the cloth and stood there. The manager behind him walked over and said, “Wang San Er what are you doing, what are you looking at?”

“Manager look at this rank? Why are so many vips coming to the shop recently?”

The manager looked at quickly pressed his shoulder to kneel down with him. He said, “I didn’t know it was your highness, please forgive me!”

I didn’t say anything and I couldn’t handle such a scene at all.

I walked up to the 7th floor and it was the top of the building. There was only one room that Lin Qiong booked.


I pushed the wooden door open and there was an intense wine smell. I frowned but smiled, “Drinking alone hurts the body.”

Lin Qiong didn’t even take off his armor and when he turned around he saw that it was me. He knelt down, “Greetings The Executor… Oh no, greetings Xiao Yao King!”

I held his hand, “Get up, no need to be so polite to me. Men, add a pair of chopsticks and a cup.”

The waiter took a cup and walked over.

I sat opposite Lin Qiong and smiled, “What is going on with you, getting drunk each day. You don’t look like the Heaven Barrier Army General that I recognise, that invincible general Lin Qiong!”

Lin Qiong’s body was covered in wine scent but his eyes were red. He poured wine for himself, “I followed general to win many battles and it was so fun, but now… My residence is covered with spies and there are Iron Cloak Guards all over. His Majesty even promoted 7 of them to become Heaven barrier Army Majors and they are slowly taking over.”

He smashed his fist on the table and said, “During the Major discussion sessions they said that they can’t come and when I wanted to punish them, they said something about how they are loyal to the ruler. Moreover, they used their rank to buy land and buy houses. They use military resources. They are like bugs swallowing at our combat strength. The Executor…”

His eyes were red as he looked at me, “I am thinking about taking off my armor and heading back to the farmland. I am not willing to see the Heaven Barrier Army that I have brought up end as a bunch of powerless trash.”

“No, don’t go!”

I said firmly and drank a cup. A fiery taste entered my throat.

“Your Highness, what do you think?” He looked at me in shock.

I said, “Who helped create the Iron Cloak Camp?”

“That person is mysterious and I heard that he is called Gao Liancheng. Those guards were trained by him and there are 300 people. I heard that the guards beside his majesty have all changed to Iron Cloak Guards and not Situ Xin’s Guards Army or your Royal Army.”

“Where is he?”

“He stays at the side hall of the palace, he is his majesty’s favorite general… Since we took down Iron Skull City and Swirling Abyss City, his majesty started to trust this Gao Liancheng. I heard that he exposed a few generals trying to rebel and then helped his majesty calm down a marquis at Flaming Cloud City. He is very respected.”

I sucked in a deep breath, “How amusing, we were the ones that unified the world but he got the credit. Lochlan is foolish!”

Lin Qiong cupped his fists, “Actually we can’t blame his majesty. Gao Liancheng tried to make things sound back and said that many generals want to rebel and split up Tian Ling so his majesty is really uneasy. He let the Iron Cloak Guards enter the camps and resulted in the entire army being in panic.”

I nodded, “Seems like before I calm the Iron Cloak Camp, I can’t head out to Hybrid Demon Territory.”

Lin Qiong was shocked, “Your Highness, are you planning to attack Hybrid Demon Territory?”

He walked down and knelt on one knee, saying sincerely, “Please bring me along. I really am not willing to remain in Tian Ling City at all.”

I smiled, “No rush, let’s just think about how to deal with Gao Liancheng and the Iron Cloak Guards!”

“Yes, what is your highness planning to do?”

“How many more troops in Heaven Barrier Army are still loyal to you?”

Lin Qiong said, “Vanguard, Backline, left and right are basically controlled. Only the Feather Guards are under my control, around 7000 people they are at the south gate.”

“Good, time to move at 12.”

His eyes lit up, “I will follow your orders!”

“You sent the War Hawk Knights to inform Situ Xin to move away all the Guards troops guarding the palace and arrange some members in the royal garden. I will inform The Executor not to send troops. At 12, open the gates, and my 5000 will enter the east. Your 7000 can charge into the palace. If you meet at Iron Cloak Guards, kill them all. Head towards Gao Liancheng without stopping!”

“Yes your highness!”

Lin Qiong was excited and suddenly said, “But if we do that, would he turn his blade towards his majesty? He is alone with thousands of Gao Liancheng’s men!”

“Don’t worry, I will send the Dragon riders of Royal Army in to protect his majesty.”



After discussing it, I left the building. Lin Qiong wasn’t drunk and he rode his horse toward the Feather Guards camp.

Yan Zhao and I talked. He had the token and could open the gates. If he chose to work with me, no army would dare to stop us, although… If he wasn’t here no one would dare to block. After all, I was Xiao Yao King and still held troops here.

Next would be to wait, wait until the sky turned black. When it was quiet, it was when we would strike.

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